AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

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AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz
AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

8617 Correct Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz 

1. “Project Areas” present “gaps” between desired objectives and available means  is the main operation of;

a) Project execution and control

b) Project identification (Right Answer)

c) Project evaluation

d) Project preparation

2. After the project identification and preparation of detailed outline of costs and implementation process, there comes the stage of:

a) Assessment

o) Appraisal (Right Answer)

c) Monitoring

d) None of these

3. School mapping is an important step in educational:

a) Planning (Right Answer)

b) Teaching

c) Supervision

d) Evaluation

4. The channels of communication are logically of types

a) One

b) Two (Right Answer)

c) Three

d) None of these

5. What is the major point of concern of the approving authorities, especially the ministerial and parliamentary levels?

a) Objectives and targets

b) Operations of a plan

c) Financial implications (Right Answer)

d) Administration of a plan

6. How much dimensions of external plan feasibility have been considered the planner at early stage of planning to reduce the element of surprise.

a) 3

b) 4 (Right Answer)

c) 5

d) 6

7. Commercial aspects of a project are related to the marketing of the output produced by the project. Careful analysis of demand, identification of potential markets, the mechanism of marketing etc, are essential part:

a) Commercial appraisal (Right Answer)

b) Economic appraisal

c) Financial appraisal

d) Organized appraisal

8. When the inconsistencies and bottlenecks of an educational plan went undetected?

a) At implementation stage

b) At monitoring stage

c) At directing stage

d) At target setting stage (Right Answer)

9. This technique may be used to select one from amongst the competing alternatives in order to achieve a particular objective.

a) Systems analysis and design techniques

b) Cost-benefit analysis (Right Answer)

c) Operational research techniques

d) Theory of location

10. What chapter of covers the all the reasons and arguments to supp proposal?

a) Chapter 1

b) Chapter 2 (Right Answer)

c) Chapter 3

d) Chapter 4

8617 Right Answers

AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

11. Standardization involves the definition of …………… size of schools.

a) Maximum, maximum and optimum (Right Answer)

b) Small, medium, and large

c) Average

d) Customized

12. A data collection and preparation plan should be developed in advance of data :

a) Collection (Right Answer)

b) Analysis

c) Processing

d) Storage

13. The contribution of behavior science can be summarized best by citing how specific behavioral findings enter into decision-making methodology. Who advocated this concept?

a) Rtber P. Blake and Jane S. Mouton (Right Answer)

b) Nicholas

c) Donald Tavlor

d) Hutchison and Gore

14. Define the problem, Determine requirements, Establish goals, ldentify alternatives, Define criteria, Select a decision making tool, Evaluate alternatives against criteria and Validate solutions against problem statement are the step of:

a) Monitoring process

b) Evaluation process

c) Decision making process (Right Answer)

d) Project planning process

15. How many general categories of evaluation defined by Evaluation Research Society are?

a) 3

b) 5

c) 6 (Right Answer)

d) 7

Solved Quiz 8617

16. Time Phasing and Time Scheduling comes under functions of

a) Administration


b) Management (Right Answer)

c) Both

d) None

17. Sequencing and timing of different independent, dependent and dummy activities involved in the whole process of school mapping may be succes done through the application:

a) Brainstorming

b) Flowchart

) PERT (Right Answer)

d) Tree Diagram

18. Rationality is defined as the quality or condition of being rational, reasonableness or the possessing or using of reasons in:

a) Oxford Dictionary

b) Webster’s New World Dictionary (Right Answer)

c) Encyclopedia

d) English dictionary

19. Suppose you are doing project which has four steps; identification of costs and benefits, Measured of costs and benefits, Presentation of results. Identify fourth step;

a) The effect of time in investment appraisal (Right Answer)

b) Per unit cost

c) Rate of return

d) Environment analysis

20. The school catchment area is defined by the maximum acceptable

a) Geographical location

b) size of school and density of population (Right Answer)

c) theory of location

d) available resources

8617 Solved Mcqs

AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

21. The measurement methods and instruments should be specified along with their:

a) Validity and reliability (Right Answer)

b) Utility and accountability

c) Only validity

d) Only reliability

22. The impact of a project means the:

a) Quality of project inputs

b) Quality of project outputs (Right Answer)

c) Evaluations of project

d) Assessment f project

23. Lines of authority, and accountability within the organization is shown by


b) Flow Diagram

c) Organizational Chart (Right Answer)

d) Multiple Activity

24. In case of a single school, a catchment is the geographical area served as;

a) Influencers

b) Special groups

c) Whole of the community (Right Answer)

d) Poor

25. The following form is utilized for project completion report

a) PC-Il

b) PC- Ill

c) PC- IV (Right Answer)

d) PC-V

26. Following form of planning commission is used for feasibility

a) PC-I

b) PC-Il (Right Answer)

c) PC-Ill

d) PC-IV

27. How much portion covers the background in a plan?

a) 1/7

b) 1/8

c) 1/9

d) 1/10 (Right Answer)

28. One of is not the part of communication channels

a) Upward channel (Right Answer)

b) Circle channel

c) Chain channel

d) All channel

29. An amount of money today (year zero or yo) is more valuable than the same amount of money after a year from now (year one or y1), after two years from now (y2). This concept is known as:

a) Compounding and discounting

b) Present worth of investment/ benefits

c) Capital recovery factor

d) Time value of money (Right Answer)

30 The important questions in good design of a study are:

a) Why to take up this study?

b) What is to be learnt?

c) How is the study to be done?

d) All of these (Right Answer)

AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz


AIOU B.ed Code 8617 Solved Quiz

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