AIOU B.ed Code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

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AIOU B.ed code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2
AIOU B.ed code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

AIOU B.ed Code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

26. < is the symbol of

a) Less then (Right Answer)

b) Greater then

c) Variance

d) SD

27. Five workers can complete a work in 20 days. In how many days same work will be completed if 10 workers are employed?

a) 15 day

b) 10 days (Right Answer)

c) 20 days

d) 5 days

28. Triangle with one angle is 90 degree and other two are unequal is called:

a) Scalene (Right Answer)

b) Isosceles

c) Equilateral

d) Acute angel

29. The managing of money is called

a) Banking

b) Mark up

c) Mark down

d) Finance (Right Answer)

30. Standard deviation is always calculated from

a) Mean (Right Answer)

b) Median

c) G.M

d) Range

31. One degree is equal

a) 30

b) 45

c) 60 (Right Answer)

d) 360

32. The area of a square of side a is

a) A

b) A^2 (Right Answer)

c) 2a

d) 4a


33. 45 is what percent of 75?

a) 35%

b) 65%

c) 60% (Right Answer)

d) 75%

34. Sum of angel of circle is

a) 120

b) 90

c) 180

d) 360 (Right Answer)

35. The rate of ushar is ………..  is if resources are natural

a) 8%

b) 5%

c) 15%

d) 10% (Right Answer)

6401 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

36. Solution of x-2=5

a) 10

b) 3

c) 7 (Right Answer)

d) 2.5

37. Length of side of square is 2cm. find its perimeter

a) 4

b) 6

c) 8 (Right Answer)

d) 12

38. What is midpoint is of the class if lower and upper limits are 30 and 40

a) 35 (Right Answer)

b) 30

c) 40

d) 70

39. The area of a triangle with base ……… altitude h is

a) 1/2bh (Right Answer)

b) Bh

c) 1/3bh

d) 1/4bh

40. Which is shows the distributive property applied to (7 + a) 8

a) 56+a

b) 56+8a (Right Answer)

c) 7+8a

d) 7+a

41. If there is no gap between consecutive classes, the limits are called?

a) Class limits

b) Class boundaries (Right Answer)

c) Class interval

d) Class marks

42. ……. is a value obtained by dividing the sum of all the values by their total number of values

a) A.M (Right Answer)

b) G.M

c) H.M

d) W.M

43. Zakat is the 2.5% or 1/40th of the Nisab.

a) False

b) True (Right Answer)

44. Two matrices are said to be equal it

a) Have same order and same elements (Right Answer)

b) Same order but different elements

c) Different order and different elements

d) Different order but same elements

6401 Right Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

AIOU B.ed Code 6401 Solved Quiz Part 2

45. Sum of angles of any type of triangle is

a) 90

b) 180 (Right Answer)

c) 270

d) 360

Code 6401 Correct Answers

46. If relative frequency distribution, the total of relative frequencies is

a) Zero

b) 100 (Right Answer)

c) 0.1

d) 1

47. What is the unknown value in the given proportion? 3:x::45:15

a) 5

b) 1 (Right Answer)

c) 3

d) 15

48. Find perimeter of rhombous of side 1.5cm

a) 12cm

b) 6cm (Right Answer)

c) 5cm

d) 9cm

49. [mm]^3=

a) 0.01 [cm] ^3

b) 0.001 [cm] ^3 (Right Answer)

c) 0.1 cm

d) 100m

50. AΠØ =?

a) Universal set

b) Empty Set (Right Answer)

c) Both a &amp; b

d) None

AIOU B.ed Quiz 6401 Solved Quiz

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