B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 2

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 2

We share solved quiz of B.ed on our website assignmentghar.com for the ease of students. Quiz is the important component of annual result because it contain 20% of marks. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8609 solved quiz part 2. Note these quiz of code 8609 and share them with your friends.

B.ed code 8609 solved quiz part 2
B.ed code 8609 solved quiz part 2

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8609 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 2

31. ———— emphasized at if children repeat the same mistake for the second time parents should talk to them directly

a) Allama iqbal

b) Al Farabi

c) Al Ghazali

d) Ibn-e-Miskaway

32. Socrates believed that all virtues were progeny of knowledge with his principle of

a) Virtue is one

b) Virtue can be taught

c) Virtue is bliss

d) Knowledge is virtue

33. Montessori believed that an adult environment is not a suitable environment for children, such environment is called

a) Prepared environment (Right Answer)

b) Ideal environment

c) Facilitative environment

d) Balanced environment

34. Deductive and inductive determination of truth lay under you

a) Aristotle arguments

b) Plato’s Socratic dialogues

c) Socratic question ANSWER method

d) Socratic dialectical method (Right Answer)

35. In which source of knowledge major focus is on Evidence is search of a conclusion?

a) Rational (Right Answer)

b) Intuitive

c) Revealed

d) Authoritative

36. The traditional Greek moral theory held that there are

a) Single virtue

b) Dual virtue

c) Triplet virtue

d) Foursome virtue (Right Answer)

37. Who emphasized that children drill method and teaching aids must be used to children learn?

a) Ibn-e-Khaldun (Right Answer)

b) Ibn-e-Miskaway

c) Al Farabi

d) Al Ghazali

38. A good tutor, or indeed a good parent teach children value of

a) Truth (Right Answer)

b) Education

c) Games

d) Nature

39. During the age from six to twelve a child uses

a) Reasoning mind (Right Answer)

c) Specialist mind

d) Absorbent mind

40. ………….. advised parents to send their children to schools that they can learn that is citation of Quran and understanding Hadees

a) Al Ghazali (Right Answer)

b) Ibn-e-Miskaway

c) Al Farabi

d) Allama iqbal

8609 Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 2

41. …………. believe that reality is constantly changing and that experience and thoughts to we learn best through applying our problems.

a) Deconstructionism

b) Realism

c) Pragmatism (Right Answer)

d) Essentialism

42. Plato’s philosophy believes bodily development is only source of

a) Mental development (Right Answer)

b) Physical development

c) Intellectual development

d) Emotional development

43. Knowledge can be arrived at through the use of reason or Deductive reasoning is called?

a) Rational (Right Answer)

b) Intuitive

c) Revealed

d) Authoritative

44. According to Montessori before reading a child must start

a) Listing

b) Speaking

c) Writing (Right Answer)

d) Playing

45. Which philosophy’s curriculum aims to create new ‘spaces ‘for meaning and understanding through phenomenological or post structural investigations?

a) Pragmatism

b) Existentialism

c) Deconstructionism (Right)

d) Essentialism

46. Allama iqbal has formulated principles of psychology to kept in view which supporting education

a) Eleven (Right Answer )

b) Nine

c) Six

d) Five

47. He favoured four things to teach children; reading, gymnastic exercise, and music.

a) Socrates

b) Plato

c) Aristotle (Right Answer)

d) Protagoras

48. The entire world is fundamentally of the nature of spirit or mind which accounts for its being called

a) Idealism (Right Answer)

b) Realism

c) Pragmatism

d) Existentialism

49. The Montessori approach of development of human poter is based on

a) Teaching the child

b) Learning the child

c) Following the child (Right Answer)

d) Understanding the child

50. Who claimed that all knowledge of truth depends upon our intuitive knowledge?

a) John Dewey

b) Rosouu

c) Plato

d) Bertrand Russel (Right Answer)

8609 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8609 Solved Quiz Part 2

51. Modern educators stress that children should be thought through play-way, pioneer of this approach was

a) Froble kindergarten ( Right Answer )

b) John dewey

c) Maria montesson

d) John Pestalozzi

52. Existential curriculum content is focused on

a) Individuals and relationships (Right Answer)

b) Individuals and ideas

c) Innovation and changes

d) Mental discipline

53. Knowledge derived from the written works, documentati and reports of others is called:

a) Rational

b) Intuitive

c) Revealed

d) Authoritative (Right Answer)

54. Who said knowledge is virtue

a) Socrates (Right Answer)

b) Plato

c) Aristotle

d) Kant

55. Alfarabi was the first founder of ……………. which depends on universal reason demonstration.

a) Epistemology (Right Answer)

b) Metaphysics

c) Axiology

d) Logic

56. Frobel created the word kindergarten (infant garden) in

a) 1839

b) 1837

c) 1838

d) 1840 ( Right Answer )

57. Naturalism accept the principle of

a) Motion (Right Answer)

b) Learning

c) Unity

d) Reality

58. Alfarabi illustrated that opinion in the book of demonstration when he said “whosever loses sensory perception loses knowledge

a) Aristotle’s (Right Answer)

b) Plato’s

c) Socrates

d) Ibn e khaldoon’s

59. …………. emphasized that it is also aim of education to produce good leaders among children

a) Al Farabi (Right Answer)

b) Ibn-e-Miskaway

c) Al Ghazali

d) Allama iqbal

60. The humanistic mind belongs to the child s’ age duration from

a) 6 to 12

b) Birth to 6

c) 12 to 18 (Right Answer)

d) 18 to 24

B.ed code 8609 solved quiz part 2

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