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8611 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8611 Solved Quiz

1.     Truth is thing of this world: it is produced only by virtue of multiple forms of————-

a)    Advantages

b)    Constraints

c)    Developments

d)    Benefits

2.     Politics is the art of —————–

a)    Rule

b)    Possibility

c)    Power play

d)    Domination

3.     The assessment done during instruction process is known as ———-

a)    Summative assessment

b)    Diagnostic assessment

c)    Evaluative assessment

d)    Formative assessment

4.     How is four-corner debate conducted ?

a)    None of the above

b)    Typically eight students are involved in four groups

c)    Multiple role are described and given to four students, one topic is to be discussed

d)    Four groups are formed and given a statement which they have to defend after discussion

5.     What is outcome of reflective practice process?

a)    Critical thinking

b)    Reflection in practice

c)    Reflection in practice

d)    Improvement in practice

6.     Which is identified as process of cognition?

a)    Process of the knowledge

b)    All of the above

c)    Storage of knowledge

d)    Retrieval of knowledge

7.     Gibb’s cycle is not only limited to the curriculum, it is not confined in teaching only : it is actually the preparation for

a)    Classroom teaching

b)    Blended mode of learning

c)    Life

d)    Online teaching

8.     The learners can link theory and practice through engaging in a cyclic sequence of activities during

a)    Gibb’s reflective cycle

b)    Blended learning

c)    Distance learning

d)    Teaching online

9.     In practical action research the number of research goals are

a)    5

b)    2

c)    4

d)    3

10. Reflection is the ————- phase where thinking and learning take place.

a)    Processing

b)    Analyzing

c)    Reviewing

d)    Understanding

8611 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8611 Solved Quiz

11. The key to mature writing is learning to write.

a)    Specifically

b)    Reflectively

c)    Critically

d)    All of the above

12. A portfolio is evaluated on ————

a)    All of the above

b)    Overall quality of student’s work

c)    Quality of the integrating activities

d)    Organizing of the portfolio defense

13. The common approaches used to access critical thinking are ————

a)    Teaching students to access their own knowledge

b)    Instructor’s designed assessments

c)    All of the above

d)    Commercially available standardized tests

14. There are ———— core components of community of practice.

a)    4

b)    5

c)    2

d)    3

15. Knowledge sharing can happen through ;

a)    Tacit knowledge

b)    None of the above

c)    Explicit knowledge

d)    Both A and B

16. From the work of piaget, we get to know about :

a)    Both of the above

b)    None of the above

c)    Sociocentric tendencies

d)    Egocentric tendencies

17. “ Folkways” is land breaking study of the foundations of the sociology and anthropology written by :

a)    William Graham Sumner

b)    John Adams

c)    Thomas Jefferson

d)    None of the above

18. This particular stage is the analytical stage in the bloom’s Taxonomy.

a)    Action plan

b)    Description

c)    Feelings

d)    Evaluations

19. In order to help their students to develop critical thinking skills and to take critical actions, teacher needs to:

a)    Be prepared to listen to voices the classroom

b)    Forbid students asking irrelevant questions

c)    Give them loads of home work to keep them committed

d)    None of the above

20. The correct order of Gibbs reflection cycle is

a)    Evaluations – Analysis – Description – Feelings – Conclusions – Action plan

b)    Description – Feelings – Evaluation – Analysis _ Conclusion – Action plan

c)    Description – Analysis _ Evaluations _ Feelings _ Conclusion _ Action plan

d)    Evaluations _ Feelings _ Description _ Analysis _ Action plan _ Conclusion

8611 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8611 Solved Quiz

21. A teacher needs to recognize that teaching in a critical manner is essential for

a)    Skilled craftsmanship

b)    None of the above

c)    Skill of reading, writing, speaking and listening

d)    Skilled engineering and medical work

22. The perspective of communities of knowledge and practice affects educational practices along three dimensions.

a)    All of the above

b)    Over the lifetime of students

c)    Externally

d)    Internally

23. A mentor is

a)    Member of society

b)    Psychologist

c)    Someone who supports and encourages people to manage their own learning

d)    A very smart person

24. Critical writing involves writing which evaluate and analyze more than one source in order to develop to

a)    Argument

b)    Plan

c)    Issue

d)    Reflection

25. What is assimilation learning style according to Kolb?

a)    Observation and reflection

b)    Conceptualization and reflective observation

c)    Observation and theory building

d)    Reflective observation and theory building

26. Critical theory in education has emerged from the wider discipline  of :

a)    Theology

b)    Humanities

c)    Sociology

d)    Natural Sciences

27. In third stage of community development, transformation means

a)    Beginning of new community

b)    Becoming instructionalized as a formal unit

c)    Merging with other communities

d)    All of the above

28. The sources of scientific action or how to know is

a)    Episteme

b)    Techne

c)    Phronesis

d)    practical

29. Steps included in critical review are ———-

a)    Reading, reviewing, writing

b)    Reading, writing, understanding

c)    Reading, analyzing, writing

d)     Reading, analyzing, reviewing

30. Normative values through which societies are operating and organizing must be

a)    Punished

b)    Challenged

c)    Left as they are

d)    Suppressed

8611 Solved Quiz Pdf

B.ed Code 8611 Solved Quiz

31. Knowledge sharing and publishing is important because of increasing need of, ———— and increased globalization

a)    Simulation

b)    Innovation

c)    Emulation

d)    Imitation

32. The idea of mind mapping was originated by :

a)    TONY Buzan

b)    Donald Schon

c)    Micheal Michalko

d)    Aristotle

33. The purpose of mind mapping is to—–

a)    Calculate Pros and Cons of idea

b)    Develop and shew links between thoughts, aspects and processes.

c)    Draw a rough sketch of final image

d)    Quickly generate outlines

34. What is more conservational and interactive than an essay?

a)    Reflection

b)    Idea

c)    Learning log

d)    Presentation

35. Chose the correct first part of Gibbs reflective cycle.

a)    Analysis, Evaluation, Speculation

b)    Description, Feelings, Evaluation

c)    Description, Analysis, Evaluation

d)    Analysis, Conclusion, Action plan

36. Social exclusion has been conceptualized as a ————– of dominating social groups affecting a subgroup of the population and keeping them outside mainstream social system and relationship.

a)    Physiological behaviour

b)    Psychological behaviour

c)    Social behaviour

d)    Political behaviour

37. “declaration of independence” was a document edited by :

a)    John Adams

b)    Thomas Jefferson

c)    All of the above

d)    None of the above

38. Which method is closely associated with reflective practice?

a)    Inductive method

b)    Heuristic method

c)    Problem solving method

d)    Deductive method

39. Information about the real world comes to us first through our—–

a)    Sensory system

b)    Muscular system

c)    Nervous system

d)    Immune system

40. There are ———— principles identified by Wenger, McDermott & Synder ( 2002 ).

a)    9

b)    4

c)    5

d)    7

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