AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2

We share solved quiz of aiou b.ed programme for the ease of students. Quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result and are important component of final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8614 solved quiz part 2.Note these quiz and share with your friends. If you want to download b.ed all codes solved quiz then visit our website

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2
AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2

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8614 Solved Quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz part 2

26. Data for the bar charts may be entered in:

a)    Columns  (Right Answer)

b)    Rows

c)     Table

d)    None of these

27. A bimodal shape has the _________ peaks.

a.       Two (Right Answer)

b.      Three

c.       Four

d.      Five

28. Which one of the following is not probability sampling?

a.       Simple random sampling

b.      Systematic sampling

c.       Stratified sampling

d.      Judgment sampling  (Right Answer)

29. A variable that is used to explain the relationship between variable: a) Binary variable

b)    Independent variable

c)     Random variable

d)    Intervening variable  (Right Answer)

30. Histograms are used for the data that is.

a.  At least ordinal level of measurement  (Right Answer)

b. At most ordinal of measurement

c. At any level of the measurement

d. None of these

31. To make the chi-square approximation valid, there is requirement of sufficient

a. Sample  (Right Answer)

b. Population

c. Data

d. Literature

32. There are 55% students having black eye colour  in a class of 40, thus they are in total

a) 28

b)  22  (Right Answer)

c)   11

d)  05

33.  Graph of the frequency distribution is known as,

a)    Histogram  (Right Answer)

b)    Multiple bar chart

c)     Sub-divided bar chart

d)    None of these

34.  Which of the following statements is true for correlation analysis?

a) It is a bivariate analysis

b)    It is a multivariate analysis

c)     It is a univariate analysis

d)    Both A and B  (Right Answer)

35.  In a study, subjects are randomly assigned to one of three groups: control, experimental A, or experimental B, after treatment, the mean scores for the three groups are compared. The appropriate statistical test for comparing these means is:

a)    The correlation coefficient

b)    Chi square

c)     The t-test

d)    The analysis of variance  (Right Answer)

8614 Right Answer

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2

36. The chi-square distribution are always ___________ skewed.

a)    Right  (Right Answer)

b)    Up

c)     Left

d)    Down

37. Analysis of variance is a statistical method of comparing the ________ of several populations.

a)    Standard deviations

b)    Variances

c)     Means  (Right Answer)

d)    Proportions

38.  As variability due to chance decreases, the value of F will

a)    Increase  (Right Answer)

b)    Stay the same

c)     Decrease

d)    Can’t tell form the given information

39.  _________ (the measure of central tendency) is affected by extreme scores in a dataset.

a)    Mean (Right Answer)

b)    Median

c)     Mode

d)    Range

40. A uniform distribution often means that the number of classes is too,

a) Large

b)    Different

c)     Same

d)    Small  (Right Answer)

41. T-test is used for comparing ________ values of two data sets;

a)    Mean (Right Answer)

b)    Standard deviation

c)     Variance

d)    None of these

42. As the sample size increases the shape of the distribution approaches to;

a) T-distribution

b)    Normal-distribution  (Right Answer)

c)     Chi-square distribution

d)    F-distribution

43. All data points falling along a straight line are called:

a)    Linear relationship  (Right Answer)

b)    Non-linear relationship

c)     Residual

d)    Scatter diagram

44. In simple linear regression, the numbers of unknown constants are:

a) One

b)    Two  (Right Answer)

c)     Three

d)    Four

45. The method of least squares dictates that we choose a regression line where the sum of the square of deviations of the points from the lie is:

a) Maximum

b)    Minimum  (Right Answer)

c)     Zero

d)    Positive

8614 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8614 Solved Quiz Part 2

46. What divides the data into two equal halves:

a)    Mean

b)    Median  (Right Answer)

c)     Mode

d)    Geometric mean

47.  __________ of a dataset is the middle value when the dataset is arranged in ascending or descending order.

a)    Mean

b)    Median  (Right Answer)

c)     Standard deviation

d)    Variance

48. If the value of any regression coefficient is zero, then two variables are: a) Qualitative

b)    Correlation

c)     Dependent

d)    Independent (Right Answer)

49. What do ANOVA calculate?

a)    R ratios

b)    F ratios  (Right Answer)

c)     Mann Whitney

d)    Z-scores

50. Which is considered the best measure of dispersion in social sciences?

a)    Standard deviation  (Right Answer)

b)    Quartile deviation

c)     Range

d)    Mean deviation

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