B.ed Code 8602 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8602 Quiz Answers Part 2

We share solved quizzes of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Here I am going to share B.ed Code 8602 Quiz Answers Part 2 . Quizzer are the important component of final exam as quizzes contain 20% marks in final result. If you want to get good marks in quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com. You can also find these quizzes on our blog AIOU Education Infocenter.

B.ed Code 8602 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8602 Quiz Answers Part 2

A document which shows information organized in a narrative, graphic, or tabular form is called ……….
a. Performa
b. ACR
c. Report
d. Document

2. A test score is called ……….. when we have reasons for believing the test score to be stable and objective
a. reliable ( Right Answer )
b. valid
c. wrong
d. inflated

3. The central idea in evaluation is ……….
a. Worth
b. Value judgement ( Right Answer )
c. Quality control
d. Best utilization

4. It provides the target that particular assessment is separate entity from test itself
a. Content validity
b. Construct validity ( Right Answer )
c. Curricular validity
d. Critarian validity

5. ………… type is the opportunity for successful guessing.
a. MCQs
b. Match column
c. True false ( Right Answers )
d. Short answers

6. A student’s got A+ in FSc this shows his
academic achievement in the form of
a. Numbers
b. Percentage
c. Grades
d. Letter grade

7. Cognitive taxonomy involves the development of
a. Interpersonal skills
b. Managerial skills
c. Administrational skill
d. Intellectual skills ( Right Answer )

8. A sum of question is ………..
a. Test
b. Measurement
c. Assessment
d. Evaluation

9. Benjamin bloom presented bloom taxonomy in
a. 1960
b. 1962
c. 1964
d. 1965 ( Right Answer )

10. Which assessment provide timely feedback
to students.
a. Formative ( Right Answer )
b. Summative
c. Diagnostic
d. None of above

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

11. A tool which may be used to develop a test is
a. Assessment tool

b. Evaluation tool
c. Table of specification
d. Test tool

12. One-To-One verbal and visual interaction is
conducted in

a. Stress Interview
b. Panel Interview
c. Individual Interview ( Right Answer )
d. Informal Interview

13. The process which provide information regarding how much a student has learned, is called
a. Assessment
b. Testing
c. Measurement ( Right Answer )
d. Evaluation

14. Assessment allows teachers to evaluate their student’s ………..
during an education course.
a. weakness
b. achievement ( Right Answer )
c. opportunities
d. usability

15. SAT stands for
a. Social approach test
b. Scholastic aptitude test ( Right Answer )
c. Sincerity aptitude test
d. Scholastic achievement test
16. A measure that ignores the basic principles of developing a _ may produce unacceptable result for student’s achievements. a. Tool

b. assessment

c. test ( Right Answer )

d. interview

17. The term assessment is derived from Latin word____________.
a. Assess
b. Assessor
c. Assidere ( Right Answer )
d. Asessee
18. Transparency is the process which require from teacher to maintain ………… for developing, test result.
a. subjectivity
b. objectivity ( Right Answer )
c. transparency
d. accuracy
19. Perceptual Speed is the ability of quickly and accurately .
a. Compare ( Right Answer )
b. Reflect
c. Revise
d. None of above
20. The stages of Solo taxonomy
a. Pre structured, unstructured, multi structure, relational, extended abstract
b. Uni structured, multistrcutured, pre structured. Extended abstract, relational
c. Pre structured, multi structured, uni structured, relation, extended abstract
d. None of above ( Right Answer )
Code 8602 Quiz Right answers

21. Which is complex process ………..
a. Education
b. Learning ( Right Answer )
c. Intelligence
d. Examination
22. Short answer items are_____
a. Simple direct questions
b. Completion items
c. both simple direct and completion items ( Right Answer )
d. none of these
23. A score which expresses test performance in terms of standard deviation units from the mean .
a. Raw score
b. Non-standardized score
c. Standard score ( Right Answer )
d. Average score
24. One of the followings is a property of mode ………
a. Represents center of gravity of data
b. Represents middle of data set
c. Sensitive to extreme value
d. Represents most common value ( Right Answer )
25. Types of Intelligence Tests are
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five ( Right Answer )
d. Six
26. Process of measuring a particular characteristics is called ___.
a. A tool
b. Testing ( Right Answer )
c. Formulation
d. learning
27. The most frequent value that occurs in the set of data is called
a. Central tendency
b. Average
c. Median
d. Mode ( Right Answer )
28. Perceptual Speed is the ability of quickly and accurately
a. Compare ( Right Answer )
b. Reflect
c. Revise
d. None of above
29. The intended results of instruments are
a. Learning
b. assessment
c. Learning objectives ( Right Answer )
d. answers
30. The main purpose of classroom assessment is to obtain valid, reliable data regarding students
a. Achievements ( Right Answer )
b. Rewards
c. Attitude
d. Weakness
Code 8602 Correct Answers

31. Assessment which develop student’s metacognitive skills is called______________.
a. Assessment as learning ( Right Answer )
b. Assessment for learning
c. Assessment of learning
d. None of these
32. Following test items are right choice for application, synthesis, analysis and evaluation level.
a. MCQs type ( Right Answer )
b. Essay type
c. Matching columns
d. None of these
33. Any set of normally distributed standard scores that has a mean of 50 and SD of 10 is called
a. Z-score
b. Standard score
c. Mean score
c. T-score ( Right Answer )

