B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component in aiou final exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8603 solved quiz part 3.

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B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz part 2
B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz part 2

8603 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

86. To develop habit of good speaking in classroom is a/an:

a)      Aims

b)      Goals

c)       Objective (Right Answer)

d)      None of these

87. The nature of aims in curriculum:

a)      Social organization (………..)

b)      Social roles (…………)

c)       Lifestyle (,,,,,,,)

d)      All of these (Right Answer)

88. Objectives are expressed in the form of what the students are expected to be able to do at the end of a course.

a)      General objectives

b)      Long-term objectives

c)       Behavioral objectives (Right Answer)

d)      Specific objectives

90. A track followed to achieve the educational objectives is

a)      Course

b)      Plan

c)       Curriculum (Right Answer)

d)      Outline

91. Which category of philosophy deals with the nature of Values?

a)      Ontology

b)      Epistemology

c)       Aesthetics

d)      Axiology (Right Answer)

92. Which is the highest level of affective Domain?

a)      Valuing

b)      Characterization of value complex (Right Answer)

c)       Organization

d)      Responding

93. Production of textbooks in Pakistan is basically the responsibility of:

a)      Provincial textbook board (Right Answer)

b)      National commission for education

c)       National bureau of curriculum

d)      Universities

94. Evaluation of the curriculum of any specific course deals with all the educational outcomes

a) Qualitative and quantitative Aspects (Right Answer)

b) School and community relationship

c) Teaching methodology

d) Political commandants

95. Stephen Romine has discussed _____ procedure in selecting and organizing curriculum experiences.

a) The experimental procedure

b) The Textbook procedure (Right Answer)

c) The consensual procedure

d) The analysis procedure

8603 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

96. The Domain, dealing with thinking, knowing and problem


a) Cognitive Domain (Right Answer)

b) Affective domain

c) Psychomotor domain

d) Solo taxonomy

97. Statements of purpose with some outcome in mind:

a) Aims

b) Goal (Right Answer)

c) Objective

d) None of these

98. Who have identified the eight steps conceptual model procedure for a planned curriculum:

a)      Neagley & Evans (Right Answer)

b)      Ralph tyler

c)       Jerome bruner

d)      Leonard

99. The government of the United Kingdoms has introduced a national curriculum in

a)      1988

b)      1989 (Right Answer)

c)       1990

d)      1991

100. In China education begin with pre-school education for children over _____ years

a)      Three (Right Answer)

b)      Four

c)       Five

d)      Six

101. Macaulay’s Minutes wich he wrote in

a) 1835 (Right Answer)

b) 1755

c) 1922

d) None of these

102. What sort of enterprise is called culture?

a)      Teacher centered

b)      Value loaded (Right Answer)

c)       Highly towered

d)      Criterion referenced

103. Who development the taxonomy dealing with Psychomotor activities?

a)      Anita Harrow (Right Answer)

b)      Tyler

c)       Bloom

d)      Masla

104. Relevant, high motivation and potential of learning are the arguments in the favor of content organization approach:

a)      Specific competencies

b)      Individual needs and interest (Right Answer)

c)       Subject/discipline

d)      Social activates

105. Ralph Tyler stated five general principles of

a)      Content evaluation

b)      Content analysis

c) Content validity

d) Content selection (Right Answer)

8603 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

106. A curriculum is blueprint or pipe of the school that includes

experiences for the:

a) Experts

b) Teacher

c) Learner (Right Answer)

d) Curriculum planner

107. Method deals with the apparent activities and face value oft he programme. Evidence about ‘students’ learning is not collected.

a) The cardiac method

b) The cosmetic method (Right Answer)

c) The curricular method

d) The computational method

108. The activity to be performed as a result of bodily movements is.

a) Cognitive domain

b) Affective domain

c) Psychomotor Domain (Right Answer)

d) Solo taxonomy

109. In Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Education was established  In ____ to replace the Director General of Education.

a)      1948

b)      1954 (Right Answer)

c)       1960

d)      1966

110. Which elements of curriculum development gives direct help in classroom instruction?

a)      Aims

b)      Objective (Right Answer)

c)       Goals

d)      Content

111. The main focus of Dars E Nizami curriculum is

a)      Quran &amp: Hadith (Right Answer)

b)      Arabic

c)       Mathematics

d)      Philosophy and logic

112. The Experimental procedures refers to the procedure of


a)      Desirable objective testing

b)      Actual testing (Right Answer)

c)       Criterion of utility testing

d) Beliefs about curriculum testing

113. What does ‘’ Currere’’ stand for?

a) Road Map

b) Runway (Right Answer)

c) Motorway

d) Destination

114. There is no uniform curriculum in:

a) Canada (Right Answer)

b) Pakistan

c) India

d) Malaysia

115. Which discipline is the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge?

a) Philosophy (Right Answer)

b) Sociology

c) Economics

d) Philosophy

8603 Solved Quiz Pdf

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 3

116. According to Hilda Toba the level ‘’Specific facts and process’’ is consist upon

a) Comprehension

b) application

c) Knowledge (Right Answer)

d) Analysis

117. An evaluation regarding content validity during the curriculum development process is called.

a)      Diagnostic

b)      Summative

c)       Formative (Right Answer)

d)      Impact

118. Which category of philosophy deals with the nature of knowledge?

a)      Ontology

b)      Epistemology (Right Answer)

c)       Aesthetics

d)      Axiology

119. Methods of instruction introduce an element of reality in teaching and useful in process-skill type of curriculum organization are:

a)      Discussion method

b)      Lecture method

c)       Drill and practice

d)      Role playing and simulation (Right Answer)

120. Determination of relationship among various elements,evaluation of outcomes and systematic way to modify curriculum are possible with the help of:

a) Selection and organization of content

b) Curriculum planning

c) Conceptual framework (Right Answer)

d) Curriculum design

121. The curriculum for 1 to 3 class was introduce in

a) 1969

b) 1970

c) 1974 (Right Answer)

d) 1990

122. The General Administration of Girls Education in Saudi arabia was established in:

a) 1955

b) 1960 (Right Answer)

c) 1965

d) 1970

123. Which values make a person good for himself?

a) Essential

b) Global

c) Social

d) Personal (Right Answer)

124. ‘’Promoting Islamic ideology’’ refers to the _____ for selecting curriculum

a)      Level

b)      Procedure

c)       Principle (Right Answer)

d)      Criterion

125. The Hartog committee 1929 focused on _____ courses

a)      Islamic

b)      Compulsory

c)       Vocational (Right Answer)

d)      Elective


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