B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

We share Solved Quiz of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the very important component of aiou annual exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final exam.  Here I am going to share B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz.

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B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz
B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

8602 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

1. Reliability means……….

a) Correctness

b) Trust worthy

c) Clarity

d) Creativity

2. A ……. Item requires the students to determine whether a statement is true or false.

a) True-false statement

b) Multiple choice

c) Essay test

d) Short answer

3. Affective domain is related to……..

a) Managerial skills

b) Intellectual skills

c) Physical skills

d) Feelings and behaviour

4. The statement of what students obtain through instruction of certain content is called

a) Targets

b) Objectives

c) Learning objectives

d) Curriculum

5. It creates and contributes to misinterpretation and confusion in test

a) Poorly constructed

b) Length of test

c) Ambiguity in test

d) Identifiable pattern

6. Short answer item are of ………….. types.

a) 3

b) 5

c) 4

d) 2

7. Who said that assessment is today means of modifying tomorrow instruction.

a) Machial

b) Maslow

c) Carole Tomlinson

d) None of these

8. A document which shows information organized in a narrative, graphic or tabular form is called

a) Performa

b) ACR

c) Report

d) Document

9. The two way framework which ensure the congruence between classroom instruction and test content is called

a) Table of specialization

b) List of specification

c) Table of specification

d) None of above

10. Skewness is the measure of……..

a) Dispersion

b) Symmetry

c) Central tendency

d) Regression

8602 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

11.      Evaluation is always done against a standard and ……….

a)      Aims

b)      Target

c)       Objectives

d)      None of the above

12.      The intended degree of performance of objective is called…..

a)      Criterion

b)      Observation

c)       Condition

d)      Behavior

13.      Median of the values 85, 65, 45, 55, 35, 75, 85, 25 is

a)      60

b)      55

c)       65

d)      None of above

14.      Classroom assessment should be

a)      Formative

b)      Diagnostic

c)       Summative

d)      Placement

15.      An observation is conducted about someone to gain

a)      Skill

b)      Information

c)       Motivation

d)      Guidance

16.      Process of measuring a particular characteristic is called

a)      A tool

b)      Testing

c)       Formulation

d)      Learning

17.      Perceptual speed is the ability of quickly and accurately

a)      Compare

b)      Reflect

c)       Revise

d)      None of above

18.      When a test is administered twice and result of both admirations are same, this is called

a)      A parallel form reliability

b)      Test retest reliability

c)       Split half reliability

d)      Inter rater reliability

19.      SAT stands for

a)      Social approach test

b)      Scholastic aptitude test

c)       Sincerity aptitude test

d)      Scholastic achievement test

20.   …………. Type is the opportunity for successful guessing.

a)      Mcqs

b)      Match column

c)       True false

d)      Short answer

8602 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

21.     The types of assessments are…….

a)      2

b)      3

c)       4

d)      5

22.      According to Cunningham (1998) ,…….consist of two parallel columns.

a)      Essay questions

b)      Short answers

c)       Matching items

d)      True false

23.      Reliability produces same result of a test, or a measuring procedure.

a)      Single trial

b)      Repeated trial

c)       Surprised trial

d)      Two trial

24.      Every single detail of the interview is decided in ……….

a)      Group interview

b)      Structured interview

c)       Unstructured interview

d)      Exit interview

25.      Evaluation is concerned with……

a)      How well

b)      How much

c)       How good

d)      None of above

26.      The most frequent value that occurs in the set of data is called…….

a)      Central tendency

b)      Average

c)       Median

d)      Mode

27.      A test score is called……….when we have reasons for believing the test score to be stable and objective.

a)      Reliable

b)      Valid

c)       Wrong

d)      Inflated

28.      Affective domain has…….

a)      4 level

b)      5 level

c)       6 level

d)      7 level

29.      Which provide a value judgment regarding the student performance.

a)      Test

b)      Evaluation

c)       Quality

d)      Measurement

30.   The process which is conducted in the end of learning procedure is called……..

a)      Formative evaluation

b)      Summative evaluation

c)       Table of specification

d)      None of above

8602 Solved Quiz Pdf

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

31.      Two main categories of test are…..

a)      Subjective

b)      Objective

c)       Both a and b

d)      Practical

32.      Two major purpose of assessment, first is to assist learning and second to determine

a)      Effectiveness of educational process

b)      Importance of testing method

c)       Teacher, learner relationship

d)      To judge

33.      A …………. Can be reliable but may not be valid.

a)      Judgement

b)      Assessment

c)       Validity

d)      Test

34.      Which of the following test items good for knowledge, comprehension and higher level outcomes.

a)      Mcqs

b)      Supply type items

c)       Essay type items

d)      Matching columns

35.      Matching of test is another factor towards……….in the scores of student.

a)      Increase

b)      Decrease

c)       Variation

d)      Maximum

36.      A test is too much difficult or to easy reduces the ………… of test.

a)      Reliability

b)      Validity

c)       Scoring

d)      Usability

37.      Who said that evaluation is a continuous inspection of all valuable information in order to form a valid judgement of students

