B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers part 2

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 2

we share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component of final exam as it contains 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8604 quiz answers part 2. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8604 quiz answers part 2 from our blog AIOU Education Infocenter. To download all codes quizzes visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 2

51. A test is said to be __ if it gives the same result on different occasions.
a) Valid
b) Reliable (Right Answer)
c) Accessible
d) None of these

52. Which one is NOT considered descriptive research?
a) Case study
b) observation
c) Anova (Right Answer)
d) Survey

53. Which is the best type of research approach for gathering causal information?
a) Observational
b) Informative
c) Experimental (Right Answer)
d) Survey

45. __ is the method of selection of subjects for the study
a) Generalization
b) Randomization (Right Answer)
c) Control of dependent variabies
d) None of these

55. _ are collected through observations, questionnaires, interviews, standardized tests score cards, rating scales and other data gathering techniques.
a) School surveys (Right Answer)
b) Public opinion surveys
c) Community surveys
d) Documentary analysis

56. Historical criticism is the __ of primary data.
a) Assessment
b) Generalization
c) Evaluation (Right Answer)
d) All of the above

57. __ Studies collect data from a number of cases at a particular period of time.
a) Correlational
b) Casual comparative
c) Experimental
d) Survey (Right Answer)

58. Report is often used to display the result of
a) Experiment
b) Investigation
c) Inquiry
d) All of these (Right Answer)

59. An historian reached a broad conclusion on his work is called
a) Theory
b) Generalizations (Right Answer)
c) Conclusion
d) Formula

60. The collection of memories and personal commentaries of a past incident is called
a) Oral history (Right Answer)
b) Local history
c) Natural history
d) National history

B.ed Code 8604 Solved Quiz Part 2

61. The difference between a statistic and the parameter is called:
a) Sampling error (Right Answer)

62. The following is a step in the process of historical research.
a) Identifying a research topic
b) Data
c) Data collection
d) All of the above

63. Rene Descartes is associated with which of the following approached to knowledge generation?
a) Empiricism
b) Rationalism (Right Answer)
c) Expert opinion
d) None of the above

64. Oldest and most often used device for obtaining information.
A. Interview (Right Answer)

65. A _ is a subset of a __.
a) Sample, population (Right Answer)
b) Population, sample
c) Statistic, parameter
d) Parameter, statistic

66. There are various types of research designes to obtain different types of information. What type of research is used to define problems and suggest hypotheses?
a) Descriptive Research (Right Answer)
b) Primary research
c) Secondary research
d) Casual research

67. _ may provide the investigator unique situation that can be used to test hypotheses:
a) Descriptive study
b) Case study (Right Answer)
c) Historical study
d) None of these

68. The group that receives the experimental treatment condition is the

a) Experimental group (Right Answer)
b) Control group
c) Participant group
d) Independent group

69. Casual comparative studies have some __
a) Delimitation (Right Answer)
b) Limitation
c) A&B both
d) None of these

70. The degree to which the test actually succeeds in measuring what it sets out to measure is called its __.
a) Reliability
b) Utility
c) Validity (Right Answer)
d) None of these

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Correct Answers Part 2

71. Which is the method of determine the authenticity of data
a) External criticism (Right Answer)
b) Internal criticism
c) Interview
d) Observation

72. A report or account is an
a) Informational work (Right Answer)
b) Technical work
c) Professional work
d) None of these

73. Which of the following is not a type of non-probability sampling?
a) Quota sampling
b) Convenience sampling
c) Snowball sampling
d) Stratified random sampling (Right Answer)

74. A common test in research demands much priority on
a) Reliability
b) Useability
c) Objectivity
d) All of the above (Right Answer)

75. Which of the following is the first step in starting research process?
a) Searching sources of information to locate problem
b) Survey of related literature
c) Identification of problem (Right Answer)
d) Searching for solutions to the problem

76. One of the most important uses of a correlation is its potential use in
a) Casual inference
b) Determining differences between groups
c) Enhancing internal validity
d) The prediction of future events (Right Answer)

77. Research process starts with
a) Hypothesis
b) Experiments to test hypothesis
c) Observation (Right Answer)
d) All of these

78. _ is a segment attached at the end of thesis is called
a) References
b) Glossary
c) Bibliography
d) Appendix (Right Answer)

79. Which among the following is the benefit of using simple random sampling?
A. We can calculate the accuracy of the results (Right Answer)

80. Sampling is advantageous as it __
a) Saves time
b) Helps in capital-saving
c) Both (a) and (b) (Right Answer)
d) Increase accuracy

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz answers part 2

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