B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component of annual result because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. Here I am going to share b.ed code 8612 solved quiz part 3. Note these quizzes and share with your friends.

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B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3
B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

8612 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

61. Profession as a multi-dimensional structure including ones work

a) Quantity

b) Delivery

c) Time

d) Quality (Right Answer)

62. The process of making good decision is a skill which needs _________ powers

a) Ethical

b) Logical

c) Information

d) Reasoning (Right Answer)

63. Professional ethics include ______________ standards of conduct expected by professionals in an institution a) Managerial

b) Community

c) All of these (Right Answer)

d) Personal

64. The opportunity to explore through spontaneous improvisation typical group problem situations in which individuals are helped to become sensitive to the feelings of the people involved is called ___________.

a) Role play (Right Answer)

b) Discussion

c) Drama

d) None of them

65. Professionalization is a ____________ process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true profession of the highest integrity and competence

a) Social (Right Answer)

b) Psychological

c) Emotional

d) Rational

66. The ___________ reported that “mobile learning is ideally suited to allow reflection-in-action and to capture the spontaneity of learning moments,”

a) Aubusson et al (2009) (Right Answer)

b) Fung (2005)

c) Perrraton (2003)

d) Robinson and latchem (2003)

67. Professional dispositions are characterized as the __________.

a) Professional

b) Value

c) All of these (Right Answer)

d) Duties

68. According to Garner, (2004) a _________ is a vocation requiring advanced education and training

a) Occupation

b) Skill

c) Profession (Right Answer)

d) Service

69. ___________ are considered to be the rule or code of conduct provided by external sources in the workplace or governing bodies.

a) Morals

b) Ethics (Right Answer)

c) Behavior

d) Attitude

70. Sustainable development is __________ an the absence of a political scenario of any country

a) Possible

b) Impossible (Right Answer)

c) Sure

d) None of these

8612 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

71. Professional teacher is _________ in look.

a) Neat (Right Answer)

b) Disordered

c) Clarified

d) Mixed

72. Definitions of teacher professionalism focus on teacher ___________ qualification such as “being good at his/her job

a) Professional (Right Answer)

b) Academic

c) Vocational

d) Formal

73. Postmodern doubt framed education as a modern project in need of

a) Simplifying

b) Questioning (Right Answer)

c) Accepting

d) Following

74. Feedback is the central theme of ___________.

a) Communication theory (Right Answer)

b) Action research

c) Teaching learning process

d) None of these

75. Good teaching requires proper __________ however it is not necessary as it depends upon what happened in the classroom

a) Planning (Right Answer)

b) Teaching

c) Discipline

d) Organization

76. The model TPACK consists of three mains components for planning classroom teaching

a) Pedagogy and technology

b) Content, pedagogy and technology (Right Answer)

c) Content and technology

d) Content, technology and practices

77. Has special knowledge and skills due to their wide and special training in a particular field.

a) Occupation

b) Service

c) Sale man

d) Profession (Right Answer)

78. Professionalism and how it is to be acquired should be a focus of every ______________ program.

a) Teacher education (Right Answer)

b) Teacher learning

c) Teacher improvement

d) Teacher coaching

79. The standards distinguish educators professional responsibilities and are defined the assertions headings _________. a) 6 (Right Answer)

b) 8

c) 7

d) 9

80. Who said that Professions impose restrictions in two ways in terms of entry _________.

a) Garner

b) Juma and Tom

c) Danniel Bell (Right Answer)

d) Chris & Schon

8612 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

81. Dick usher reformulated combs which areas of dispositions effective teachers _________.

a) Positive perspective of self as well as other

b) All of these (Right Answer)

c) Empathy and authenticity

d) Meaningful purpose and vision

82. Teachers are only supposed to transmit ________ but they are responsible to develop students into good human beings

a) Ethics

b) Skill

c) Attitude

d) Knowledge (Right Answer)

