AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2

AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2

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AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2
AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2

Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2

31. Strategic management is a/an process.
a) Ongoing (Right Answer)
b) Fixed
c) Slow
d) Quick

32. The formula of action learning is
a) Q= L+P
b) L= P+Q (Right Answer)
c) P= L+Q
d) P= Q-L

33. ……………. are used to describe the difference between the planned baseline and the real data.
a) Progress reports

b) Variance reports (Right Answer)

c) Both progress and status reports
d) Status reports

34. A control chart with………… indicates the  standard of process
a) Central line (Right Answer)
b) Lower control limit
c) Base line
d) Lipper control limit

35. Most effective manager in an organizational setting is one who shows his concerns on
a) Cost
b) People
c) Production
d) Production and people (Right Answer)
36. In administrative decisions, decisions are related to
a) Performance
b) Production
c) Planning
d) Employees

37. The first step of strategy formulation process is
a) Setting organizations objectives (Right Answer)
b) Aiming in context with the divisional plan
c) Evaluating the organizational environment
d) Performance analysis

38. Official relationship of people an organization is
a) Job design
b) Organic form of organization
c) Structure of organization (Right Answer)
d) Mechanistic form of organization

39. Decisions are on the basis of long-term in
a) Operational decisions
b) Administrative decisions
c) Strategic decisions (Right Answer)
d) Personal decisions

40. What does CPM Stand for?
a) Critical path method (Right Answer)
b) Critical plan management
c) Botha and c
d) Control path method

41. Which one is the future oriented method of performance appraisal
a) Field review method
b) Critical incident method
c) Management by objective (MBO) (Right Answer)
d) Performance observation

8615 Right Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz Part 2

42. Legal authority based on position in organization were given in
a) Administrative approach
b) Bureaucratic approach (Right Answer)
c) Contribution theory of management
d) Scientific management theory

43. Logical factors are far less than emotional factors in determining efficiency is declared by
a) George R.
b)Henri Fayol
c) Elton Mayo (Right Answer)
d) Mary parker follet
44. Securing maximum prosperity with minimum efforts is a
a) Human relation
b) Functional concept
c) Productive concept (Right Answer)
d) Integration concept
45. Creative and innovative nature of management means
a) Situational
b) Multidisciplinary
c) Dynamic (Right Answer)
d) Intangible

46. In country club management the attention to needs of people leads to
a) Friendly organizational atmosphere (Right Answer)

b) Wastage of time
c) Primary concern on production
d) Low organizational output
47. Pioneer of management theory is
a) Elton mayo
b) Frederick W.Taylor (Right Answer)
c) Max Weber

48. Fayol’s functions of management is
a) 7
b) 10
c) 14 (Right Answer)
d) 5
49. The function of machines, money, etc: ) and human (manpower) resources is to put better use of material,
a) Administration
b) Supervision
c) None of these
d) Management (Right Answer)

50 . DMO stands for

a) Departmental monitoring officer
b) Divisional monitoring officer
c) District measuring officer
d) District monitoring officer (Right Answer)

8615 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz part 2

51. According to Newstorm the favorableness and un- favorableness of the job is called
a) Management behavioral organization
b) Quality of work life (Right Answer)
c) Organizational change
d) Organizational development

52. The principle of management is a book of
a) Harold Koontz
b) Mary Parker Follet
c) Peter Drucker (Right Answer)
d) Henri Fayol

53. In MBO, the competent superior
a) Does not listen to his sub-ordinates
b) Councils the subordinates (Right Answer)
c) Sets target by himself
d) Always gives orders

54. As a result of appraisal, if some weak areas are pointed out, it is recommended to
a) Review the drawbacks (Right Answer)
b) Report the drawback and weak areas again
c) Change the appraisal method
d) Give feedback about weak areas

55.Critical path method was introduced in:
a) 1940
b) 1960
c) 1930
d) 1950 (Right Answer)
56. In impact of socialization on organization by Schein which quadrant creates isolation?
a) Quadrant C
b) Quadrant B
c) Quadrant A (Right Answer)
d) Quadrant D

57. Organizational behavior is divided into
a) 2 levels
b) 5 levels
c) 3 levels (Right Answer)
d) 4 levels
58. Figurehead, leader and liaison is a
a) Decision making role
b) Interpersonal role (Right Answer)
c) Informational role
d) None of above
59. When it comes to property and adequately in handing change (s) related to organizational development, have the odds stacked against them.
a) Top management
b) IIl-prepared employees (Right Answer)
c) Managers
d) Competitors

60. The concept of sequential and parallel tasks can be understood easily through
a) Critical path
b) Gantt chart (Right Answer)
c) Process capability
d) Both A and B

61. In ………….. strategy is brought into action.
a) Strategy evaluation
b) Strategy implementation (Right Answer)
c) Environmental scanning

d) Strategy formulation

AIOU B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz

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