B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component in aiou final exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8603 solved quiz part 2.

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B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz part 1
B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz part 2

8603 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

51.      In the book ‘Fundamental of Curriculum Development’ who discuss the issue of curriculum

a) Smith, Jhon, and Hilda

b)           Robert, shores and smith

c)           Smith, Stanley, and shores  (Right Answer)

d)           Stanley, Hilda and shores

52.      How should be the curriculum with reference to Psychology?

a)      Child centered   (Right Answer)

b)      Content centered

c)       Society centered

d)      Teacher centered

53.      The word curriculum is derived from:

a)      Greek

b)      Persian

c)       Arabic

d)      Latin (Right Answer)

54.      The analytical procedure can involve the use of following technique.

a)      Interviewing, Questionnaires  (Right Answer)

b)      Analysis of facts and ideas

c)       Analysis of experience

d)      Analysis of past events

55.      Precise statements of outcomes in terms of observable behavior expected from students after instruction are:

a) Behavioral Objective (Right Answer)

b)           Non-behavioral objectives

c)           Course objectives

d)           None of these

56.      The criterion of interest based upon _____

a)      Tutor interests

b)      Pupil Interests (Right Answer)

c)       Social interests

d)      People’s interests

57.      Curriculum plan which would be built around specific life/workplace activities of adults is called:

a)      Competency-based curriculum  (Right Answer)

b)      Subject based curriculum

c)       Social activities-based curriculum

d)      Individual needs-based

58.      Non-discursive communication includes behavior ranging from facial expressions to highly sophisticated communication. It is discussed in:

a)      Cognitive domain

b)      Affective Domain  (Right Answer)

c)       Psychomotor domain

d)      Solo taxonomy

69.      The first Education Conference in Karachi held in.

a)      August 1947

b)      September 1947

c)       October 1947

d)      November 1947  (Right Answer)

60.    Measurement deals specifically with those characteristics that can be easily.

a) Guessed

b)           Stratified

c)           Realized

d)           Quantified   (Right Answer)

8603 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

61.   Education policy that was not implemented

a)      1940

b)      1950

c)       1930

d)      1960    (Right Answer)

62.   Development of curriculum at higher level and its application at different level is ____

a) Horizontal organization

b) Vertical organization

c) Centralized  (Right Answer)

d) Decentralized

63.   There is officially no Canadian educational system and by law education is responsibility of:

a)           Federal

b)           Provincial   (Right Answer)

c)           Local

d)           None of them

64.   The vertical relationship/reiteration of major curriculum element is:

a)      Sequences

b)      Integrity

c)       Continuity   (Right Answer)

d)      Consistency

65.   Co-curriculum activates, independent learning and community activates are the methods which could be successfully used in:

a)      Discussion method

b)      Lecture method

c)       Practice and drill method

d)      Unstructured situations   (Right Answer)

66.   The Nationalization of institutions were made

a)      1947

b)      1970

c)       1972   (Right Answer)

d)      2010

67.   The Domain, including the objectives dealing with attitudes, values, interests, appreciations, and socio-emotional adjustment is,

a)      Cognitive domain

b)      Affective Domain  (Right Answer)

c)       Psychomotor domain

d)      Solo taxonomy

68.   Affective Domain includes:

a)      Knowledge

b)      Application

c)       Synthesis

d)      Valuing  (Right Answer)

69.   Complex activity that requires application of nature of knowledge, child growth and his learning:

a) Content organization   (Right Answer)

b)           Summative evaluation

c)           Conceptual framework

d)               Accountability

70.   Type of Educational Objectives in curriculum are:

a)      Program objectives

b)      Course objectives

c)       Classroom objectives

d)      All these  (Right Answer)

8603 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

71.   Main source of Islamic integration in curriculum has its bases in

a)      Quran

b)      Namaz

c)       Sunnah

d)      Both A & C  (Right Answer)

72.   Read the statement and identify the approach to content selection; ‘’Organizing facts in terms of principles and ideas from which they may be inferred is the only known ways of reducing the quick rate of loss of human memory’’ (Burner, 1960).

A) Specific competencies

b)        Subject/discipline  (Right Answer)

c)           Social activates

d)           Individual need

73.   Criteria for Effective Curriculum organization

a)      Continuity and sequence (Right Answer)

b)      Validity and reliability

c)       Continuality and reliability

d)      Validity and integrity

74.   Who was torchbearer of intrinsic values?

a)      Ruskin

b)      Dewey   (Right Answer)

c)       Darwin

d)      Freud

75.   To develop Good moral habits among students is the statement that comes under:

a) Goal   (Right Answer)

b)           Objective

c)           Aims

d)           Both B and C

76.   Frist Education conference was held in Pakistan was

a)      1947   (Right Answer)

b)      1950

c)       1960

d)      1965

77.   In Russia Education is universal, free, secular, and is conducted in _____ language.

a) Native   (Right Answer)

b)           National

c)           International

d)           One

78.   1970 Education policy was presented in the ere of

a)      Nawaz sharif

b)      Z.A Bhutto

c)       Gen. Yahya  (Right Answer)

d)      Gen. Ziya

79.   The survey of opinions procedure is ______.

a)      Study of life activities procedure

b)      Courses. Guides and other material

c)       Expert opinion procedure  (Right Answer)

d)      Self-explanatory procedure

80.   The Taxonomy of cognitive domain is first attempt by:

a)      Taba

b)      Bloom (Right Answer)

c)       Krath whole

d)      None of these

8603 Quiz Pdf File

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 2

81.   A process for tool development to measure some specific characteristics is known is:

a) Assessment

b)           Analysis

c)           Test Development  (Right Answer)

d)           Evaluation

82.   When the focus of the content organization is to produce who are able to handle themselves and situation of which they are a part which adequacy and ease is known as organization focused on:

a)      Specific competencies

b)      Process skills (Right Answer)

c)       Subjective/Discipline

d)      Social activates

83.   Approaches to educational objectives in curriculum includes:

a)      Behaviorist

b)      Managerial

c)       Systems

d)      All of these  (Right Answer)

84.   According to Nicholls and Nicholls there are _____ criteria for content selection.

a) Eight

b)           Five

c)           Four  (Right Answer)

d)           Seven

85.   The total process from selection of educational objectives to evaluation of the curriculum is titled as

a) Curriculum construction

b) Curriculum design

c) Curriculum development (Right Answer)

d) Curriculum implementation

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