B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 2

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B.ed Code 8605 Quiz answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 2

51. The element that regulate the management activities is:
a) Planning
b) Organizing (Right Answer)
c) Leading
d) Controlling

52. Which is not the characteristic of authoritative supervision;
a) Rudeness
b) Suppressing the sub-ordinates
c) Strict discipline
d) Sharing (Right Answer)

53. The __ is a record of events and as such it furnishes material for a history of the school.
a) Headmasters’ supervision register
b) Order book
c) Visitor&39;s Book
d) Log Book (Right Answer)

54. Laissez fair supervision is based on;
a) Dictatorship
b) Mutual sharing
c) Non-interference (Right Answer)
d) None of above

55. The laissez-faire is a type of __.
a) Teaching
b) Instruction
c) Education
d) Supervision (Right Answer)

56. The behaviorist school of thought ran parallel with psychologist’s movement in psychology is __.

a) 17th century
b) 18th century
c) 19th century
d) 20th century (Right Answer)

57. The basic purpose of supervision is to help
a) Teacher in improving methods
b) Teacher in understanding pupil
c) Children learn more effectively (Right Answer)
d) Teacher in dealing pupils

58. Supervision should be primarily
a) Private and critical
b) Preventive and corrective
c) Constructive and creative (Right Answer)
d) Construction and

59. The effective supervision is indicated by:
a) Good relations in teacher and supervisor
b) Helping teacher in their teaching
c) Helping teacher in becoming more self sufficient (Right
d) Criticizing teaching method

60. To achieve the objective of education which is always helpful
a) Involvement
b) Devotion by the teachers
c) Willingness
d) All of above (Right Answer)

B.ed Workshop Code 8605 Solved Quiz Part 2

61. Thinking process comes under _ domain.
a) Cognitive (Right Answer)
b) Affective
c) psychomotor
d) none of these

62. which is not type of administration
a) instructional administration (Right Answer)
b) authoritarian administration
c) democratize administration
d) laissez faire administration

63. Ensuring students understand the consequences of choices and of their behavior is include in which models suggestion;

a) Maslows hierarchy needs theory (Right Answer)
b) Neend theory of Abraham
c) Behavioral group engagement theory
d) Students self-regulation

64. Micro planning is done in;
a) Top management
b) Middle management
c) Lower management
d) Middle and lower management (Right Answer)

65. __ refers to consistency of the information?
a) Validity
b) Reliability (Right Answer)
c) Internal validity
d) All of above

66. Major education issues are
a) Process issues
b) Output issues
c) Both A&B (Right Answer)
d) None of these

67. A supervisor is one who
a) Provides friendly help (Right Answer)
b) Inspects classroom
c) Gives directions
d) Criticizes the teacher method

68. Indication of democratic attitude is;
a) Equal Rights
b) Participation
c) Cooperation
d) All of above (Right Answer)

69. Authoritarian model is more suitable by:
a) Confidence
b) Improvement
c) Discipline (Right Answer)
d) Achievement

70. All efforts of designated school officials towards providing leadership in the improvement of instruction. This definition of supervision is given by
a) Dictionary of education (Right Answer)
b) Advance learning dictionary
c) Oxford dictionary
d) Thesaurus

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Right Answers Part 3

71. Authoritative administration is based on
a) Dictatorship (Right Answer)
b) Mutual sharing
c) Non interference
d) None

72. Who is called father of scientific management theory
a) Fredrick tylor (Right Answer)
b) Henry fayol
c) Terry and franklin
d) Eiton meo

73. ‘’Principle of manager evaluation’’ is principle of
a) Staffing (Right Answer)
b) Directing
c) Organizing
d) None of these

74. Hawthorne works of western electric company in Chicago from to __ a) 1921-1935
b) 1924-1935
c) 1924-1932 (Right Answer)
d) 1925-1932

75. If the supervision is democratic then inspection is __
a) Dictatorial
b) Bureaucratic (Right Answer)
c) Aristocratic
d) Judicial

76. Execution of plans and decisions is the part of:
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Commanding (Right Answer)
d) Coordinating

77. Sense of responsibility is not cared in
a) Instructional administration
b) Authoritarian administration
c) Democratic administration
d) Laissez Faire administration (Right Answer)

78. Coercive Supervision is a __ concept.
a) Democratic
b) Authoritative (Right Answer)
c) Cooperative
d) Associative

79. The major role of all schools and other educational institutions is?
a) Development of individuals
b) Development of society
c) Development of personality
d) All of above

80. In laissez-fair supervision, the supervisor?
a) Control the group
b) Avoid the group (Right Answer)
c) Motivate the group
d) Appreciate the group

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Correct Answers Part 2

81. Hayward researchers and FJ Roethlisberger supervised a group of _ in a bank wining room

a) 8 woman
b) 7 woman
c) 6 woman
d) 5 woman (Right Answer)

82. Selecting one course of action among various alternative is:
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Decision making (Right Answer)
d) Coordinating

83. To make arrangements is a part of
a) Planning (Right Answer )
b) Organizing
c) Commanding
d) Coordinating

84. Respect of opinion is the feature of:
a) Authoritative supervision
b) Democratic supervision
c) Laissez-fair supervision
d) All of above

85. The _ ensure regular and timely submission of periodical returns and reports to the better and systematic organization of school activities. a) Log book
b) Accession register
c) School calendar (Right Answer)
d) Service register

86. ‘’Boss is right’’ is the feature of:
a) Authoritarian administration (Right Answer)
b) Democratic administration
c) Laissez Faire administration
d) All of these

87. To bring harmony among all the elements of programme is
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Commanding
d) Coordinating (Right Answer)

88. The process of making judgment is called:
a) Budgeting
b) Demonstration
c) Documentation
d) Evaluation (Right Answer)

89. Directing must be consistent with:
a) Organizational polices
b) Procedures
c) Job descriptions
d) All of above (Right Answer)

90. When a new program is started the management process will start from the element:
a) Planning (Right Answer)
b) Organizing
c) Leading
d) Controlling

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 2

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