B.ed Code 8624 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8624 Solved Quiz

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component in annual exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in annual result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8624 solved quiz. Note these quizzes and share with your friends.

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B.ed code 8624 solved quiz
B.ed code 8624 solved quiz

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8624 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8624 Solved Quiz

1. Inter Boards committee of chairman ( IBBC ) was established in

a)      1950

b)      1972

c)       2002

d)      2001

2. ………..is the study of educational system in which one seeks the similarities and differences among educational system.

a)      Secondary Education

b)      Higher Education

c)       Technical Education

d)      Comparative Education

3. Masjid and Mahalla schools were recommended in National Educational Policy of……….

a)      1979

b)      1993

c)       1998

d)      2001

4. The international Standard Classification of Education (ISCED,1997) describes………levels that can be used to compare education internationally

a)      Five

b)      Seven

c)       Ten

d)      Twelve

5. The federal government Educational Institutions (FGEIs) Directorate, cantts and garrisons, was declared as an attached department of………..in 1977.

a)      Ministry of defense

b)      Ministry of education

c)       Provincial education department

d)      Board of intermediate and secondary education

6. The so-called……….in Germany combines theoretical classroom instruction with practical training embedded in real-life work environment.

a)      Dual system

b)      Secondary system

c)       Private system

d)      Technical system

7. Secondary education in USA has……….control.

a)      Federal

b)      State

c)       Centralized

d)      National

8. In National Educational Policy 1979, the medium of instruction was switched over to………in Govt. School.

a)      Urdu

b)      English

c)       Arabic

d)      Both a and b

9. In………..the parts of total schools district or school or examined in terms of how they relate to each other.

a)      Behavioral approach

b)      Managerial approach

c)       System approach

d)      Humanistic approach

10. The……….supervisee the conduct of examinations.

a)      Inspectors

b)      Inter Boards Committee of chairman

c)       Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent (invigilators).

d)      Chairpersons of BISEs

8624 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8624 Solved Quiz

11. Students completing secondary education after 12th grade are certified with……..in the USA.

a)      O-level

b)      A-level

c)       SSC

d)      High School Diploma

12. The…………..in UK focuses on practical training, work experience and a vocational approach rather than academic studies.

a)      A-level

b)      O-level

c)       British Diploma

d)      University education

13. The………..has its origin in the establishment of Les Anges Montessori Academy?

a)      Beacon House School System

b)      Federal Secondary School System

c)       Provincial Secondary School System

d)      Fauji Foundations School System

14. Teaching practice duration for M.ED students was about……..

a)      4 to 8 weeks or teaching 60 to 75 lessons

b)      8 to 10 weeks or teaching 70 to 80 lessons

c)       10 to 15 weeks or teaching 80 to 90 lessons.

d)      15 to 18 weeks or teaching to 120 lessons

15. Schools in China are divided into ……….. levels.

a)      Two

b)      Three

c)       Four

d)      Five

16. During Eighth Plan period ………. Millions additional Secondary school children will be enrolled

a)      2.4

b)      3.4

c)       1.4

d)      1.3

17. The six major categories of the cognitive domain are frequently clustered into………..groups.

a)      2

b)      3

c)       4

d)      5

18. Lower secondary school in Japan cavers grades…………

a)      Six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

b)      Seven, eight, nine and ten

c)       Seven, eight and nine

d)      Six, seven and eight

19. Examination system at secondary level in Pakistan is…………

a)      Centralized

b)      De-centralized

c)       Federal

d)      Unifies

20. Curriculum practitioners and implanters may use one or more approaches in planning, implementing and ………. The curriculum.

a)      Writing

b)      Organizing

c)       Proof-reading

d)      Evaluating

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