B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component in aiou final exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8603 solved quiz part 1.

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B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz
B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz

8603 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

1.      Harry S. Browdy classified aims under categories.

a)      One

b)      Two

c)       Three

d)      Four  

2.      In how many categories axiological questions are divided?

a)      Two  (Right Answer)

b)      Three

c)       Four

d)      Five

3.      In japan school curriculum is presented by the Ministry of Education and a course is revised approximately after years.

a.       10  

b.      15

c.       20

d.      5

4.      Textbook will be constituted to review the existing curriculum in policy of

a)      1974 (Right Answer)

5.      The Calcutta Madrassah was established in

a)      1650

b)      1750

c)       1781 

d)      1815

6.      Who coined the term sociology?

a)      Comte (Right Answer)

b)      Bacon

c)       Marlowe

d)      Taylor Swiss

7.      Who said philosophy seeks to give knowledge of the whole?

a)      Kabir’ Hayaum (Right Answer)

b)      Taylor

c)       Piaget

d)      Skinner

8.      There is officially no Canadian educational system and by law education is responsibility of. 

a)      Local

b)      None of them

c)       Federal

d)      Provincial

9.      Style of teaching which emphasize the development of self initiated and self-directed pupil learning is.

a)         Viewing, listening, answering method

b)           Heuristic and Discovery Method 

c)           Drill method

d)           Instructional method and un instructional situations

10.   Curriculum planning involves.

a)      Aims

b)      Goals

c)       Objective

d)      All above

8603 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

11.   What type of consideration is media explosion?

a)      Philosophical

b)      Sociological  (Right Answer)

c)       Psychological

d)      Analytical

12.   The Asian Programme of Educational innovation for Development was given in

a)          1978

b)           1976

c)           1974

d)           1964

13.   The idea behind this approach was that student would learn to think, if they-worked on problem of genuine interest to them.

a)      Specific competencies

b)      Subject/discipline

c)       Social activates

d)      Individual needs

14.   The Canada has educational systems based on different provinces.

A)          Eight

b)           Nine

c)           Ten

d)           Twelve

15.   The Hunter commission recommend the introduction of vocational courses at secondary stage in

a)           1981

b)           1882

c)           1985

d)           1983

16.   In Malaysia the curriculum development Centre (CDC) was assigned the responsibility of helping to raise standard of education on the basis of aspirations.

A)           National

b)           International

c)           Provincial

d)           Regional

17.   According to Seriven there are two form of curriculum evaluation.

a)      Outcome and impact evaluation

b)      Goals-based and Diagnostic

c)       Formative and Summative Evolution

d)      Process and produce evaluation

18.   In which century curriculum was introduced

a)      10th

b)      11th

c)       12th

d)      13th

19.   In Russia the pre-school institutions are of two types, nursery school enrolling children from 2 months to 3 years and K.G enrolling children from 3 to years of age.

a)      7 

20.   Which one is not included in the selection of persons whose opinion are to be sought is the first step?

A)          Outstanding leaders

b)           Experts and specialists

c)           Common persons of a community

d)             Representative of the population of a community

8603 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

21.   Which category of philosophy deals with the nature of reality?

a)      Ontology

b)      Epistemology

c)       Aesthetics

d)      Axiology

22.   The social functions procedure related to

a)      Experience analysis

b)      Activity analysis approach

c)       Need analysis approach

d)      Values analysis approach

23.   Normative Subject-matter is

a)      Make judgments and belief

b)      Make moral and aesthetic choices

c)       Make concepts and values

d)      Make principles and facts

24.   Which one is not the level of content and their functions?

a)      Specific facts and process

b)      Basic ideas

c)       Concepts

d)      Values and belief system (Right Answer)