83. The process of professionalization generates a hierarchical split between the knowledge-authorities in profession and a ________ group of people

a) Dutiful


c) Deferential (Right Answer)

d) Uncivil

84. Effective teacher is the person who knows how to contribute __________ in the overall development of students during classroom teaching.

a) Positively (Right Answer)

b) Ethically

c) Emotionally

d) Socially

85. An action is considered to be right when all people treating

a) Intellectually

b) Differently

c) Emotionally

d) Fairly (Right Answer)

86. Which part of teaching council act 2001 dealing with fitness to teacher _________.

a) Part 2

b) Part 3

c) Part 5 (Right Answer)

d) Part 4

87. When __________ are well prepared, teachers use maximum of instructional time in teaching

a) Lesson (Right Answer)


c) Students

d) classrooms

88. Stickiness with _____________ and following the promises are great and noble characteristics of a role model.

a) Commitments (Right Answer)

b) Connection

c) Jobs

d) Goal

89. The teaching is called a ___________ in words of Carr (1990).

a) Supervision activity

b) Observation activity

c) Mentoring activity

d) Professional activity (Right Answer)

90. ____________ process involves decision making and judgment based practice

a) Professional development

b) Professionalism (Right Answer)

c) Professional identity

d) Career development

8609 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

91. Who said “the development of habits is a simply mechanical thing unless habits are likewise tastes habitual modes of preference and regard a powerful feeling of greatness

a) Skinner

b) Smith

c) Gardener

d) John Dewey (Right Answer)

92. A code of ethics is basically a ___________.

a) Guidepost left to individual discretion

b) Set of the standard of professional conduct (Right Answer)

c) Statement of principles imposed by govt

d) All of the above

93. Teaching is ____________

a) A process of changing the behavior of students in desired directions

b) A process of changing the behavior of people

c) It is a process of transmission of knowledge (Right Answer)

d) A process of changing views

94. Planning is defined as the process of

a) Forecasting future problems

b) Organizing

c) Objective

d) Management (Right Answer)

95. Management plays a vital role in the operation of

a) Employee & employer

b) Business organization (Right Answer)

c) Salary

d) Production

96. With the growing competition brought about by globalization, what is preferred by most employers in hiring their employees

a) Flexible (Right Answer)

b) Selective

c) Quick

d) None of these

97. The process of implementing the objectives into actual practice becomes the executive

a) Function of workers

b) Function of management (Right Answer)

c) Function of union

d) Labours

98. Supportive environment and controlling the negative expression and emotions were identified in _________ politics.

a) Negative

b) Positive (Right Answer)

c) Government

d) None of above

99. Autonomy is one of the main focuses featured in professionalism characteristics.

a) Supervision

b) Counseling

c) Mentoring

d) Professionalism (Right Answer)

100. Who said “ do gooddeeds sincerely and moderately” ___________.

a) Allah TALLAA

b) Prophet (PBUH) (Right Answer)

c) Abu Baker

d) Shah waliullah

8609 Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

101. The ________ educational of teaching reflects a certain wavering between professional and vocational conceptions.

a) Modern (Right Answer)

b) Idealistic

c) Traditional

d) Formal

102. Professional teachers _________ to develop into experts of their field, which sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

a) Exertion

b) Passivity

c) Struggle

d) Endeavor (Right Answer)

103. How the knowledge should be applied when providing the service to public, can be well thought-out a moral issue and is termed professional

a) Responsibility

b) Achievements

c) Principle

d) Ethics (Right Answer)

104. Any professional enterprise is deeply implemented in concerns and considerations

a) Ethical (Right Answer)

b) Chronological

c) Historical

d) Philosophical

105. _________ stands for outward-oriented policies which are supposed to benefit all the countries of the world and also create certain problems in that process

a) Civilization

b) Globalization (Right Answer)

c) Organization

d) Multiaterism

106. Good teachers _________ contacts between students and faculty

a) Encourages (Right Answer)

b) Discourage

c) Develop

d) None of these

B.ed Code 8612 Solved Quiz Part 3

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