34. A _test is a personality test designed to let a person respond to ambiguous stimuli, presumably revealing hidden emotions and internal conflicts.

a. Projective ( Right Answer )

b. objective

c. short Answerer test

d. essay

35. Types of Interview are ___.
a. Six
b. Eight
c. Ten
d. Twelve ( Right Answer )
36. In multiple choice questions body of the question is called __.
a. option
b. Stem ( Right Answer )
c. response
d. stimulus
37. Formula to calculate T-Score is _.
a. T = (Z x 20) + 50
b. T = (Y x 10) + 25
c. T = (t x 10) + 50
d. None of these ( Right Answer )
38. Which provide a value judgement regarding the Students performance______________.
a. Test
b. Evaluation ( Right Answer )
c. Quality
d. Measurement
39. Cognitive domain has
a. 4 level
b. 5 level
c. 6 level ( Right Answer )
d. 7 level
40. value which shows middle of some measurements or data is called .
a. Central Tendency ( Right Answer )
b. Standard Deviation
c. Regression
d. Average
Code 8602 Quiz solved Mcqs

41. The student has to formulate and write a response, which may be detailed and lengthy in type of test.
a. objective
b. essay ( Right Answer )
c. short questions
d. none of these
42. Objective type tests are preferred for
a. Elementary level ( Right Answer )
b. Secondary level
c. technical Education
d. None of these
43. A ____item requires the student to determine whether a statement is true or false.

a. True-False test ( Right Answer )

b. multiple choice

c. essay test

d. short answer

Assessment which evaluate the performance of students at the end of course, is called________.
a. Formative
b. Diagnostic
c. Summative ( Right Answer )
d. Placement
44. Reliability of test help us to assers the _ of a student’s educational advance and job selection.

a. past

b. present

c. future ( Right Answer )

d. never

45. The major matter that is included in measuring device , is called

a. syllabus

b. Curriculum

c. Course

d. Content ( Right Answer )

46. A score which indicates the student’s relative position in a group is called.

a. Raw score

b. Non-standardized score

c. Standard score

d. Position score

47. According to Cunningham (1998), ————- consist of two parallel columns.

a. Essay questions

b. Short answers

c. Matching items ( Right Answer )

d. True False

48. Following instructions should be kept in mind while developing MCQs type questions except .
a. Use negative statements ( Right Answer )
b. Use reasonable distracters
c. Give only one correct option
d. Give clear instructions
49. All offered answers should be______.
a. clear
b. realistic
c. unified
d. All of these ( Right Answer )
50. Taxonomy means
a. A set of instructions
b. A set of rules
c. A set of classification principles ( Right Answer )
d. A set of principles
51. Affective domain is related to
a. Managerial skills
b. Intellectual skills
c. Physical skills
d. Feelings and behavior ( Right Answer )
52. Supply type items are divided into and __.
a. Restricted response, unrestricted response
b. Restricted response, extended response ( Right Answer )
c. Extended response, limited response
d. Optional response, extended response
53. ensure the reliability of test, the first step is to calculate the item test _ and reject any that are too low.

a. Scores

b. mean

c. median

d. correlation ( Right Answer )

54. Types of Intelligence Tests are .
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five ( Right Answer )
d. Six
55. Inter-rater reliability is to get reliable and consistent results about.
a. weak student reliability
b. strong student reliability
c. activities of Human ( Right Answer )
d. activities of group
56. Provides the target that particular assessment is separate entity from test itself
a. Content validity
b. Construct validity ( Right Answer )
c. Curricular validity
d. Criterion validity
57. Scores on the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) are not __observable

a. Directly ( Right Answer )

b. Indirectly

c. Regularly

d. Occasional

58. Detail information of candidate requires in ___.
a. Depth Interview ( Right Answer )
b. Behavioral Interview
c. Panel Interview
d. Exit Interview
59. Student supplies a response to a question that might consistent of a single word or phrase is known as
a. objective
b. long Answer
c. short Answer ( Right Answer )
d. essay
60. Curricular validity is evaluated by a group of expert
a. School export
b. Curriculum expert ( Right Answer )
c. Discipline expert
d. Team of experts
61. A ……….. has validity, if it measures what it says to measure
a. Performance
b. Judgement
c. Test ( Right Answer )
d. Competition
62. Every single detail of the interview is decided in
a. Group Interview
b. Structured Interview ( Right Answer )
c. Unstructured Interview
d. Exit Interview
63. ………….. are supply or constructed response type questions and can be the best way to measure the students’ higher
order thinking skills.

a. Essay questions ( Right Answer )
b. Short answers
c. MCQs
d. True False
64. The estimate of internal consistency of a test is calculated by using _ methods.
a. parallel form
b. khuder-Richardson ( Right Answer )
c. spilt half reliability
d. internal consistency reliability
65. The right sequence of psychomotor domain level is
a. Perception, set, guided response, mechanism, complex responses, adoption ( Right Answer )
b. Perception, guided response, mechanism, set, adaption, complex responses
c. Set, perception, mechanism, guided response, adoption, perception, complex response
d. Guided response, set, adaption. Mechanism, complex response, perception
66. While calculating standard deviation “n” represents.
a. Number of data points
b. Total number of data sets ( Right Answer )
c. Mean of X!
d. Each of the values of the data

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