25.   The arrangement of the elements of curriculum is:

a)      Curriculum Design  (Right Answer)

b)      Curriculum foundation

c)       Curriculum construction

d)      Curriculum development

26.   In curriculum development process which activity is continue and not tall-end-process.

A)           Identification of objective

b)           Selection of content

c)           Instructional method

d)           Evaluation

27.   If the objectives are general and vague it becomes difficult to:

a)      Transfer culture

b)      Trained teacher

c)       Select content and learning experience

d)      Manage school environment

28.   Evaluation when we conclude in some recommendations for future planner to consider or avoid.

A)           Diagnostic

b)           Summative

c)           Formative

d)           Impact

29.   Evaluation refers to the process undertaken to ascertain as to what extent the ____ of a particular programme in education have been achieved.

a)      Aims and Objectives

b)      Acceptance

c)       Economic benefits

d)      Political facts

30.   Which of the following are examples of aims in curriculum is/are?

a)      Human survival

b)      Self-realization

c)       A& B (Right Answer)

d)      None of these

8603 Solved Quiz Pdf

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

31.   The horizontal relationship/reiteration of major curriculum elements is:

a)           Consistency

b)           Continuity

c)           Sequence

d)           Integrity

32.   In 1947 which university was preparing curriculum of secondary and higher education for west Pakistan

a)          Dhaka university

b)           Karachi university

c)           Punjab University

d)           The islamia university

33.   Who is responsible for curriculum planning and development in Pakistan?

A)          Federal education

b)           Curriculum Wing

c)           Textbook board

d)           None of these

34.   In Japan Elementary Education Children attend elementary schools which is compulsory for all and lasts for ______ years.

a)      5

b)      6  

c)       8

d)      10

35.   Which discipline of science is the study of human behavior?

a)      Chemistry

b)      Physics

c)       Math’s

d)      Psychology

36.   The lowest level of cognitive domain is

a)      Knowledge

b)      Comprehension

c)       Applying

d)      Evaluation

37.   Islamic and Pak studies were made compulsory under the _____ educational policy

a)           1978

b)           1970

c)           1957

d)           1992

38.   Vocational subjects include

a)      Gardening, Tailoring, Hair cutting

b)      Grammar, logic, pronunciation

c)       Logic, grammar, algebra

d)      All of these

39.   Re-conceptualists objectives in curriculum:

a)      Political and social posture with a theoretical critique 

b)      The teacher centered Approach

c)       The behavior centered Approach

d)      None of these

40.   Curriculum evaluation, which should asses all aspects of the programme, should give a clear picture of the educational processes and products, it should measure its:

a)          Efficiency and effectiveness

b)           Form and shape

c)           Pros and cons

d)           Merits and demerits

8603 Quiz Answers Pdf

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz Part 1

41.   The Development of Objectives of curriculum involves:

a)      The teacher centered approach

b)      The behavior centered approach

c)       A & B 

d)      None of these

42.   Method of instruction introduce an element of reality in teaching and useful in process-skill type of curriculum organization are:

a)      Discussion method

b)      Lecture method

c)       Drill and practice method

d)      Role playing and simulation

43.   Conceptual model of curriculum development proposed by Hilda Taba required:

a)      Seven steps

b)      Six steps

c)       Five steps

d)      Four steps

44.   The Asian region are now shifting their curricular emphasis from general to_____.

A)           Activities and skills

b)           Skills and crafts  (Right Answer)

c)           Theory and practical

d)           Ideas and experience

45.   The cognitive domain is divided into ______ parts.

A)          4

b)           5

c)           6  

d)           7

46.   The social functions procedure related to _____.

a)      Activity analysis approach

b)      Activity analysis approach

c)       Need analysis

d)      Values analysis approach

47.   Types of Educational Objective in curriculum are:

a)      Program objective

b)      Course objective

c)       Classroom objective

d)      All these

48.   In 1926 when the Directorate General of Education in Saudi Arabia was established, the country had _____ schools with a total enrolment of about 709 pupils,

a)          08

b)           10

c)           12  

d)           14

49.   In how many categories axiological questions are divided?

a)      Two  

b)      Three

c)       Four

d)      Seven

50.   What is the base of social curriculum?

a)      Social needs and aspirations

b)      Chemical bond

c)       Genetics

d)      None of them

B.ed Code 8603 Solved Quiz

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