B.ed Code 8601 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8601 Quiz Answers Part 2

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B.ed code 8601 quiz answers part 2

B.ed Code 8601 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8601 Quiz Answers Part 2

101. One key to a good meeting is having a group to stay focused. It doesn’t have to be the same person.
a) Leader (Right Answer)
b) Administrator
c) Philosopher
d) Partner

102. Motivation is school learning involves arousing and directing desirable
a) Behavior (Right Answer)
b) Concept
c) Management
d) Learning

103. Listening to student carefully is the part of
a) Mentoring (Right Answer)
b) Collaboration
c) Association
d) None of the

104. The ………..is a group creativity technique that was designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.
a) Modeling
b) Discussion
c) Brainstorming (Right Answer)
d) All of above

105. If a person reinforced with fear, anxiety and such negative feelings in order to have tasks and goals achieved.
a) Positive motivation
b) Negative motivation (Right Answer)
c) Botha and b
d) Extrinsic motivation

106. The person who compares group decisions and accomplishments with group standards and goals is known as
a) Evaluator (Right Answer)
b) Coordinator
c) Manager
d) Student

107. Teacher training program inoculate________ among pupil teachers.
a) Learning skills
b) Teaching skills (Right Answer)
c) Curiosity skills
d) Experimental skills
among pupil teachers.

108. The teacher provides the information needed for students to the knowledge or skill through lecture, film, tape, video, pictures, etc.
a) Through
b) Provide
c) Gain (Right Answer)
d) Pure

109. While using the aid, ………. participation of the students should be sought.
a) Aggressive
b) Active (Right Answer)
c) Passive
d) Recessive

110. A technique in which the students would be able to improve their own writing by critically evaluating the writing of their peers is called.
a) Critical thinking
b) Talking chips
c) Jigsaw
d) Praise-question polish (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8601 Right Answers

111. When all the students’ attention is collectively obtained, it is called
a) Set induction (Right Answer)
b) Goat setting
c) Attention
d) Class discipline

112. Focused listing can be used as a …………..technique or as a technique to generate descriptions and definitions for concepts.
a) Brainstorming (Right Answer)
b) Technical
c) Skill
d) Content

113. ………… states that maps can be used in a wide variety of ways to express many different statements.
a) Edger Dale
b) Kinder S. James
c) Richard E. Servey (Right Answer)
d) Samual Read Hall

114. ……….. introduces new information, checks learner comprehension of the new material, and models the tasks that the learners will do in the practice stage.
a) Presentation (Right Answer)
b) Charts
c) White board
d) Projects

115. The ………. Entry Journal can be used as a way for students to take notes on articles and other resources they read in preparation for class discussion.
a) Single
b) Double (Right Answer)
c) Peer
d) Value

116. Audio-visual aids are intended to through senses to ensure quick and effective learning.
a) Impart (Right Answer)
knowledge to the pupils
b) Vision
c) Work
d) Intention

117. The chalkboard was patented in ………. by Samuel Read Hall, and replaced the hornbook in classrooms around the world.
a) 1923 (Right Answer)
b) 1924
c) 1925
d) 1926

118. These questions are solicited to ask students to develop causal relationships between events, ideas or actions.
a) Cause-and-effect-questions (Right Answer)
b) Action question
c) Diagnostic
d) Extension question

119. One way to form heterogeneous groups is to use a……. line
a) Double
b) Value (Right Answer)
c) Graph
d) Under

120. How many advantages of cooperative learning counted by cooper (1994)
a) 3
b) 6
c) 9 (Right Answer)
d) 12

B.ed Code 8601 Correct Answers

121. Teacher’s manner is considered the key element in lesson is a statement o
a) Kyriacou (1998)
b) Alliss (1998)
c) Kelley (1998)
d) Alley (1998)

122. The ……… material must be seen in their relationship to teaching as a whole and to the learning process as a whole, until the teacher understands the relationship between audio visual material and teaching learning process.
a) Audio visual (Right Answer)
b) Video visal
c) Audio video visal
d) None of them

123. Main type of activities are exploratory, expressional, and …………
a) Constructive (Right Answer)
b) Demonstrative
c) Bookish
d) Artistic

124. Facilitating set is used to summarize information presented in …………… lessons.
a) Previous (Right Answer)
b) Future
c) Continue
d) Content

125. There are many aids available these days. We may classify these aids into …………. parts.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3 (Right Answer)
d) 4

126. ……………. principle means that the groups in which students do cooperative learning tasks are mixed on one or more of a number of variables including sex, ethnicity, social class, religion, personality, age, language proficiency, and diligence.
a) Heterogeneous grouping (Right Answer)
b) Collaborative skills
c) Group autonomy
d) Individual accountability

127. It gives new knowledge as student are supposed to involve in the process of knowledge construction.
a) Deductive
b) Inductive (Right Answer)
c) Botha and b
d) None from them

128. In ………….. set, teacher poses interesting questions and uses dramatic appeal.
a) Motivating (Right Answer)
b) Explaining
c) Describing
d) Counting

