AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1

We share solved quiz of aiou b.ed programme. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed  code 8614 solved quiz part 1.Note these quiz and share with your friends.

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1
AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1

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8614 Quiz Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1

1.    The formula for computing the mean is:

a)    Ex/x

b)    EX/EX

c)     EX/n     (Right Answer)

d)    EX/z

2.    When a researcher rejects a null hypothesis what is actually true is called,

a) All of these

b)    Power test

c)     Type-II error

d)    Type-I error   (Right Answer)

3.    Pictogram is also known as,

a)    Pie

b)    Bar

c)     Row

d)    Picto   (Right Answer)

4.    Range is difference between ________ and ________ observation in a set of data.

a)    Central-extreme

b)    Largest-smallest  (Right Answer)

c)     Q1-Q3

d)    Mean-median

5. A pie chart displays the data in the form of,

a)    Bars

b)    Lines

c)     Slices   (Right Answer)

d)    Boxes

6. How many levels must there be in one independent variable for an ANOVA to be used?

a)    One   (Right Answer)

b)    Two

c)     Three

d)    Four

7. Median of the data 10, 12, 14, 18, 20 is:

a)    12

b)    14   (Right Answer)

c)     15

d)    18

8. For the given numbers “5, 7, 10, 9, 4”, range is ________.

a) 10

b)    8

c)     7

d)    6    (Right Answer)

9.  _________ hypothesis states that there is no effect:

a)    Null  (Right Answer)

b)    Alternative

c)     Simple

d)    Composite

10. Data displayed in a contingency table, the expected frequencies for each cell, are not less than

a) 20

b)    15

c)     10

d)    05  (Right Answer)

8614 Quiz Right Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz part 1

11. A random distribution often means there are,

a)    No classes

b)    No data

c)     No value

d)    Too many classes  (Right Answer)

12. First time obtained data is called ________.

a)    Primary data  (Right Answer)

b)    Secondary data

c)     Raw data

d)    None of these

13. In bar charts which of following may have the scale and indicates the units of measurement?

a) X-axis

b)    Y-axis  (Right Answer)

c)     Both of these

d)    None of these

14. A statistical method that uses sample data to accept or reject a hypothesis about a parameter is called;

a) Statistical hypothesis

b)    Interval estimation

c)     Hypothesis testing  (Right Answer)

d)    Type-I error

15. Which of the following similar to the bar chart,

a)    Pie chart

b)    Historigram

c)     Pictogram

d)    Histogram (Right Answer)

16. Measures of central tendency are mean, _______ and mode.

a)    Median  (Right Answer)

b)    Data

c)     Number

d)    Variance

17. Chi-square goodness of fit test is used to find out how the observed value of a given phenomena is significantly different from the

a) Calculated values

b)    Table value

c)     Missing value

d)    Expected value   (Right Answer)

18.  Which of the following is not a form of non-random sampling?

a)    Snowball sampling

b)    Systematic sampling  (Right Answer)

c)     Quota sampling

d)    Purposive sampling

19. For Q1 = 20 and Q3 = 70, Quartile deviation = __________.

a) 20

b)    25   (Right Answer)

c)     50

d)    70

20.  _________ divides a dataset into four equal parts.

a)    Mean

b)    Median

c)     Standard deviation

d)    Quartile   (Right Answer)

8614 Quiz Solved Mcqs

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 1

21.  Range of t-statistics is;

a)    -1 to +1

b)    –infinity to +infinity

c)     -00 to +00  (Right Answer)

d)    0 to + infinity

22. Quota sampling is a type of ___________ sampling.

a)    Probability

b)    Non- Probability  (Right Answer)

c)     Cluster

d)    None of these

23.  Which of the following displays relative numbers / proportions of multiple categories?

a)    Pictogram

b)    Pie chart

c)     Bar chart (Right Answer)

d)    Histogram

24. A distribution skewed to the right is said to be,

a)    Negatively skewed

b)    Positively skewed  (Right Answer)

c)     Normal distribution

d)    Bimodal distribution

25. Range in a set of data is calculated by?

a)    Adding the biggest and smallest numbers (Right Answer)

b)    Placing the number in order form least to greatest

c)     Subtracting maximum and minimum values

d)    Finding the average

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AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz part 1

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