AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz

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AIOU B.ed code 8605 solved quiz
AIOU B.ed code 8605 solved quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz

1. Literal meaning of supervision is

a) Superior knowledge and power

b) Superior knowledge and service

c) Superior efforts and services

d) None of the above

2. In “POSDVORB” CO stands for

a) Cooperation

b) collection

c) Coordinating

d) Correlation

3. Co-curriculum activities are

a) Games

b) workshops

c) Symposiums

d) All of these

4. Staff development means

a) Recruiting staff

b) Training staff

c) Increasing staff

d) Decreasing staff

5. Supervision should be established on maintenance of Satisfactory…….. relationship

a) Personal

b) Brotherly

c) Interpersonal

d) Exceptional

8605 Solved Mcqs

AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz

6. According to Gulick and Urwick , elements of administration are

a) 7

b) 5

c) 8

d) 9

7. Democratic supervision is based on

a) Dictatorship

b) Mutual sharing

c) Non-interference

d) Non of the above

8. In teaching learning process, the supervision is usually carried out by

a) Principal

b) Teachers

c) Parents

d) Society

9. “Boss is right” is the feature of

a) Instructional administration

b) Authoritarian administration

c) Democratic administration

d) Laissz-Faire administration

10. Staff leave register is a type of………. Record.

a) Financial

b) Education

c) Equipment

d) General

8605 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz

11. If the supervision is democratic then inspection is

a) Dictatorial

b) Bureaucratic

c) Aristocratic

d) Judicial

12. Arrangements of physical recourses is

a) Instructional task

b) Non instructional task

c) Both

d) None

13. The process of making judgement is called

a)      Budgeting

b)      Demonstration

c)       Documentation

d)      Evaluation

14.      Indication of democratic attitude is :

a)      Equal rights

b)      Participation

c)       Cooperation

d)      All of the above

15.      Choosing among the alternatives is the stage of decision?

a)      Ist

b)      2nd

c)       3rd

d)      4th

16.      According to chandrasekran,  preventive, corrective, constructive, creative are………… of supervision.

a)      Techniques

b)      Objectives

c)       Rules

d)      None

17.      If the supervision is democratic then inspection is

a)      Dictatorial

b)      Bureaucratic

c)       Aristocratic

d)      Judicial

18.      Representation “ POSDIR” as a stage of management suggested by

a)      Dale

b)      Koontz

c)       Newman

d)      None of these

19.      Assessment of how well is performing is

a)      Administration

b)      Supervision

c)       Inspection

d)      All of the above

20.      The last step in decision making is to

a)      Select the best alternatives

b)      Evaluate the alternatives

c)       Develop the alternatives

d)      Establish decision criteria

8605 Right Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Right Answers

21.      To achieve the objectives of education which is always helpful

a)      Involvement

b)      Willingness

c)       Devotion by teachers

d)      All of the above

22.   The laissiz-faire is a type of

a)      Teaching

b)      Instruction

c)       Education

d)      Supervision

23.   The effective supervision is indicated by

a)      Good relations in teacher and supervision

b)      Helping teacher in their teaching

c)       Helping teacher in becoming more self sufficient

d)      Criticize teaching methods

24.   The behaviorist school of thought ran parallel with the psychologist’s movement in psychology is

a)      17th century

b)      18th century

c)       19th century

d)      20th century

25.   Supervision should be primarily

a)      Privative and critical

b)      Preventive and corrective

c)       Constructive and creative

d)      Construction and critical

8605 Solved Quiz Pdf

AIOU B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz

26.   The most influence version of ………… theory  put forward by BF Skinner in 1959

a)      Behaviorist theory

b)      Effective teaching theory

c)       Classroom learning theory

d)      None of these

27.   To bring harmony among all the elements of programme is

a)      Planning

b)      Organizing

c)       Commanding

d)      Coordinating

28.   Execution of plans and decisions is the part of

a)      Planning

b)      Organizing

c)       Commanding

d)      Coordinating

29.   To motivate the others to achieve certain goal is

a)      Planning

b)      Leading

c)       Controlling

d)      Organizing

30.   Provision of good educational environment is

a)      Instructional task

b)      Non instructional task

c)       Both a and b

d)      None

31.   Sense of responsibility is not cared in

a)      Authoritative supervision

b)      Democratic supervision

c) Laissez-fair supervision

d)All of the above

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