129. The …………. learning is the process of getting two or more students to work together to learn.
a) Group
b) Cooperative (Right Answer)
c) Individual
d) Technical

130. A way of dealing with people which respects and highlights individual group members’ abilities and contributions is called.
a) Cooperative learning
b) Collaborative learning (Right Answer)
c) Group learning
d) Individual learning

131. Teaching/presentation includes input, …….. and checking for understanding.
a) Out put
b) Out comes
c) Modeling (Right Answer)
d) Set induction

132. A Multi sensory ……… means teaching that utilizes all learning modes including visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic.
a) Teaching
b) Instruction (Right Answer)
c) Material
d) Learning

133. cooperative learning is based on ………. theory that knowledge is socially produced by communities of inhabitants,
a) learning
b) behavioural
c) cognitive
d) constructivist (Right Answer)

134. A ……….. can be as simple as a chalkboard
a) Teaching tool (Right Answer)
b) Blackboard
c) Computers
d) None of them

135. Every group member will try to learn and to share their knowledge and ideas with others then teacher will apply cooperative learning principle
a) Simultaneous interaction
b) Equal participation
c) Individual accountability

136. Teacher should try to smile, ……….. and gesture as naturally as possible.
a) Listen
b) Speak (Right Answer)
c) See
d) Taste

137. Originating in ancient Greece, the globe has been used as an educational tool since as early as
a) 147 B.C
b) 148 B.C
c) 149 B.C
d) 150 B.C (Right Answer)

138. Members of …………… cooperative learning groups have specific roles.
a) Effective (Right Anwer)
b) Affective
c) Technical
d) Content

139. Send-A-Problem can be used as a way to get groups to discuss and review material, or potential solutions to problems related to ………. information.
a) Relevant
b) Content (Right Answer)
c) Value
d) Pure

140. The process of teaching – learning depends upon the different type of …………. available in the classroom.
a) Computers
b) Teaching tools (Right Answer)
c) Blackboard
d) None of these

141. When a teacher obtained the attention of all the students then teacher uses teaching skill
a) Set induction (Right Answer)
b) Set deduction
c) Motivation
d) Group autonomy

142. Input, modeling and checking for understanding includes/part of teaching /presentation is a statement of
a) Alley (2010)
b) Belley (2010)
c) Kelley (2010) (Right Answer)
d) Alliss (2010)

143. Which one is the principle of cooperative learning?
a) Cooperation as a value (Right Answer)
b) Taking chips
c) Write around

144. Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning (CSCL) is a relatively new educational paradigm within cooperative learning which uses in a learning environment to help mediate and support group interactions in a cooperative learning context.
a) Technology (Right Answer)
b) Skill
c) Technical
d) Traditional

145. Structured problem-solving can be used in conjunction with several other learning structures.
a) Effective
b) Group
c) Cooperative (Right Answer)
d) Technical

146. Set induction is useful to explain prospective benefits to the learner, providing obvious instructions and describing what is going to happen.
a) Skill
b) Strategy (Right Answer)
c) Teaching
d) Learning

147. Following classic lesson planning models are most popular in lesson planning.
a) The 5 E’s lesson planning model
b) Hunter seven steps of lesson planning
c) Gagne’s frame work for instructional development
d) All of above (Right Answer)

148. A technique of cooperative learning in which one piece and pen per group is called
a) Round table (Right Answer)
b) Focused listening
c) One minute paper

149. The ……… create interest among the group of students.
a) Computers
b) Blackboard
c) Teaching aids (Right Answer)
d) News papers

150. Teaching tools develop the …………… image when the students see, hear taste and smell properly.
a) Right
b) Perfect
c) Active
d) Proper (Right Answer)

151. Mirco-uniting, also known as task analysis means breaking down a skill or task into a series of ……….. steps or units.
a) Bigger
b) Smaller (Right Answer)
c) Large
d) Wider

152. Rewards ideally should be ……….. to the process
a) Extrinsic
b) Intrinsic (Right Answer)
c) Realistic
d) Non realistic

153. The ………. are a combination of pictorial, graphic, numerical or vertical material which presents a clear visual summary.
a) Charts (Right Answer)
b) Board
c) Graphics
d) Materials

154. The case method is ……….. in nature.
a) Experiment
b) Laboratory
c) Experiment & laboratory
d) Realistic (Right Answer)

155. Teacher should show interest in the topic to be ……….
a) Presented
b) Shared
c) Taught (Right Answer)
d) Delivered

156. There are two aspects of effective teaching. One aspect focuses on the teaching behavior and second aspect emphasizes on
a) Learning skills
b) Learning behavior
c) Learning outcomes (Right Answer)
d) Learning style

157. The ……….. is a unique function to deliver knowledge, expand understanding and talents.
a) Explaining
b) Reading
c) Learning
d) Teaching (Right Answer)

158. Which one principle lies at heart of cooperative learning
a. Individual accountability
b. Positive interdependence
c. Equal participation
d. Group autonomy

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