B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 4

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 4

We share solved quizzes of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Here I am going to share B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 4 . Quizzer are the important component of final exam as quizzes contain 20% marks in final result. If you want to get good marks in quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com. You can also find these quizzes on our blog AIOU Education Infocenter.

B.ed code 8606 quiz answers part 4

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 4

150. _ is an element of modernization.
a) Social change
b) Classroom management
c) Technological change (Right Answer)
d) Emotional change

151. __ Motivation generates from within an individual.
a) Intrinsic (Right Answer)
b) Immediate
c) Independent
d) Impartial

152. Schools are _.
a) Micro societies (Right Answer)
b) Macro societies
c) Social network
d) Social hub

153. _ is any transgression of socially established norms.
a) Individual differences
b) Groups dynamics
c) Violation of social norms (Right Answer)
d) Respecting of social norms

154. __ Type of social control are mainly used.
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 5 (Right Answer)

155. The __ is a secondary source of socialization.
a) Siblings
b) Parents
c) Institution (Right Answer)
d) Family

156. Teacher is considered the agent of __ in a society.
a) Monotony
b) Flexibility
c) Rigidity
d) Change (Right Answer)

157. Group norms do not include __.
a) Loyalty
b) Punishment (Right Answer)
c) Dress code
d) Reward

158. Culture transpose can be possible by _.
a) Teacher control
b) Social control (Right Answer)
c) Public control
d) Government control

159. Social interaction can be as simple as __.
a) Asking for advice
b) Isolation
c) networking
d) Greeting someone (Right Answer)

160. Which one is not a criterion to formulate a group:
a) interdependence
b) Independently (Right Answer)
c) Common fate
d) Formal social

B.ed Code 8606 Solved Quiz Part 4

161. The end of _ is also the culmination of socialization.
a) Life (Right Answer)
b) Marriage
c) Employment
d) Friends

162. A _ an agent of social change.
a) Family
b) Parent
c) Teacher (Right Answer)
d) Friend

163. The _ of a community are preserved through education.
a) Family
b) Groups
c) Workforce
d) Values (Right Answer)

164. Social change can be possible by school __ partnership.
a) Community (Right Answer)
b) Teacher
c) Public
d) Parents

165. ‘’Society’’ originated from ‘Societas’ which is a _ world.
a) Greek
b) Irish
c) Latin (Right Answer)
d) Italian

166. Socialization agents are mainly concerned with the _ development of an individual.
a) Skill
b) Wholesome (Right Answer)
c) Cognitive
d) Affective

167. In a complex society of ours, education has been much influenced by _.
a) Neighbor
b) Family
c) Religion (Right Answer)
d) Groups

168.__ can be controlled by social control.
a) Religion
b) Mass media
c) Society
d) Individual (Right Answer)

169. School directs the society about:
a) Selection of societal rules (Right Answer)
b) Providing teachers
c) Arrangement of societal rules
d) Co-curricular activities

170. A __ can measure the presence or absence of something. a) Test
b) Checklist (Right Answer)
c) Questionnaire
d) Observation

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Right Answers

171. Creation of new job market is the __ of technological revolution. a) Way
b) Advantage (Right Answer)
c) Benefit
d) Disadvantage

172. __ Communication leads to effective learning.
a) Interactive (Right Answer)
b) Attractive
c) Active
d) Appropriate

173. In Pakistan male dominated society is a component of _.
a) Culture (Right Answer)
b) Curriculum
c) Rituals
d) Education

174. In a social context _ has no identity.
a) Personal group (Right Answer)
b) Formal group
c) Social group
d) Reference group

175. Members of any group are motivated through __.
a) Pressures
b) Dress code
c) Reward (Right Answer)
d) Punishment

176. Social deviance can be described as __.
a) Respecting of social norms
b) Violation of social norms (Right Answer)
c) Individuals differences
d) Group dynamics

177. There are mainly two _ of motivation.
a) Theories
b) Types (Right Answer)
c) Processes
d) Functions

178. Knowledge can be transferred efficiently through _.
a) Education reforms
b) Educational planning
c) Educational technology (Right Answer)
d) Educational policies

