AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz part 2

We share solved quiz of aiou b.ed programme. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed workshop code 8610 solved quiz.

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AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2
AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2

Code 8610 Solved Quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2

1. Who has given the ‘functional theory’ of social stratification?
a) T. B. Bottomore
b) K. Davis
c) Karl Marx
d) W.E. Moore

2) Learning experiences should be planned in a manner so as to make learning meaningful. Which of the given learning experiences does not facilitate meaningful learning for the children?
a) Repetition based on mere recall of content
b) Formulating questions on content
c) Discussion and debate on the topic
d) Presentation on the topic

3) A child’s notebook shows errors in writing like reverse images, mirror imaging, etc. Such a child is showing signs of
a) Learning disadvantage
b) Learning disability
c) Learning difficulty
d) Learning problem

4) According to Baltes’ lifespan perspective, what is true about development?
a) Early childhood is the most important part of lifespan development
b) Development consists of only one dimension or domain
c) Development is only influenced by nature and not nurture
d) Development is plastic

5) How do traditional perspectives view the individual?
a) As passive
b) As active
c) Receptive and controlling
d) None of these

6) Law of effect was developed by…
a. Skinner
b. William James
c. Edward Thorndike
d. Erik Erikson

7) If u concerned about your child’s speech or language development you should see
a. A special language teacher
b. A literacy
c. A speech language pathologist
d. a social worker

8) Emotional development refers to
a. understand ones own emotions
b. The ability to control and manage the emotions of others
c. The ability to control and manage one’s own emotions and as well as others
d. Understand the emotions of others

9) Communication is active and dynamic because of the
a. Interprets
b. sender
O c. receiver
d. feedback system

8610 Solved Quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2

10) If the intelligence level of the student is the same, still the level of achievement will be different because of
a. Interest
b. All of the above
c. Proper guidance
d. Tendency

11) Intelligence Quotient formula can be derived as:
a. MA/100* CA
b. CA/MA * 100
c. CA/100 * 100
d. MA/ CA * 100

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8610 Solved Quiz Part 2

12) Trial & Error learning is also known as
a. None of the above
b. Conditioning
d. Insight

13) Let’s suppose you told a 4 years old boy about a little fluffy puppy as a dog, but after a week he saw a black horrible dog but
can’t percept it this condition is called
a. Dis-assimilation
b. Disequilibrium
c. Dis-conception
d. Misperception

14) Which of the following statement is correct?
a. all learning is a modification of behavior, but all modification of
behavior is not learning.
b. all learning is not a modification of behavior, but all modification of behavior is learning
c. All learning is change is not
behavior but all change in behavior is learning.
d. All learning is a change in behavior
hot but all change in behavior is not

15) Prefers learning alone or with several peers is an example of
a. Sociological differences
b. Physical differences
c. Environmental differences
d. Motivational States

16) Physical maturity is estimated on the basis of;
a. change in muscle-fat makeup
b. change in body size
c. skeleton growth
d. changes in gross and fine motor

17) “Cognitive development is much influenced by heredity” means
development is the result of:
a. Discontinue Change
b. Continue Change
c. Nature
d. Nurture

18) Who developed the theory that the concept of morality is established in three stages?
a. Jean Piaget
b. B.F. Skinner
c. Lawrence Kohlberg
d. Erik Erikson

19) Muscles development rate is much slower at
a. young age
b. none of all
c. adolescence
d. infancy

20) Which sub-stages are in Kohlberg’s conventional reasoning?
a. Mutual interpersonal expectations
and social systems morality
b. Heteronomous morality and
c. Social contract and social systems
d. Individualism and social systems

B.ed Code 8610 Right Answers

21) Sheeza is 10 years old and is learning to master skills and work cooperatively with her peers in school. If she successfully masters her current stage of development, then she will experience a sense of competence. If she fails to master her
current stage of development, then she will likely feel inadequate. Sheeza is in which of Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development?
a. Trust vs. mistrust
b. Initiative vs. guilt
c. Industry vs. inferiority

22) Type of intelligence involves figured content of mechanics, operators of machines and architects is called
a. Abstract intelligence
b. Emotional intelligence
c. Special intelligence
d. Social intelligence

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