B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 2

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as the contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8606 quiz answers part 2. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download 8606 quiz answers from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

B.ed code 8606 quiz answers part 2

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz answers Part 2

51. Training films were initially used in.
a) World War 1
b) World War 2 (Right Answer)
c) Afghan War
d) World war

52. Who defined that the twelve characteristics of teaching affect students in a positive way?

a) brown
b) Walker (Right Answer)
c) Young and Mac
d) Green

53. Who defined social institutes as organization of several folkways, more and norms of society? a) brown
b) Green (Right Answer)
c) C.L. Wood
d) Young and Mac

54. Social control is proposed for:

a) Checking culture maladjustment
b) Regulating individual behavior
c) Maintaining the old order
d) All the options (Right Answer)

55. In Pakistan shandur polo is a
a) Recreational activity
b) Festival (Right Answer)
c) Sport
d) Handicraft

56. Which association officially defined educational technology in 2008?
c) AECT (Right Answer)

57. Religious festivals are part of______.
a) Culture (Right Answer)
b) Education
c) Islamic values
d) Curriculum

58. Extrinsic motivation is related to __ factors.
a) External (Right Answer)
b) Internal
c) Formal
d) Informal

59. Annual Urs of Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh is a cultural_____.
a) Festival (Right Answer)
b) Recreational activity
c) Handicraft
d) Sport

60. __ explained culture as a process.

A. McGrew (Right Answer)

61. Which is not a type of socialization?

A. Inductive socialization (Right Answer)

62. In culture which elements contains classic format?
A. Stories (Right Answer)

63. There are twelve __ of effective teaching.
a) Factors
b) Characteristics (Right Answer)
c) Components
d) Elements

64. By definition __ are conservative.
A. Institutes (Right Answer)

65. In a society, ‘’Group’’ is a collection of______.
A. Individuals (Right Answer)

66. __ are social arrangements that channel behavior in prescribed ways in the important areas of social life.
a) Institutes (Right Answer)
b) Walls
c) Societies
d) Schools

67. Society depends on __ for transmission of knowledge.
a) Society
b) Family
c) neighbor
d) Education (Right Answer)

68. Socialization is a _ process.
a) Survey
b) Learning (Right Answer)
c) Demonstration
d) Teaching

69. In expert’s view which component is involved in group development:
a) Adjourning (Right Answer)
b) Planning
c) Socialization
d) Selecting

70. Number of _ who interact on regular basis is called a group.
a) Soldiers
b) norms
c) Individuals (Right Answer)
d) Values

B.ed code 8606 Solved Quiz Part 2

71. Who listed culture as a six steps process?
a) McGrew (Right Answer)
b) William word
c) McJohn
d) Bryce

72. The partnership between school and community helps to _ people.
a) Motivate
b) Marginalize
c) Monopolize
d) Mobilize (Right Answer)

73. Asking for clarification is a useful technique in:
a) Promoting linguistic barrier
b) Overriding linguistic barrier
c) Overcoming linguistic barrier (Right Answer)
d) Excluding linguistic

74. Educational technology was initially used in __.
a) World War 2 (Right Answer)
b) Afghanistan war
c) Iran Iraq war
d) War of independence

75. Technology was used at a large scale in:
a) Virtual classroom
b) Power point presentation
c) World war 1
d) World War 2 (Right Answer)

76. School community relationship are not true for:
a) Administration
b) Any of the options (Right Answer)
c) Friends
d) Teacher

77. Sometimes it becomes imperative to use _ for maintaining social control.

a) monarchy
b) Punishment (Right Answer)
c) Debate
d) democracy

78. An effective family-community-school collaboration must come together at the _ level.

a) National
b) Rural
c) provincial
d) Local (Right Answer)

79. Trust is a __ of any community.
a) Word
b) Skill
c) trend
d) Norm (Right Answer)

80. Spillover effect has been magnified with_____.
a) Social change
b) Physical change
c) Technological change (Right Answer)
d) Emotional change

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Right Answers Part 2

81. A _ uses several different forms of communication to get the message across.

a) Handout
b) T.V
c) Multimedia presentation (Right Answer)
d) Teaching aid

82. Extrinsic motivation is related to _ factors.
a) Common
b) External (Right Answer)
c) Basic
d) Internal

83. School and community share same _.
a) Groups
b) Values (Right Answer)
c) Workforce
d) Family

84. Social control is mainly for __.
a) Individual (Right Answer)
b) Society
c) Mass media
d) Religion

85. Who started that social institutes promote social folkways and norms?
a) Brown
b) Young and Mac
c) C.L. Wood
d) Green (Right answer)

86. Family is a primary __ of socialization.
a) Function
b) Advisor
c) Agent (Right Answer)
d) Element

87. Which is the unsetting stage in an individual’s life?
a) Adolescence (Right Answer)
b) Childhood
c) Age sixty-five and beyond
d) Adulthood

88. Groups are developed to perform __.
a) Activities
b) Maintenance behavior
c) Self-interest behavior
d) Task function (Right Answer)

89. Which one is not groups attribute?
a) Formal social structure
b) Independence (Right Answer)
c) Interdependence
d) Common fate

90. The modern way of social interaction is __.
a) Greet someone
b) isolation
c) Networking (Right Answer)
d) Ask for advice

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Correct Answers Part 2

91. School can arrange Career Day to strengthen its relationship with the _.
a) Society (Right Answer)
b) Teachers
c) Leaders
d) Students

92. Forth industrial revolution is a result of _.
a) Social change
b) Emotional change
c) Technological change (Right Answer)
d) Classroom management

93. The definition of educational technology is given by:
c) AECT (Right Answer)

94. Maslow’s theory of hierarchy is about _.
a) Development
b) Motivation (Right Answer)
c) Teaching
d) Learning

95. Handouts are a form of __ communication.
a) Oral
b) nonverbal
c) Written (Right Answer)
d) Verbal

96. Relationship between society and school is in _.
a) Vertical order
b) Horizontal order (Right Answer)
c) Spiral order
d) Hierarchical order

97. School is the custodian of __ a community share.
a) Workforce
b) Values (Right Answer)
c) Moors
d) Folklores

98. Gossips are __.
a) Agency of social control (Right Answer)
b) Social deviation
c) Social tolerance
d) Formal social control

99. Which one is not a function of social institute?
a) To regulate relations with other societies
b) To make and enforce the rules of society
c) To have a leader whose prove
d) To promote the wellbeing of a common man (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 2

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