B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 3

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B.ed code 8606 Quiz Answers part 3

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 3

100. Function of social institutions is __.
a) Welfare of a society
b) To fulfill the basic needs of the society (Right Answer)
c) Upgradation of the image of the society
d) Financial support of a society

101. _ is considered as the product of socialization.
a) Classroom
b) Teacher
c) Society
d) Student (Right Answer)

102. _ is the main agent of socialization in a classroom.
a) Student
b) Textbook
c) Class fellow
d) Teacher (Right Answer)

103. Socialization is __ for the survival of an individual in a society.
a) Voluntary
b) Discretionary
c) Optional
d) Mandatory (Right Answer)

104. Which component does not impact a group?
a) Maintenance Behavior
b) Task Function
c) Self-interest behavior
d) Activities (Right Answer)

105. Which norms are the strength of any group?
a) Punishment norms
b) Loyalty norms (Right Answer)
c) Dress norms
d) Reward norms

106. _ Element of culture is sometimes based on reality.
a) Attitude
b) Symbolic
c) Story (Right Answer)
d) Rituals

107. __ is the key for maintaining peace in a community.
a) Status
b) Tolerance (Right Answer)
c) Talent
d) Wealth

108. Speaking slowly and __ can help in understanding language. a) Softly
b) Calmly
c) Clearly (Right Answer)
d) Sweetly

109. Gold card allow the __ members to use school facilities free of cost.
a) Council
b) Political
c) Party
d) Community (Right Answer)

110. In teaching the behaviorists theory helps to _ students for learning.
a) Propagate
b) Motivate (Right Answer)
c) Instigate
d) Delegate

B.ed Code 8606 Solved Quiz part 3

111. Social climate maybe manipulated through___.
a) Classroom management (Right Answer)
b) Teacher control
c) Classroom control
d) Student control

112. Education and society are linked through:
a) Racial order
b) Ethical order
c) Hierarchical order (Right Answer)
d) Variable order

113. School and community are relate with each other by:
a) Linear order
b) Backward order
c) Constant order
d) Hierarchical order (Right Answer)

114. Who is mainly the focus of social control?
a) Mass media
b) A society
c) Religion
d) An individual (Right Answer)

115. Preservation of social origin can be possible because of _.

a) Society
b) Family
c) Neighbor
d) Education (Right Answer)

116. Social institutes provide __ support to the society.
a) Basic
b) Uniform
c) Need based
d) Fundamental (Right Answer)

117. The __ of socialization reflects the quality of its process.
a) Product (Right Answer)
b) Agent
c) Group
d) Context

118. Why does school arrange multiple group activities for students?
a) For publicity
b) For individualization
c) For socialization (Right Answer)
d) For promotion

119. An individual in the classroom is not a __.
a) Mentor (Right Answer)
b) Instigators
c) Clowns
d) Leader

120. The term ‘’Society’’ is __.
a) Italian
b) Irish
c) Latin (Right Answer)
d) Greek

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Right Answers Part 3

121. Public spaces in an area reflect the social __.
a) Capital (Right Answer)
b) Habit
c) Nature
d) Stigma

122. To survive in a community its members must __.
a) Retire
b) Reciprocate (Right Answer)
c) Relax
d) Relate

123. Educational technology helped in improving __ skills.
a) Driving
b) Political
c) Communication (Right Answer)
d) Debating

124. Rogers believed that all behavior is motivated by __ tendencies.
a) Self-actualizing (Right Answer)
b) Self-motivating
c) Self-directing
d) Self-regulating

125. A social institution is defined as:
a) An institution established by the government
b) The totally of relationships processes of facilities with people develop to meet a specific social interest or need (Right Answer)
c) An institution established for achieving social purpose
d) An institution which serves the society

126. A _ is responsible for promoting culture values.
a) Teacher (Right Answer)
b) Friend
c) Family
d) Parent

127. Television is __.
a) Social tolerance
b) Agency of social control (Right Answer)
c) Formal social control
d) Social deviation

128. A society depends on _ institutes for its survival.
a) Religious
b) Culture
c) Economic
d) Social (Right Answer)

129. Which is an agent of socialization?
a) All the above (Right Answer)
b) Mass media
c) Family
d) Peer

130. Which is not a common type of group?
a) Formal group
b) Social group
c) Reference group
d) Personal group (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Correct Answers Part 3

131._ preserves the culture.
a) Social control (Right Answer)
b) Teacher control
c) Public control
d) Government control

132. Handicraft is a part of __.
a) Culture (Right Answer)
b) Education
c) Islamic values
d) Curriculum

133. _ is the key for maintaining peace in a community.
a) Tolerance (Right Answer)
b) Talent
c) Status
d) Wealth

134. Avoiding __ is a technique in learning languages.
a) Synonyms
b) Antonyms
c) Meanings
d) Idioms (Right Answer)

135. Inquiry based learning is a type of __.
a) Nonformal learning
b) Informal learning
c) Passive learning
d) Active learning (Right Answer)

136. The cognitive knowledge is mostly checked through __.
a) Test (Right Answer)
b) Checklist
c) Observation
d) Questions

137. The hard form of a presentation can be given in the form of _.
a) Presentation
b) Teaching aids
c) Handouts (Right Answer)
d) T.V

138. To fall in the domain of social institution a school needs to fulfill which of the following criterion:
a) An initiation which serves the society
b) An institution established by the government
c) An institution established for achieving purposes
d) The totality of relationships process and facilities which people develop to meet a specific social interest or need (Right Answer)

139. Society depends on school for promoting:
a) Financial considerations
b) Economic considerations
c) Ethical considerations (Right Answer)
d) Physical considerations

140. Public opinion is _.
a) Social tolerance
b) Social deviation
c) Agency of social control (Right Answer)
d) Formal social control

B.ed Code 8606 Solved Quiz pdf

141. Which of the following statement is true about family?
a) Family is a new old institution
b) Family is the only institution
c) Family is not an institution
d) Family is an old institution (Right Answer)

142. Social interaction does not result by:
a) Having a leader whose power is recognized by the people
b) Making and enforcing the rules of society
c) Promoting public health (Right Answer)
d) Regulating relationships other societies

143. If school is an agency of socialization, then __ is not a sub agent of school.

a) Teacher
b) Classroom
c) Society
d) Student (Right Answer)

144. Which type of socialization begins at home?
a) Primary socialization (Right Answer)
b) Gender socialization
c) Secondary socialization
d) Anticipatory socialization

145. Socialization is a _.
a) Agent
b) Process (Right Answer)
c) Group
d) Product

146. An individual in a group should not work _.
a) Common fate
b) Independently (Right Answer)
c) Interdependence
d) Formal social structure

147.Culture is seen as a system of __.
a) Teacher control
b) Government control
c) Social control (Right Answer)
d) Public control

148. Phone calls is a _ form of communication.
a) Asynchronous
b) Direct
c) simple
d) Synchronous (Right Answer)

149. _ plays a significant role in placing the educated individuals into social classes.

a) School
b) Community
c) World
d) Education (Right Answer)

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