B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 5

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 5

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as the contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 5. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 5 from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

26. Blooms Digital Taxonomy pedagogy wheel was created by:

a. Allan Carington (Right Answer)

b. Sam Altman

c. Thomas Jefferson

d. Horace Mann

27. …………..leaders possess mental mind’s eye.

a. Great Man

b. Autocratic

c. Visionary (Right Answer)

d. All of these

28. Leaders are concerned to promote education due to Egalitarian, Economic, Civic and ………… reasons.

a. Humanistic (Right Answer)

b. Behaviour

c. Transformation

d. Leadership

29. The major disadvantage of transactional leadership is:

a. Defined rewards

b. Clear penalties

c. Short-term goals

d. Limited creativity (Right Answer)

30. Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) is tool to evaluate

a. Teacher’s performance

b. Student’s Performance

c. Program’s outcome

d. None of the above

31. Learners are considered “empty vessels in

a. Teacher centered approach (Right Answer)

b. Team teaching

c. Collaborative teaching

d. Student centered approach

32. The ……….. basis helps the student teachers develop insights into students psychological make-up.

a. Psychological

b. Philosophical

c. Sociological

d. Religious

33. Steps in Micro-Teaching, Plan, Teach, ………..,Re-Plan, Re-Teach and Re-Feedback.

a. Experiment

b. Explain

c. Feedback (Right Answer)

d. Evaluate

34. Quaid-E-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) Lahore formerly known as Directorate of Staff Development (DSD) offers — — training to teachers in province of Punjab.

a. In-Service (Right Answer)

b. Continuous Professional Development

c. Pre-Service

d. both A & B

35. According to USA system of teacher education following trend (s) considered.

a. Content Focus

b. Active Learning

c. Collective Participation

d. All of these (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Right Answers

36. In which country teachers are expected to get involved in training and research to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

a. China

b. Japan ( Right Answer )

c. France

d. Malaysia

37. CBI Stands for ………..

a. Bureau of Intelligence

b. Computer Based instructions (Right Answer)

c. Content based instructions

d. All above

38. In Japan during of elementary teacher training is …….

a. Four years ( Right Answer )

b. Two years

c. Three years

d. None of these

39. In …………..method largest amount of topics can be covered in a single class.

a. case study

b. project method

c. Lecture method ( Right Answer )

d. Socratic method

40. In India modalities that are responsible for organizing in-service teacher trainings

a. Correspondence courses

b. Contact courses

c. None of these two

d. Both of these ( Right Answer )

41. The duration of Refresher Training Course offered by Agha Khan Central Education Board in Northern Areas is —

a. 12 Months

b. 3 Months

c. 8 Weeks

d. 12 Days ( Right Answer )

42. Plato discussed fundamentals of the curriculum is his book……..

a. Republic ( Right Answer )

b. Poetics

c. Literaria Biographia

d. None of the above

43. Three levels of National Professional Standards include (i) Knowledge, (i) Disposition and (ii) ………

a. Comprehension

b. Skills/ Performance ( Right Answer )

c. Cognition

d. None of the above

44. Generally, …….. covers teaching skills, solid pedagogical theory and professional skills

a. Mentoring

b. Teacher Education ( Right Answer )

c. Succession Planning

d. Evaluation

45. NCTE Stands for

a. The National Council for Teacher Education ( Right Answer )

b. The National Council for Technical Education

c. The National Council for Teacher Empowerment

d. The National Commission for Teacher Education

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Correct Answers

46. ……… is someone sent by God to aid the Umma and revive Islam at the beginning of every century.

a. Mufti

b. Mujaddid ( Right Answer )

c. Muallim

d. Mullah

47. Based on the recommendation of National Education Policy 2009, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has phased out — teacher education programs from the year 2018.

a. B.Ed. & PTC

b. CT and M.Ed.

c. PTC & CT ( Right Answer )

d. None of the above

48. MBBS, MBA, PTC,CT, B.Ed. and M.Ed. are examples of ……..

a. Professional Education ( Right Answer )

b. General Education

c. Specialized Education

d. None of the above

49. When all participants present at the same time is called

a. synchronized learning ( Right Answer )

b. asynchronous learning

c. both

d. none of them

50. A total of—— credit hours have been specified for Associate Degree in Education (ADE) program in Teacher Education Roadmap 2016.

a. 32 Credit Hours

b. 68 Credit Hours ( Right Answer )

c. 140-142 Credit Hours

d. 24 Credit Hours

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