179. Transformation in lifestyle is due to _.
a) Emotional change
b) Management
c) Technology (Right Answer)
d) Social change

180. Which is an essential stage in group development?
a) Selecting
b) Planning
c) Socializing
d) Adjourning (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8606 Correct Answers Part 4

181. Nurturing a child is like investing in __.
a) Social capital (Right Answer)
b) Social study
c) Human nature
d) Social habits

182. Socialization starts from _.
a) Childhood (Right Answer)
b) Adulthood
c) Age sixty-five and beyond
d) Adolescence

183. An effective school-community relationship is possible if school are:
a) Powerful instruments of social change
b) A combination of all the options (Right Answer)
c) Social agencies of cultural transmission
d) Necessarily ………….

184. The access to learning opportunities on a larger scale can be possible by:
a) Prize access to learning opportunities
b) School community partnership (Right Answer)
c) Public demand
d) Parent teacher conference

185. Politics as a social institute has:
a) No physical structure (Right Answer)
b) Developing structure
c) Non developing
d) Physical structure

186. Education is _ the ways of the people living in a society.
a) Isolated from
b) Dependent upon (Right Answer)
c) Ignorant of
d) Independent of

187. Social interaction cannot be promoted in __.
a) Ask for advice
b) Networking
c) Greet someone
d) Isolation (Right Answer)

188. Problem based learning has a __ approach.
a) Logical (Right Answer)
b) Subjective
c) New
d) Practical

189. An effective teacher always maintains __ attitude.
a) Comprehensive
b) Flexible (Right Answer)
c) Impressive
d) Expressive

190. The students should not behave like __ in a classroom.
a) Clowns (Right Answer)
b) Leader
c) Instigators
d) Mentor

B.ed Code 8606 Solved Quiz pdf part 4

191. Technology has made learning by __ possible through simulation where it was not possible before.

a) Doing (Right Answer)
b) Reading
c) Drilling
d) Training

192. Which of the following is the responsibility of the government?
a) To make and enforce the rules of society
b) All the options (Right Answer)
To regulate relations with order societies
To have a …………

193. When _ interact for same goals, they formulate a group.
a) Individuals (Right Answer)
b) Soldiers
c) Norms
d) Values

194. Which one is not the purpose for social control?
a) To promote innovation (Right Answer)
b) To regulate individual behavior
c) To check cultural maladjustment
d) To maintain the old order

195. The __ disrupt the peace of a classroom.
a) Leader
b) Instigators (Right Answer)
c) Clowns
d) Mentor

196. Family as a social institute has:
a) Development structure
b) Non development structure
c) No physical structure (Right Answer)
d) Physical structure

197. Methods of social control is :
a) 4
b) 5 (Right Answer)
c) 3
d) 2

198. Horse and cattle show in Lahore is a cultural __.
a) Handicraft
b) Festival (Right Answer)
c) Recreational activity
d) Sport

199. Fourth industrial revolution is a result of _.
a) Emotional change
b) Technological change (Right Answer)
c) Social change
d) Classroom management

200. Organization of pupil’s work is a part of__________.
a) Student control
b) Classroom management
c) Teacher control (Right Answer)
d) Classroom control

201. Functions of group do not include:
a) Task function
b) Activities (Right Answer)
c) Self-interest behavior
d) Maintenance behavior

202. Educational institutes are _.
a) Social hub
b) Micro societies (Right Answer)
Social network
Macro societies

203. Research and development can augment _ change. a) Social
b) Physical
c) Emotional
d) Technological (Right Answer)

204. __ does not work as an agent of socialization.
a) Health (Right Answer)
b) Family
c) Peer
d) Mass media

205. Economic as social institution has;
a) Non developing structure
b) No physical structure
c) Developing structure (Right Answer)
d) Physical structure

206. Crime can be described as _.
a) Violation of social norms (Right Answer)
b) Respecting of social norms
c) Individual difference
d) Group dynamics

207. According to _ teaching can be framed in twelve characteristics. a) Dewey
b) Hubley
c) Walker (Right Answer)
d) Vasquez

B.ed Code 8606 Quiz Answers Part 4

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