B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

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B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers
B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

B.Ed  Code 8603 Quiz Answers

1.      Which sort of enterprise is called culture?

a)      Teacher centered

b)      Value loaded

c)       Highly towered

d)      Criterion centered

2.      Method of instruction introduce an element of reality in teaching and useful in organization are

a)      Discussion method

b)      Lecture method

c)       Drill and practice method

d)      Role playing and simulation

3.      Who differentiated the term “learning, Experience” and “Context”?

a)      Stephen Romine

b)      Tanner and Tanner

c)       Hilda Taba

d)      Ralph tyler

4.      In which century curriculum was introduced

a)      10th

b)      11th

c)       12th

d)      13th

5.      The vertical relation/reiteration of major curriculum is

a)      Sequences

b)      Integrity

c)       Continuity

d)      Consistency

6.      Who developed the Taxonomy dealing with psychomotor activities?

a)      Anita Harrow

b)      Tyler

c)       Bloom

d)      Masia

7. The “Hunter Commission” recommended the  introduction of vocational courses at the upper secondary stage in

a)      1881

b)      1882

c)       1885

d)      1883

8.      Style of teaching which emphasize on the development  of self-initiated and self directed  pupil learning is:

a)      Viewing, listening, answering method

b)      Heuristic and Discovery method

c)       Drill method

d)      Instructional method for unstructured situations

9.      Objectives are expressed in the form of what the students are expected to be able to do at the end of a course.

a)      General objectives

b)      Long-term objectives

c)       Behavioral objectives

d)      Specific objectives

10.   How should be the curriculum with reference to psychology?

a)      Child centered

b)      Content centered

c)       Society centered

d)      Teacher centered

8603 Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

11.   In 1926 when the Directorate General of Education in Saudi Arabia was established, the country has………………schools with the total enrollment of  about 709 pupils.

a)      08

b)      10

c)       12

d)      14

12.   In Malaysia the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) was assigned the responsibility of helping to raise standard of education on the  basis of……………..aspirations.

a)      National

b)      International

c)       Provincial

d)      Regional

13. According to Hilda Taba the level “ Specific facts and processes” is consist upon:

a)      Comprehension

b)      Application

c)       Knowledge

d)      Analysis

14.      The first Education Conference in Karachi held in

a)      August 1947

b)      September 1947

c)       October 1947

d)      November 1947

15.      Vocational subjects include

a)      Gardening, tailoring, hair cutting

b)      Grammar, logic, pronunciation

c)        Logic, grammar, algebra

16.      The Asian region are now shifting  their curricular emphasize from general to

a)      Activities and skills

b)      Skills and crafts

c)       Theory and practical

d)      Ideas and experiences

17.      Textbook will be constituted  to review the existing curriculum in policy of

a)      1960

b)      1974

c)       1990

d)      1999

18.      The is no uniform curriculum in

a)      Canada

b)      Pakistan

c)       India

d)      Malaysia

19.      The Hartog committee 1929 focused on………….. courses.

a)      Islamic

b)      Compulsory

c)       Vocational

d)      Elective

20.      In how many categories axiological questions are divided

a)      Two

b)      Three

c)       Four

d)      Seven

8603 Right Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

21. The idea behind this approach was that student would learn to think, if they worked on problems of genuine interest to them

