B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 4

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B.ed code 8605 quiz answers part 4

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 4

128. In “POSDCORB”CO stands for
a) Cooperation
b) Collection
c) Coordinating (Right Answer)
d) Correlation

129. Co-curriculum activities are:
a) Games
b) Workshop
c) Symposiums
d) All of these (Right Answer)

130. Who said, Democratic supervision builds upon the power of teacher to exercise self-direction for improving instructions.

a) Chomsky
b) Piaget
c) Dickey (Right Answer)
d) None

131. The primary aim of___________ should be rent value of each person, to the end that the potentials of all persons will be realized.
a) Teaching
b) Supervision (Right Answer)
c) Administration
d) Directing

132. According to chandrasekaran , preventive , corrective , creative are __ of supervision.
a) Techniques (Right Answer)
b) Objectives
c) Rules
d) None

133. Planning for the institution should be based on:
a) Syllabus
b) Aims and Needs (Right Answer)
c) Both a and b
d) None of these

134. Budgeting and investment estimation of:
a) Income and investment
b) Investment
c) Income and expenditure
d) All of these (Right Answer)

135. It is concerned with the “public ness” of the information?
a) Reliability
b) Objectivity (Right Answer)
c) Validity
d) All of these

136. Practical Art section Bill book related to _ record.
a) General
b) Financial (Right Answer)
c) Educational
d) Equipment

137. The school policy should be determined by:
a) The professional educators
b) Headmasters
c) Citizens d
d) Citizens and educators (Right Answer)

138. To motivate the other to achieve certain goal is:
a) Planning
b) Leading (Right Answer)
c) Controlling
d) Organizing

139. __ was heavily influenced by Hawthorne and Maslow
a) Abraham
b) Elton mayos
c) Douglas MC Gregort (Right Answer)
d) Mortar

140. Experiment by behaviorists identity _ as universal learning process
a) Conditioning (Right Answer)
b) Identifying
c) Reinforcement
d) Punishment

B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz Part 4

141. There are __ kinds of records to be maintained.
a) 4
b) 5 (Right Answer)
c) 6
d) 7

142. The curriculum may be divided into __ inter-related components.
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four (Right Answer)

143. Administration means:
a) To look after (Right Answer)
b) To protect
c) To run
d) To establish

144. Non development budget includes
a) Salaries
b) Running expenditures
c) Maintenance of building
d) All of the above (Right Answer)

145. The main type of administration are
a) 2
b) 3 (Right Answer)
c) 6
d) 9

146. Role of supervisor may be divided into __ categories.
a) One
b) Four
c) Two (Right Answer)
d) Five

147. The successful and systematic working of a school depends on:
a) Teacher
b) Principal (Right Answer)
c) Time table
d) Curriculum

148. The supervisor should make use of _ to effect improvement in instruction.

a) Diagnostic methods
b) Scientific methods (Right Answer)
c) Socratic methods
d) Investigating method

149. Which is the machine of management in its achievement of the ends determined by administration

a) Management
b) Administration
c) Organization (Right Answer)
d) None of these

150. POSDOCORB representing __ management steps
a) Five
b) Six
c) Seven ( Right Answer )
d) None of these

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Right Answers Part 4

151. Which one of these is a specific area of needs hierarchy?
a) Safety needs (Right Answer)
b) Understanding needs
c) Both
d) None

152. Assessment of how well school is going?
a) Administration
b) Supervision
c) Inspection (Right Answer)
d) All of above

153. Supervision should be democratic and co-operative in sprit and

a) Organization (Right Answer)
b) System
c) School
d) None of them

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