B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 3

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 3

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as the contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 3. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 3 from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 3

46. “project areas” present “gaps” between desired objectives and available means is the main operation of;
a) Project execution and control
b) Project identification (Right Answer)
Project evaluation
d) Project preparation

47. After the project identification and preparation of detailed outline of costs and implementation process, there comes the stage of:
a) Assessment
b) Appraisal (Right Answer)
c) Monitoring
d) None of these

48. School mapping is an important step in educational:
a) Planning (Right Answer)
b) Teaching
c) Supervision
d) Evaluation

49. The channels of communication are logically of types
a) One
b) Two (Right Answer)
c) Three
d) None of these

50. What is the major point of concern of the approving authorities, especially at the ministerial and parliamentary levels?
a) Objectives and targets
b) Operations of a plan
c) Financial implications (Right Answer)
d) Administration of a plan

51. How much dimensions of external plan feasibility have been considered the planner at early stage of planning to reduce the element of surprise.
a) 3
b) 4 (Right Answer)
c) 5
d) 6

52. Commercial aspects of a project are related to the marketing of the output produced by the project. Careful analysis of demand, identification of potential markets, the mechanism of marketing etc, are essential part:

a) Commercial appraisal (Right Answer)
b) Economic appraisal
c) Financial appraisal
d) Organizational appraisal

53. When the inconsistencies and bottlenecks of an educational plan went undetected?
a) At implementation stage
b) At monitoring stage
c) At directing stage
d) At target setting stage (Right Answer)

54. This technique may be used to select one from amongst the competing alternatives in order to achieve a particular objective.
a) Systems analysis and design techniques
b) Cost – benefit analysis (Right Answer)
c) Operational research techniques
d) Theory of location

55. What chapter of covers the all the reasons and arguments to support the proposal?
a) Chapter 1
b) Chapter 2 (Right Answer)
c) Chapter 3
d) Chapter 4

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz Part 3

56. What chapter of plan covers the financial implications?
a) Chapter 1
b) Chapter 2
c) Chapter 3
d) Chapter 4 (Right Answer)

57. The following form is utilized for project completion report
a) PC-II
c) PC-IV (Right Answer)
d) PC-V

58. Following form of planning commission is used for feasibility
a) PC-I
b) PC-II (Right Answer)
d) PC-IV

59. PC-III form is used for
a) Approval
b) Feasibility
c) Quarterly report (Right Answer)
d) Completion report

60. Standardization involves the definition of ____ size of schools.
a) Maximum, maximum and optimum (Right Answer)
b) Small, medium, and large
c) Average
d) Customized

61. The application of science of behavior change to real world problems is called
a) Behavior system analysis
b) Behavior change communication
c) Manipulation of people
d) Behavior based safety (Right Answer)

62. Planning- programming-budgeting system (PPBS) has _ elements
a) 5 (Right Answer)
b) 4
c) 6
d) 3

63. __ shows the sequential activities from start to the end of a project.
a) Pert
b) Critical path (Right Answer)
c) Control chart
d) Gantt chart

64.Degree to which subordinates are involved in decision making in management is
a) Authority
b) Unity of direction
c) Equity
d) Centralization (Right Answer)

65. __ is a technique which is the systematic collection of performance data on an individual group, derived from a number of stakeholders like supervisors, peers, and self.
a) Ranking method
b) Management by objective
c) 360-degree feedback (Right Answer)
d) Comparative evaluation method

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Right Answers

66. _ is a process of collecting, scrutinizing and providing information for strategic purposes.
a) Strategy evaluation
b) Strategy implementation
c) Environmental scanning (Right Answer)
d) Strategy formulation

67. _ Is the routine and systematic collection of information against a plan
a) Eedback
b) Monitoring (Right Answer)
c) Evaluation
d) Performance appraisal

68. Float determination is an important element of
a) Pert
b) Gantt chart
c) Process capability
d) Critical path (Right Answer)

69. Management is the art of getting things done through people is a concept or
a) George R. Terry
b) Henri Fayol
c) Peter Drucker
d) Mary Parker Follet (Right Answer)

70. Three modes of strategic planning are presented by __.
a) Ebert
b) Harris
c) Mintzberg (Right Answer)
d) Adams

71. In a workplace, __ is all about bringing positive changes in the behavior of the workforce.
a) Monitoring
b) Evaluation
c) Performance appraisal
d) Coaching (Right Answer)

72. An organizational tool used to help individuals make successful personal transitions and adapt is:
a) Communication
b) Training
c) Financial benefit
d) Change management (Right Answer)

73. Scientific management was developed by __.
a) Harris
b) Smith
c) Taylor (Right Answer)
d) Ganntt

74. Behavior change communication does not includes
a) Community mobilization
b) Mass media
c) Impersonal communication
d) Controlling agent (Right Answer)

75. __ are used to show calendar time task assignments in days, weeks or months.
a) Control chart
b) Critical path method
c) Pert
d) Gantt Chart (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Correct Answers Part 3

76. By using minimum input and getting maximum output helps
a) Establishes equilibrium
b) Establishes sound organization
c) Optimum utilization of resources
d) Cost reduction (Right Answer)

77. Managerial activities have become complex and it is necessary to _ in order to avoid heavy losses.
a) Rernedial steps
b) Both a and c
c) Make right decision (Right Answer)
d) Evaluation

78. Employees feel security and dependence on the organization in model of organization behavior.
a) Supportive model
b) Autocratic model
c) Custodial model (Right Answer)
d) Collegial model

79. SWOT stands for __.
a) Strategies, Weakness, Options, Threats
b) Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats (Right Answer)
c) Seriousness, Willingness, Operations, Testing
d) Solutions, Worries, Options, Tutorials

80. The concept of manufacturing management started in _ century.

a) 16th
b) 17th
c) 15th
d) 18th (Right Answer)

81. Recognition of good deeds is a key element for effective
a) Organizational and behavioral management (Right Answer)
b) Analysis of organization problems
c) Inputs resources
d) System analysis

82. _ is the amount of time an activity can slip before it causes your project to be delayed.
a) Forward pass
b) Network diagram
c) All of these
d) Float (Right Answer)

83. _ is the ultimate step of strategy formulation.
a) Setting organizations objectives
b) Choice of strategy (Right Answer)
c) Performance analysis
d) Evaluating the organizational environment

84. Educational __ deals with administering all the affairs inside an academia.
a) Supervision
b) Administration
c) All of these
d) Management (Right Answer)

85. The formal study of management began in
a) Ancient times
b) 20th century
c) Greeks time
d) Late in 19th century (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz Pdf

86. Analyzing strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involves in
a) Strategic planning (Right Answer)
b) Project and programme planning
c) Operational planning
d) Tactical planning

87. The alternative name of the “table of specification” is:
a) Test blue print
b) Test scoring
c) Test administration
d) Test construction

88. A standard of performance for a defined domain is termed as:
a) Blue print
b) Rubrics (Right Answer)
c) Portfolio
d) Achievement

89. _ refers to decide best course of action to complete organizational objectives.
a) Strategy implementation
b) Environmental scanning
c) Strategy formulation (Right Answer)
d) Strategy Evaluation

90. In _ strategy is brought into action.
a) Strategy evaluation
b) Strategy implementation (Right Answer)
c) Environmental scanning
d) Strategy formulation

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 2

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