B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component of annual result because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 2. Note these quizzes and share with your friends.

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B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2
B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

8612 Right Answers

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

31. Ethics are the fundamental ways of human

a) Thinking

b) Ideology

c) Behaviors (Right Answer)

d) Reactions

32. After the adaptation of the Universal Education of Human Rights in _________ education has been considered as a basic human right. a) 1947

b) 1948 (Right Answer)

c) 1949

d) 1950

33. The ministry of education has developed _________ national professional standards for teachers in 2009.

a) Six

b) Nine

c) Ten (Right Answer)

d) Sixteen

34. Teacher should adopt relational qualities to enhance _________ environment in schools.

a) Competitive

b) Positive (Right Answer)

c) Intriguing

d) Self-beneficial

35. Hoyle (2001) states _________ is related to the improvement in the quality of service rather than the enhancement of status.

a) Skilled work

b) Training

c) Management

d) Professionalism (Right Answer)

36. Professional teacher workplace should be tidy _______ and his materials should contain only what is needed for his presentation

a) Cleaned

b) Disciplined

c) Ordered (Right Answer)

d) Irregular

37. Who defined standards concaving the self renewing person ______.

a) Gardener (Right Answer)

b) Hord

c) Western

d) White food

38. Professional educators are accountable for their actions at

a) All the times (Right Answer)

b) Most of the times

c) Sometimes

d) None of these

39. Although other professions provide transitional assistance for new members, historically the _________ profession has ignored the support needs of its new recruits and has been described as “the profession that eats its young

a) Residents in medicine

b) Interns in architecture

c) Associates in law

d) Education (Right Answer)

40. Political interaction affect _______ in school based leadership.

a) Positively

b) Adversely (Right Answer)

c) Negatively

d) None of these

8612 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

41. The _________ focus on the duty to serve the good of the community as a whole and not just one’s own good or that of one’s clients.

a) Professions (Right Answer)

b) Occupation

c) Skilled workers

d) Trainers

42. ___________ refers to teachers’ independence to make autonomous decisions about what they teach to students and how they teach it

a) Professional competence

b) Professional dignity

c) Professional autonomy

d) Professional need

43. The teaching council sets out the following standards that apply to all teachers __________.

a) Professional values and relationship

b) Professional integrity and professional conduct

c) Professional development

d) All of these (Right Answer)

44. Which elements of teacher education have been described by schlechty and white ford ________.

a) The setting and white ford

b) The upgrade function

c) The maintenance function

d) All of these (Right Answer)

45. Teachers are the true exchangers of values of new

a) Teachers

b) Professionals

c) Social reformers

d) Generation (Right Answer)

46. To be a professional or a professor was to profess to be ________ insome skill or field or knowledge

a) Formal educated

b) Trained

c) Just skillful

d) An expert (Right Answer)

47. New theories of learning have shifted the attention to from teacher and teaching to a) Curriculum

b) Evaluation

c) Objectives

d) Students (Right Answer)

48. The following standards show the unpredictability and different variety of teaching and to serve professional judgment and practice ________.

a) Righteousness and professional development

b) All of these

c) Integrity and conduct

d) Collegiality and team work

49. Who wrote the famous book “self-renewal” ________

a) Ayers

b) Hord

c) White ford

d) Gredener (Right Answer)

50. Teachers must adhere to a firm of

a) Corruption

b) Ethics (Right Answer)

c) Belief

d) Convention

8612 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

51. If you wish your pupils to show harmony, be helpful and

a) Supportive

b) Sympathetic (Right Answer)

c) Energetic

d) Sensitive

52. Participating in lead which in opposition to a code of professional conduct settled by the council under section ___________.

a) 7(2)(F)

b) 7(2)(b) (Right Answer)

c) 7(2)(c)

d) 7(2)(d)

53. Schools and ___________ can play significant role in fostering socialization skills in youth for better citizenship

a) Parents

b) Society

c) Teachers (Right Answer)

d) Peers

54. How many levels of professional disposition assessment

a) 2

b) 3

c) 5

d) 4 (Right Answer)

55. A profession should laid down ________

a) All of these (Right Answer)

b) Values

c) Morals

d) Standards

56. Fulfilling of promise on time is _________ as this shows reliability

a) Critical

b) Imperative (Right Answer)

c) Optional

d) Voluntary

57. Business dictionary defines jobs that held work accomplished over a long period of time which is continuous and systematic is known as

a) Experience

b) Career (Right Answer)

c) Professionalism

d) Business

58. The Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers should be applied to all teachers. Its purpose is _________.

a) Twofold

b) Fivefold

c) Threefold (Right Answer)

d) Fourfold

59. In written communication, keep your correspondence _________ and precise

a) Wordy

b) Detailed

c) Brief (Right Answer)

d) Large

60. ADDIE model first appeared in

a) 1980

b) 1975 (Right Answer)

c) 1970

d) 1985

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 2

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