B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

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B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2
B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

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B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

101. Which is the type of the test by method?
a) Objective type test (Right Answer)
b) Criterion type test
c) Norm reference test
d) Standardized test

102. The combination of text, sound and video to display information in the meaningful way called:
a) Overhead projector
b) Opaque projector
c) Multimedia (Right Answer)
d) Slide projector

103. Which one is necessary for internet?
a) Computer
b) Fax modem
c) Telephone line
d) All above (Right Answer)

104. Which of the following is different from others?
a) Printer
b) Monitor
c) Scanner (Right Answer)
d) Plotter

105. Questions ask for elaborate/explanatory answers and they begin with what, why, how, where and which etc.
a) Probing
b) Leading
c) Closed
d) Open (Right Answer)

106. Skipping is an example of
a) Motor skills
b) Stabilizing
c) Locomotive (Right Answer)
d) Manipulative activities.

107. The expenditure on education as percentage of GDP in 2000-2001 was:

a) 2%

b) 1.82% (Right Answer)
c) 2.85%
d) 3%

108. Society does not allow girls to develop their human capabilities by precluding them from acquiring .
a) Freedom
b) Choices of work
c) Education (Right Answer)
d) Institutions

109. The quality of test to give same scores when administered at different occasions is:
a) Validity
b) Differentiability
c) Objectivity
d) Reliability (Right Answer)

110. Which test was founded by Alferd Binet?
a) Personality test
b) Aptitude
c) Behavior test
d) Intelligence test (Right Answer)

8623 Quiz Answers

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers part 2

111. The quality of test showing ease of time, cost, administration and interpretation is called:
a) Usability (Right Answer)
b) Differentiability
c) Objectivity
d) Reliability

112. The planned interview is called:
a) Structural interview (Right Answer)
b) Focused interview
c) Panel interview
d) Group interview

113. In which interview method, the discussion is concentrated on one method:
a) Structural interview
b) Focused interview (Right Answer)
c) Panel interview
d) Group interview

114. The founder of modern intelligent test was:
a) Alferd binet (Right Answer)
b) Piaget
c) Goleman
d) None of the above

115. The theory of cognitive development was presented by . a) Pavlov
b) Jean Piaget (Right Answer)
c) John Dewey
d) Maslow

116. Portfolio is the collection of:
a) School record
b) Teacher work
c) Student work (Right Answer)
d) Office work

117. Information technology is a term which means:
a) Computer
b) Internet
c) Telecommunication
d) Telecommunication and computer (Right Answer)

118. OHP stands for:
a) Out Head Projects
b) Overhead Pictures
c) Over Head Projectors (Right Answer)
d) Opaque head projectors

119. VI stand for
a) Visible impairment
b) Visual impairment (Right Answer)
c) Voice impairment
d) Victory impairment

120. ………… questioning technique is used by investigators, researchers and detectives.
a) Trigger
b) Rhetorical
c) Funnel (Right Answer)
d) Leading

Code 8623 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

121. Lack of alignment, economic problems, inadequate evaluation, disapproval of society are the main factors affecting:
a) Society
b) Assessment
c) Evaluation
d) Curriculum (Right Answer)

122. The aids which are used without any projection is called:
a) Projected aids
b) Non-projected aids (Right Answer)
c) Projected based
d) Overhead

123. Which act of teacher fosters a sense of autonomy in the learning process?
a) Instructor
b) Facilitator
c) Delegator (Right Answer)
d) Formal authority

124. Activity involves:
a) Physical action
b) Mental action
c) Many action
d) Physical and mental action (Right Answer)

125. The problems associated with the education system of Pakistan are lack of
a) Adequate budget
b) Lack of policy implementation
c) Defective examination system
d) All of above (Right Answer)

126. Among other causes, is the main contributing factor which has deeply affected the education system of Pakistan?

a) Plenty of funds available

b) Corruption (Right Answer)
c) Quota system
d) All of them

127. How many types of memory are there?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three (Right Answer)
d) Four

128. The formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech is called:
a) Articulation (Right Answer)
b) Fluency
c) Voice
d) Sound

129. Feminist economists suggest to improve education by increasing
a) Funding (Right Answer)
b) Spreading
c) Analyzing
d) Facilitating

130. Lack of female education is due to
a) Gender role (Right Answer)
b) Female interest in education
c) Medium of instruction
d) Lack of teacher training

Code 8623 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

131. Social development theory was presented by .
a) Jean Piaget
b) Thorndike
c) Erick Erickson (Right Answer)
d) John Dewey

132. To build a projective elementary education the involvement of students, teachers and is inevitable.
b) Management
c) Parents (Right Answer)
d) Curriculum experts

133. The percentage of girls’ enrolment at primary level of education was in 1998-99 in India.
a) 41%
b) 44% (Right Answer)
c) 43%
d) 40%

134. Infans means
a) Without speech
b) Able to speak
c) Cannot speak (Right Answer)
d) None

135. The alternative name of the “table of specification” is:
a) Test blue print (Right Answer)
b) Test scoring
c) Test administration
d) Test construction

136. A standard of performance for a defined domain is termed as:
a) Blue print
b) Rubrics (Right Answer)
c) Portfolio
d) Achievement

137. Table of specification is prepared by.
a) Developing list or instructional objectives
All above (Right Answer)
c) Preparing two-way chart
d) Preparing the draft or course contents

138. Table of specification help in
a) Test scoring
b) Test reporting
c) Test development (Right Answer)
d) Test administration

139. Running description of active behavior of a student as observed by the teacher is:
a) Interview
b) Autobiography
c) Questionnaire
d) Anecdotal record (Right Answer)

140. The purpose of formative assessment is:
a) Monitoring progress of student (Right Answer)
b) Selecting students
c) Promotion to next grade
d) Check final status

8623 Quiz

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz answers Part 2

141. In norm referenced test the comparison is between.

a) Interests
b) Groups
c) Individuals (Right Answer)
d) Areas

142. Handwriting disability and fine motor skills are purely related to:
a) Dysgraphia (Right Answer)
b) Dyslexia
c) Syscaltila

143. The word e-mail stands for
a) Electronic mail (Right Answer)
b) Enoneous mail
c) Extraordinary mail
d) Exceptional mail

144. The education system of pakisatan is generally divided into levels.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 6 (Right Answer)

145. What is the main advantage of essay-type questions?
a) The can measure complex skills (Right Answer)

146. If the scoring of the test is not affected by any factor, quality of test is called: a) Reliability (Right Answer)

147. One advantage of observation is
a) It should be accurate (Right Answer)

148. Process control is carried out (During production) right answer

149. Planning-programming-budgeting system (ppbs) has elements. 5 (right answer)

150. ……………. is the language skill which learners usually find the most difficult. Listening
(Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8623 Quiz Answers Part 2

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