a)      Specific competencies

b)      Subject/discipline

c)       Social activities

d)      Individual needs

22.   Types of educational objectives in curriculum are

a)      Programme objectives

b)      Course objectives

c)       Classroom objectives

d)      All of these

23.   Which one is not included in the selection of persons whose opinion are to be sought in the first step?

a)      Outstanding leaders

b)      Experts and specialists

c)       Common persons of community

d)      Representative of the population of a community

24.   Macaulay’s minutes which he wrote in

a)      1835

b)      1755

c)       1922

d)      None of these

25.   Stephen Romine has discussed ……….. procedure in selecting and organizing curriculum  experiences.

a)      The experimental procedure

b)      The textbook procedure

c)       The consensual procedure

d)      The analytical procedure

26.   The development of objectives of curriculum involves

a)      The teacher centered approach

b)      The behavior centered approach

c)       Both a and b

d)      None of these

26.   The government of United Kingdom  has introduced a National curriculum in

a)      1988

b)      1989

c)       1990

d)      1991

27.   What type of consideration is media explosion.

a)      Philosophical

b)      Sociological

c)       Psychological

d)      Analytical

28.   In Russia the Pre-School institutions are of two types, nursery school enrolling children from  2 months to 3 years and KG enrolling children from 3 to ………….. years of age.

a)      6

b)      7

c)       8

d)      9

29.   Who coined the term “ Sociology”?

a)      COMTE

b)      Bacon

c)       Marlowe

d)      Tylor swiss

30.   In curriculum development process which activity is continue and not tail-end-process.

a)      Identification of objectives

b)      Selection of content

c)       Instructional method

d)      Evaluation

8603 Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

31. In the book “Fundamental Of Curriculum Development” who discuss the issues of curriculum

a)      Smith, John and Hilda

b)      Robert, Shores and Smith

c)       Smith, Stanley and Shores

d)      Stanley, Hilda and shores

32.      Precise statements of outcomes in terms of observable  behavior expected from students after instructions are

a)      Behavioral objectives

b)      Non-behavioral objectives

c)       Both a and b

d)      None of these

33. Main source if Islamic  integration in curriculum has its bases in

a)      Quran

b)      Namaz

c)       Sunnah

d)      Both a and c

34.      Normative subject-matter is

a)      Make judgement and belief system

b)      Make moral and aesthetic choices

c)       Make concepts and values

d)      Make principles and fact findings

35.      The Asian Programme of Educational innovation for development was given in

a)      1978

b)      1976

c)       1974

d)      1964

36.      Who said, “Philosophy seeks to  give knowledge of the whole”?

a)      Kabir’ Huyaum

b)      Taylor

c)       Piaget

d)      Skinner

37.      Non-discursive communication includes behavior from facial expressions to highly sophisticated  communications. It is discussed in

a)      Cognitive domain

b)      Affective domain

c)       Psychomotor domain

d)      Solo Taxonomy

38.      Which category of philosophy deals with the nature of reality?

a)      Ontology

b)      Epistemology

c)       Aesthetics

d)      Axiology

39.      Which discipline of science is the study of human behavior?

a)      Physics

b)      Maths

c)       Chemistry

d)      Psychology

40.   According to Nicholls and Nicholls there are …………. Criteria for content selection

a)      Eight

b)      Five

c)       Four

d)      Seven

8603 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8603 Quiz Answers

41.   What is the purpose of psychological study?

a)      Atomic explosion

b)      Economic growth

c)       Human behaviour

d)      Solar energy

42.   In which century Arabic language, Arabic grammar and Arabic literature  was introduced as curriculum?

a)      12

b)      13

c)       14

d)      17

43.   Evaluation when concluded in some recommendation for future planner to consider or avoid

a)      Diagnostic

b)      Summative

c)       Formative

d)      Impact

44.   The word curriculum is derived from

a)      Greek

b)      Persian

c)       Arabic

d)      Latin

45.   Which one is not the level of content and their functions.

a)      Specific facts and processes

b)      Basic ideas and principles

c)       Concepts

d)      Values and belief system

46.   Curriculum planning involves

a)      Aims

b)      Goals

c)       Objective

d)      All above

48.   According to Seriven  there are two forms of curriculum evaluation.

a)      Outcome and impact evaluation

b)      Goals-based and diagnostic evaluation

c)       Process and product evaluation

d)      Formative and summative evaluation

49.   The lowest level of cognitive domain is

a)      Knowledge

b)      Comprehension

c)       Applying

d)      Evaluation

B.ed code 8603 quiz answers

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