a)      Kizilik

b)      Wlakker

c)       Sainsbuy

d)      Hopkins

38.      Following test items are right choice for application, synthesis, analysis and evaluation level

a)      Mcqs type

b)      Essay type

c)       Matching column

d)      None of above

39.      Objective type test are preferred for

a)      Elementary level

b)      Secondary level

c)       Technical Education

d)      None of these

40.   Any set of normally distributed standard scores that has a mean of 50 and SD of 10 is called…….

a)      Z-score

b)      Standard score

c)       Mean score

d)      T-score

8602 Solved Mcqs Pdf

B.ed Code 8602 Solved Quiz

41.   The assessment which monitor students day to day performance …………

a)      Formative

b)      Diagnostic

c)       Summative

d)      Placement

42.   Which assessment provide timely feedback to students

a)      Formative

b)      Diagnostic

c)       Summative

d)      Placement

43.   Types of aptitude test are

a)      Three

b)      Four

c)       Five

d)      Six

44. The estimate of internal consistency of a test is calculated by using methods.
a) Parallel form
b) Khuder-Richardson (Right Answer)
c) Spilt half reliability
d) Internal consistency reliability
45. Scores on the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) are not observable.
a) Directly (Right Answer)
b) Indirectly
c) Regularly
d) Occasionally
46.  Solo taxonomy was developed by
a) Biggs & Coller
b) Biggs & Collis (Right Answer)
c) Biggs &Johnson
d) None of above
47. Classroom tests and assessment can be used for
a) Instructional objectives (Right Answer)
b) Social objectives
c) Peer learning
d) None of these
48. The process which provide information regarding how much a student has learned, is called
a) Assessment
b) Testing
c) Measurement (Right Answer)
d) Evaluation

49. Aptitude test are

a) Three
b) Four
c) Five (Right Answer)
d) Six
50. An essay type item that allows the student to determine the length and complexity of response is called an
a) intended response essay item
b) extended response essay item (Right Answer)
c) situational response essay item
d) short answer test
51. There are different methods of assuring the of assessments tools.
a) Validity (Right Answer)
b) Reliability
c) Test
d) Content
52. The statement of what students will obtain through instruction of certain content, is called
a) Targets
b) Objective
c) Learning objective (Right Answer)
d) Curriculum
53. Objective type tests are also called
a) Objective response test
b) Subjective response test
c) Selective response test (Right Answer)
d) Inquiry test
54. The degree to which a score is stable and consistent when measured at different times and different ways is called.
a) Reliability (Right Answer)
b) Validity
c) Objectivity
d) Subjectivity
55. Detail information of candidate requires in
a) Depth interview (Right Answer)
b) Behavioral interview
c) Panel interview
d) Exit interview
56. Reliability is one of most important element of
a) Test development
b) Test measurement
c) Test quality (Right Answer)
d) Test
57. Cognitive taxonomy involves the development of
a) Interpersonal skills
b) Managerial skills
c) Administrational skill
d) Intellectual skills (Right Answer)
58. If the test data is collected first inorder to predict criterion data collected at a later point then it validity evidence called
a) Predictive (Right Answer)
b) Concurrent
c) Discriminant validity
d) Content validity
59. A score which express test performance in terms of standard deviation units from the mean

a) Raw score

b) Non-standard score
c) Standard score (Right Answer)
d) Average score
64. Pre-testing is used to determine the
a) Prerequisite skills needed for the instruction
b) Readiness for the instruction
c) Motivation for the instruction
d) All of the above (Right Answer)
60. Assessment which evaluate the performance of students at the end of course, is called
a) Formative
b) Diagnostic
c) Summative (Right Answer)
d) Placement
61. ………… are used to test a student’s ability to recognize relationship.

a) MCQs
b) Match column (Right Answer)
c) True false
d) Short answers
62. In USA primary school teacher is certified when he/she is able to teach
a) Full primary courses (Right Answer)
b) Specific courses
c) Secondary courses
d) All of these
63. Types of interview are
a) Six
b) Eight
c) Ten
d) Twelve (Right Answer)
64. Parents can judge the academic achievement of their children through
a) Progress report
b) Papers
c) Complains
d) All of these (Right Answer)
65. Curricular validity is evaluated by a group of expert.
a) School expert
b) Curriculum expert (Right Answer)
c) Discipline expert
d) Team experts
66. Students can generally respond to these types of question quit quickly.
a) MCQs (Right Answer)
b) Short Answer
67. Security of test is part of both reliability and
a) Validity (Right Answer)
b) Objectivity
c) Guidance
d) Trustworthiness
68. A standardized test is designed for
a) Consistency
b) Sampling
c) Rating
d) Measuring (Right Answer)
69. Psychomotor domain is related to
a) Managerial skills
b) Intellectual skills
c) Physical skills (Right Answer)
d) Feelings and behavior
70. ………… is perfectly appropriate and useful in one situation and but may be inappropriate in another situation.
a) Validity
b) Test (Right Answer)
c) Reliability
d) Judgment

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