B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 1

B.ed Workshop Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 1

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component of annual result because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 1. Note these quizzes and share with your friends.

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B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 1
B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 1

8612 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 1

1.     The most critical standard of Islam are _________

a)    Good work

b)    Perfection in work

c)     Both A & B  (Right Answer)

d)    None of these

2. The word vacation dived from the word vacate which belongs to ___________.

a)    French

b)    Latin  (Right Answer)

c)     Greek

d)    English

3. There are basic step of career development.

a)    Three (Right Answer)

b)    Five

c)     Seven

d)    Nine

4. Teaching profession demand specialized skills related to ________ of teaching.

a)    Learning

b)    Pedagogy (Right Answer)

c)     Coaching

d)    Science

5. Virtues are a person’s disposition to act in a certain way and are cultivated by

a)    Deep thinking

b)    Critical thinking

c)     Practice (Right Answer)

d)    Piety

6. Professions emphasize on the ___________ of the relationship the professionals have with their clients.

a) Fiduciary nature   (Right Answer)

b)    Friendly nature

c)     Casual nature

d)    Only client nature

7. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Getting knowledge is to ________ every Muslim man and woman”.

a) Optional

b)    Right

c)     Obligatory  (Right Answer)

d)    Useful

8. _____________ states that quality basic education enablesc hildren to have literacy skills of life and for continuous learners

a) 1988

b)    1989  (Right Answer)

c)     1990

d)    1991

9. _____________ is about knowing what one stands for

a)    Professionalism

b)    Profession

c)     Professional identity (Right Answer)

d)    None of these

10. Institutions and policies are implemented _________ where they are aligned with underlying political settlement

a) Effectively  (Right Answer)

b)    Ineffectively

c)     Partially

d)    None of these

8612 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 1

11. Composition of Professional Standard are

a)    Knowledge, dispositions and skills   (Right Answer)

b)    Knowledge and professional development

c)     Skills and dispositions

d)    Knowledge, skills and comprehension

12. Now a days, the renowned philosophy of education leads towards the _________ relationships of student teacher.

a) Equal

b)    Masterly

c)     Friendship   (Right Answer)

d)    Respectful

13. Professional identities can also be seen as a social identity of a person within the group of the professionals who share a common approach to a particular type of work was defined by

a) Van Maanen and Barley   (Right Answer)

b)    Caza &Creary

c)     Lbarra

d)    Gecas

14. Effective principals are ones who make a positive political climate across the ___________.

a)    School    (Right Answer)

b)    Classroom

c)     Outside school

d)    None of these

15. Teachers behavior should be __________ whether one is interacting with students, superior or co-worker.

a) Casual

b)    Polite    (Right Answer)

c)     Rude

d)    Unrespectable

16. Teaching is way of transmitting __________ to others through careful planning in order to achieve set objectives.

a) Information    (Right Answer)

b)    Data

c)     Knowledge

d)    Skills

17.  The all positive and negative aspect of teacher personality is being part of student’s.

a) Thinking

b)    Critique

c)     Personality   (Right Answer)

d)    Career

18. In _____________ writing, the energizing qualities that count are passion, sensuality, truthfulness, compassion, curiosity, insight, creativity, spontaneity, artistry and delight.

a) Essay writing

b)    Journal writing   (Right Answer)

c)     Article writing

d)    Thesis writing

19. The care perspective emphasizes empathy and caring as well as the network of

a)    Relationships   (Right Answer)

b)    Social customs

c)     Digital approaches

d)    Values

20. Social interactions between student and teachers contribute to create healthy ______.

a) Sport competition

b)    Learning process   (Right Answer)

c)     Running competition

d)    None of these

8612 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 1

21. In developing national political cohesion _________ played a vital role.

a)    Education    (Right Answer)

b)    Factories

c)     Agriculture

d)    Economics

22. The critique perspective emphasizes decision makers’ recognizing inequities in

a) School

b)    Society

c)     Culture

d)    Both a and b   (Right Answer)

23. Centralized education system may bring uniformity in ______.

a)    Educational institutes   (Right Answer)

b)    Culture

c)     Industries

d)    Economics

24. School is considered as a great place of ____________ where students interact with others

a)    Social learning   (Right Answer)

b)    Ethical learning

c)     Qualification

d)    Counseling

25. The terms “profession” and “professor” have their etymological roots in the _____________ for profess.

a) Greek

b)    Latin   (Right Answer)

c)     English

d)    Persian

26. ______________ is a facilitator and guide, instead of sage on the stage.

a)    Student

b)    Observer

c)     Evaluator

d)    Teacher      (Right Answer)

27. Those strategies and rhetorics employed by members of an occupation in seeking to improve status, salary and conditions’ is called

a)    Profession

b)    Services

c)     Skilled work

d)    Professionalism   (Right Answer)

28.  Professional teacher must continue his good __________ even when facing a hard situation.

a) Stance

b)    Attitude (Right Answer)

c)     Mood

d)    Reverence

29.  Who found that is school working as professional learning communities share five attributes ____________.

a)    Hord    (Right Answer)

b)    Smith

c)     Hold

d)    Could

30. Schlechty and whit ford gave how many elements of teacher education _____________.

a)    2

b)    3   (Right Answer)

c)     4

d)    5

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 1

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