B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 6

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 6

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as they contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 6. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8626 quiz answers part 6 from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

51. Referring to three levels of National Professional Standards for Teachers, valuing the fair and objective assessment of students without biasness is example of–

a. Knowledge

b. Skills

c. Disposition ( Right Answer )

d. None of the above

52. In China teacher education for in-service is provided by

a. Three-level organization ( Right Answer )

b. Four-level organization

c. Two-level organization

d. Five-level organization

53. Pre-service Training means

a. During job Training

b. Before Job Training ( Right Answer )

c. After Job Training

d. Experience

54. Initial Teacher Training has three types of certificates first, second and advance certificate in

a. China

b. France

c. Japan ( Right Answer )

d. India

54. Effective classroom management skills and preparation and use of instructional materials are examples of-

a. Professional Skills

b. Pedagogical Skills

c. Teaching Skills ( Right Answer )

d. Emotional Intelligence Skills

55. The lexicographical meaning of “‘tabligh” is to

a. Spread ( Right Answer )

b. Tolerate

c. Support

d. None of the above

56. According to a survey ……….. of teacher are untrained in India.

a. 12% ( Right Answer )

b. 14%

c. 25%

d. 30%

57. Teacher Education= Teaching Skills + ……….. + Professional skills.

a. Pedagogical theory ( Right Answer )

b. Personality Development

c. Intelligent Quotient

d. Emotional Intelligence

58. In ………….. of education, both teacher and students are expected to assist each other during the teaching and learning process.

a. Traditional Style

b. Transitional style ( Right Answer )

c. Both A & B

d. None of the above

59. …………….  Define as “Learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.

a. Mobile Learning ( Right Answer )

b. Computer learning

c. Class learning

d. All of above

60. There are normally two types of pre-service programs are being offered in Malaysia.

a. Diploma of Teaching and Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching ( Right Answer )

b. Degree in Teaching and Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching

c. Degree in Teaching and Pre-Service Diploma in Teaching

d. B.Ed and M.Ed

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Right Answers

61. In the educational perspectives, NPST stands for

a. National Performance Standards for Tourism

b. National Program of Sustainable Tourism

c. National Professional Standards for Teachers ( Right Answer )

d. National Political Solution for Terrorism

62. Field-Based-Training (FBT) programme is a …….. teacher training programme offered in and around the areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

a. Pre-Service ( Right Answer )

b. In-Service

c. Continuous Professional Development

d. Succession Planning

63. There are ……….. National Professional Standards devised by Ministry of Education.

a. 12

b. 10 ( Right Answer )

c. 9

d. 3

64. Epistemology refers to ……..

a. What is real?

b. What is true? ( Right Answer )

c. What is good?

d. All of the above

65. Teacher practice the Islamic and ethical values in the classroom by clarifying their use in internal and external discourses. It is an example of

a. Knowledge

b. Skills ( Right Answer )

c. Disposition

d. None of the above

66. Students are being assessed on what they are expected to

a. Know ( Right Answer )

b. Learn

c. Perceive

d. Teach

67. Directorate of Staff Development (DSD)/QAED offers ……. training to teachers in province of Punjab.

a. Pre-Service

b. In-Service ( Right Answer )

c. Continuous Professional Development

d. both B & C

68. According to Chanika (2006), Islamic teachers have following roles:

a. Mu’allim

b. Murrabi

c. Both A & B ( Right Answer )

d. None of the above

69. According to Kilpatric, —- is given to animals and circus performers, while ………. is to human beings.

a. Education, Training

b. Training, Education ( Right Answer )

c. Counseling, Training

d. Education, Counseling

70. In Scotland the Standards for Initial Teacher Education were published in …….

a. 2000 ( Right Answer )

b. 2001

c. 2002

d. 2003

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Correct Answers

71. The …………. basis provides insights to the student teachers about the implications of various schools of philosophy.

a. Psychological

b. Philosophical ( Right Answer )

c. Sociological

d. Religious

72. Teacher education program derives its content from the disciplines of Philosophy, Sociology and

a. Anthropology

b. Psychology ( Right Answer )

c. Theology

d. History

73. ……….. method largest amount of topics can be covered in a single class.

a. case study

b. project method

c. Lecture method ( Right Answer )

d. Socratic method

B.ed Code 8626 Quiz Answers Part 6

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