B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

we share solved quizzes of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component of final result because quizzes contain 20% of marks in final result. If you want to get good marks then read all these quizzes and also share them with your friends. Here I am going to share AIOU B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1.

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

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B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

51. Preoperational stage starts fro to years.
a) Birth – to 2 years
b) 2 – 7 years (Right Answer)
c) 7 – 11 years
d) 11 – Adolescence

52. There are foundations of curriculum.
a) 1
b) 3
c) 3 (Right Answer)
d) 4

53. Skills mean the process of activities of skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing or conclusion.
a) Study
b) Critical thinking (Right Answer)
c) Social participation
d) Motor

54. A simple strategy teachers can use to improve math skills is ………..
a) Pair work
b) Time testing
c) Repetition (Right Answer)
d) Practice

55. Skills are an array which tackle the process of organizing and taking in new and retaining information.
a) Study (Right Answer)
b) Critical thinking
c) Social Participation
d) None of them

56. The students who create serious problems and disrupt a safe environment are:
a) Inattentive students
b) Attentive students
c) Aggressive students (Right Answer)
d) Mature students

57. CIA stands for
a) Computer Assisted innovation
b) Computer after instruction
c) Comparison assisted instruction
d) Computer Assisted Instruction (Right Answer)

58. Schooling year starts at the end of August and finishes toward the end of July in .
a) Canada (Right Answer)
b) Korea
c) Japan
d) Finland

59. A is re-creation of a situation that requires to solve problems and make decisions.
a) Game
b) Simulation (Right Answer)
c) A and b
d) None of them

60. Knowledge and skills refer to understand people and how they relate to others and world around them.
a) English
b) Science
c) Mathematics
d) Social studies (Right Answer)

8623 Solved Quiz

B.ed Workshop Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

61. To train the body to perform specialized tasks is an objective of education.
a) Health
b) Physical
c) A & amp; B both (Right Answer)
d) None of them

62. In curriculum definition, ‘curricula’ means race and ‘um’ means
a) Road
b) Path
c) Name
d) Place (Right Answer)

63. ……… is not an aid for teaching of social studies.
a) Social inquiry
b) Using evidence
c) Teaching strategies
d) Study skills (Right Answer)

64. ………… is the integrated study of humanities and history.
a) English
b) Science
c) Mathematics
d) Social studies (Right Answer)

65. The evaluation system helps the teacher to concentrate on teaching the students the examination tricks rather than on bringing a desirable change in:
a) Student’s behavior (Right Answer)
b) Society
c) Curriculum
d) Content

66. A disorder that is characterized by difficulty in muscle control is called:
b) Dysgraphia
c) Dyscalculia
d) Dyspraxia (Right Answer)

67. The process of having students verbalize step by step to learn basic procedures is called .
a) Feed back
b) Self-thinking (Right Answer)
c) Critical thinking
d) Visual graphics

68. The gender disparity in education is much lower in rural places due to stronger dominance of tribal, feudal and a) Missing facilities
b) Patriarchal traditions (Right Answer)
c) Lower level of teacher
d) Lack of interest of female

69. The organization of students, typically at school, college and university level is called:
a) Student Groups (Right Answer)
b) Student organization
c) Student affairs
d) Student league

70. Learning is a technique of inquiry-based learning.
a) Discovery (Right Answer)
b) Invention
c) Constructive
d) None of them

8623 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

71. Method is guided by research done by a variety of applied psychologists and educators.
a) Demonstration
b) Program instructions (Right Answer)
c) Games and simulations
d) Drill

72. ………. are activities that have explicit goals or challenges, rules that guide achievement of the goal, interactivity with either other players or the game environment or both.
a) Games (Right Answer)
b) Simulation
c) A and b
d) None of them

73. Elementary is used in everyday life in different activities i.e buying & selling of stock.
a) English
b) Science
c) Mathematics (Right Answer)
d) Social studies

74. …………… are used to gather more details and information. Trigger (Right Answer)

75. A re-creation of a situation that requires to solve problems and make decisions.
Simulation (Right Answer)

76. Which one is not the type of test by purpose?
a) Criterion-reference test
b) Standardized test
c) Norm-referenced test
d) Essay type test (Right Answer)

77. Which are the alternative response items?
a) Correct/incorrect
b) True/false
c) All of above (Right Answer)
d) Right/ wrong

78. Stern presented the formula to determine:
a) E.Q
b) I.Q (Right Answer)
c) P.Q
d) A.Q

79. The characteristic of a test to discriminate between high achievers and low achievers is: a) Validity
b) Reliability
c) Objectivity
d) Differentiability (Right Answer)

80. A test that measures learning outcome of students is:
a) Achievement test (Right Answer)
b) Aptitude test
c) Norm referenced test
d) Criterion reverenced test

8623 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

81. When the interviewee is more than one then the interview is called.
a) Structural interview
b) Focused interview
c) Panel interview
d) Group interview (Right Answer)

82. If a student has ten years physical age and twelve years mental age, then it will have IQ: a) 110
b) 120 (Right Answer)
c) 130
d) 140

83. Test item discriminates 100% when its value for discrimination is:
a) 0.30
– 1
b) 1 (Right Answer)
c) 0.30
d) None

84. The acceptable test item has faculty index/difficulty level ranging from
a) 30-70 % (Right Answer)
b) 70 %
c) 30%
d) None of the above

85. Test item is very difficult when value of facility index/ difficulty level is less than:
e) 30-70 %
f) 70 %
g) 30% (Right Answer)
h) None of the above

86. Test item is very easy when value of faculty index/ difficulty level is higher than:
a) 30-70 %
b) 70 % (Right Answer)
c) 30 %
d) None of the above

87. Test item cannot discriminate low achievers and high achievers when its value is lower than:
a) 0.30 – 1 b) 1
c) 0.30 (Right Answer)
d) None of above

88. Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges from:
a) 0.30 – 1 (Right Answer)
b) 1
c) 0.30
d) None of above

89. Which is the supply type test item?
a) M.C.Q items
b) Completion items (Right Answer)
c) Matching items
d) True/False items

90. In M.C.Qs the list of suggested answers is:
a) Options
b) Alternatives
c) Choices
d) All of above (Right Answer)

8623 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 1

91. A slide projector is also known as:
a) Diascope
b) Magic lantern
c) Both A and B (Right Answer)
d) None of these

92. The formula to determine I.Q was presented by:
a) Vygotsky
b) Stern (Right Answer)
c) Erickson
d) None of the above

93. High and low achievers are sorted out by:
a) Ease or difficulty
b) Discrimination power (Right Answer)
c) Objectivity
d) Reliability

94. In M.C.Q the correct option is:
a) Response
b) Answer (Right Answer)
c) Distracters
d) None of the above

95. In which type of test the students’ performance is compared with other students:

a) Objective referenced test
b) Norm-referenced test (Right Answer)
c) Criterion-referenced test
d) None of the above

96. Computer Assisted learning programs are developed basically for the use of:
a) Students record keeping
b) Teacher for classroom teaching
c) Individual student (Right Answer)
d) Group instruction of students

97. Matching items have how many columns?
a) Two columns (Right Answer)
b) One columns
c) Five columns
d) None of the above

98. The I.Q of a student having twelve years mental age and ten years physical age will be:
a) 100
b) 120 (Right Answer)
c) 50
d) 140

99. In M.C.Qs the statement of the problem is:
a) Option
b) Distracter
c) Premise
d) Stem (Right Answer)

100. The quality of test that measures “what it claims to measure” is:
a) Validity (Right Answer)
b) Differentiability
c) Objectivity
d) Reliability

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