B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

We share solved quiz of aiou b.ed programme for the ease of students. Quiz are the very important component of annual exam because these contain 20% of total marks. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8609 solved quiz part 1. Note them and also share them with your friends.

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B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1
B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

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8609 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

1. According to Allama Iqbal education system reflected its

a) Culture (Right Answer)

b) Religion

c) Philosophy

d) Citizen ship

2. The practical side of philosophy is called:

a) Wisdom

b) Truth

c) Theory

d) Education (Right Answer)

3. Frobel kindergarten belonged to

a) America

b) Italy

c) England

d) Germany (Right Answer)

4. The ultimate reality is the world of physical objects is strong belief of:

a) Idealism

b) Realism (Right Answer)

c) Pragmatism

d) Existentialism

5. Ancient Greek philosophy arose in the 6th century BC and continued throughout the

a) Western period

b) Hellenistic period (Right Answer)

c) Roman period

d) Aristotle period

6. Pragmatists say that thought




d) PREDICTION (Right Answer)

7. Locke’s hierarchy of values in the education

a) Wisdom and breeding (Right Answer)

b) Study and wisdom

c) Health and breeding

d) Reading and breeding


8. ———- is called spiritual father of Pakistan

a) Allama iqbal (Right Answer)

b) Roomi

c) Quaid e azam

d) Liaqat Ali khan

9. Which philosophy believes that the nature of reality is subjective lies within the individual?

a) Deconstructionism

b) Existentialism (Right Answer)

c) Essentialism

d) Pragmatism

10. The 20th century main philosophy is


b) EXISTENTIALISM (Right Answer)



8609 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

11. The philosopher who for the first time thought logic as a formal discipline was

b) Plato

c) Socrates

d) Edward Thorndike

12. For the all-round growth child. Child should be left on its own:

a) Experimentalism

b) Naturalism (Right Answer)

c) Instrumentalism

d) Perrnnalism

13. Play is a mirror of life leads towards…………

a) Self discipline (Right Answer)

b) Self confidence

c) Self construction

d) Self control

14. Who believe the ideas are as relevant and meaningful today as when they were written?

a) Perennialists (Right Answer)

b) Progressivists

c) Essentialists

d) Existentialists

15. Which of the knowledge is an attem our knowledge in sense experience?

a) Rational

b) Intuitive

c) Revealed

d) Empirical (Right Answer)

16. The paramount interest of Socrates is that knowledge is virtue and should be conducted through

a) Good and right (Right Answer)

b) Good and bad

c) Right and wrong

d) Right and left

17. In kindergarten system when a child carries out his own impulses and motives its described as

a) Self learning

b) Self facilitation

c) Self activity (Right Answer)

d) Self discipline

18. Teacher in the kindergarten acts as a

a) Gardener (Right Answer)

b) Guide

c) Coach

d) friend

19. Aesthetic presentation of the universe is as

a) Inner freedom (Right Answer)

b) Inner beauty

c) Inner satisfaction

d) Inner pace

20. Knowledge relies on information that has been obtained from the supreme power

a) Rational

b) Authoritative (Right Answer)

c) Intuitive

d) Revealed

8609 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

21. Stress that education should focus on the who child, rather than on the content or the teacher.

a) Essentialism

b) Idealism

c) Perennialism

d) Progressivism (Right Answer)

22. Froebel’s philosophy is of absolute

a) Idealism (Right Answer)

b) Realism

c) Pragmatism

d) Existentialism

23. Which philosophy rejects classroom practical that involve children passively learning information?

a) Progressivism (Right Answer)

b) Essentialism

c) Perennialism

d) Pragmatism

24. Human feelings play greater knowledge?

a) Revealed

b) Intuitive (Right Answer)

c) Rational

d) Authoritative

25. He was the wisest man of Athens also caused the arousal of so many enemies around him.

a) Plato

b) Socrates (Right Answer)

c) Aristotle

d) Protagoras

26. stress to incorporate technical education in the curriculum for the economic uplift of under developing countries

a) Allama iqbal (Right Answer)

b) Ibn-e-Miskaway

c) Al Ghazali

d) Al Farabi

27. According to, instruction must be started with calculation

a) Allama iqbal

b) Ibn-e-miskaway

c) Ibn e khaldoon (Right Answer)

d) Al- Farabi

28. Knowledge can be applied to different areas like mathematical formula and have been applied to some great intellectual advances in sciences and the arts:

a) Revealed

b) Intuitive

c) Rational (Right Answer)

d) Authoritative

29. The process which unites the new idea with the already existing ideas is known as

a) Association (Right Answer)

b) Absorption

c) Combination

d) Captivation

30. According to Montessori “ the most important period of life is

a) University time

b) Adolescence period

c) Age from 6 to 10 years

d) From birth to age sex (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 1

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