B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

We share solved quiz of aiou all programmes for the ease of students. Quizzes are the important component in annual exam because quizzes contain 20% of marks in annual result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8626 solved quiz. Note these quizzes and share with your friends.

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B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz
B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

8626 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

1.      The………….. basis provides insights to the student teacher about the implication of various schools of philosophy.

a)      Philosophical

b)      Sociological

c)       Religious

d)      Psychological

2.      ICT stands for………

a)      Information class technology

b)      Information communication technology

c)       Information content technology

d)      All of the above

3.      Chalk and walk method is applied in

a)      Activity based method

b)      Conventional method of teaching

c)       Modern method of education

d)      None of above

4.      Examples of attitudes as explained in ADVIS Model of Hashim (2008) include

a)      Love and attention

b)      Acquiring review knowledge

c)       Motivation

d)      All of the above

5.      Reflective practice is associated with………

a)      Learning from experience

b)      Lecture method

c)       Understanding observation process

d)      Time consumption

6.      According to NCTE, ………… is a programme that is related to the development of teacher proficiency and competence.

a)      Community education

b)      Non-formal education

c)       Teacher education

d)      Inclusive education

7.      According to USA System of teacher education following trend (s) considered.

a)      Collective participation

b)      Active learning

c)       Content focus

d)      All of above

8.      …………. Teaching method is one way channel.

a)      Socratic method

b)      Case study method

c)       Lecture method

d)      Discussion method

9.      Al-Ghazali says that a teacher Should be …….. to students and treat them as his own children.

a)      Strict

b)      Submissive

c)       Sympathetic

d)      None of above

10.   Students are being associated on what they are expected to

a)      Teach

b)      Learn

c)       Know

d)      Perceive

8626 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

11.   Choose the correct parts of Gibbs reflective cycle

a)      Evaluate, cooperate, speculate

b)      Describe, analyze,  speculate

c)       Describe, analyze, evaluate

d)      Analyze, evaluate, describe

12.   Annual confidential reports (ACRs) is tool to evaluate

a)      Teachers’ performance

b)      Students’ performance

c)       Program’s performance

d)      None of above

13.   Generally,………. Covers teaching skills, solid pedagogical theory and professional skills.

a)      Teacher education

b)      Monitoring

c)       Both a and b

d)      None of these

14.   The lexicographical meaning of “tabligh” is to

a)      Tolerance

b)      Spread

c)       Support

d)      None of these

15.   Pre-service training means……….

a)      During job training

b)      Before job training

c)       After job training

d)      Experience

16.   Master of education (M.ED) is………….. Years degree programme to prepare a pool of educational managers, leaders, administrators and researchers in specific areas of education.

a)      1.5

b)      1

c)       2

d)      2.5

17.   In the educational contrast, …………. Are referred to as achievements of behaviour to be acquired through experience.

a)      Skills

b)      Attitudes

c)       Knowledge

d)      All of the above

18.   Distance education technologies are divided into………… models.

a)      6

b)      2

c)       4

d)      8

19.   Pedagogical theory of teacher education Includes the philosophical, sociological and ………… basis.

a)      Psychological

b)      Political

c)       Religious

d)      Ideological

20.      ………….. Is someone is sent by God to aid the Umma and revive Islam at the beginning of every century.

a)      Muslim

b)      Mujaddid

c)       Mullah

d)      Mufti

8626 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

2.      The learners may enhance their learning pace with the help of ……….

a)      Technology

b)      Teachers

c)       Television

d)      All of above

3.      In China teacher education for in-service is provided by …….. organization.

a)      Four level

b)      Two level

c)       Three level

d)      Five level

4.      Steps in micro-teaching plan, teach………, re-plan, re-teach and re-feedback.

a)      Experiment

b)      Explain

c)       Evaluate

d)      Feedback

5.      The duration of period in micro teaching is……….

a)      15-20 min

b)      5-10 min

c)       20-30 min

d)      10-20 min

6.      Supportive co teaching means:

a)      Three members of team take lead

b)      One member of team take lead

c)       Two members of team take lead

d)      All teams members take lead

7.      Mawlawi is a…………… word for teacher meaning master.

a)      Hebrew

b)      Persian

c)       Turkish

d)      Arabic

8.      Bachelor of education (B.ED) is a …………. Programme.

a)      In-service teacher training

b)      Continuous professional development

c)       Succession planning

d)      Pre-service teacher training

9.      Field-Based-Training is a…………. Teacher Training programme offered in and around the areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

a)      In-service

b)      Continuous professional development

c)       Succession planning

d)      Pre-service

30.   …………. Is someone who interprets or expounds Islamic law (Sharia and Fiqh).

a)      Sheikh

b)      Muhaddith

c)       Mufti

d)      Mullah

8626 Solved Quiz Pdf

B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

11.   During British era, there were two types of school governed by British Government i-e Anglo-Indian schools and…….

a)      Anglo-oriental schools

b)      Schools of India

c)       Anglo-Norman

d)      Schools of Bengal

12.   ……….. Method of teaching involves story telling.

a)      Repetition

b)      Commandant

c)       Narrative

d)      All of above

13.   Micro Teaching is a…………. technique.

a)      Practical

b)      Teachers training

c)       Learning

d)      Training

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8626 Solved quiz
8626 Solved quiz

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8626 Solved quiz
8626 Solved quiz
B.ed Code 8626 Solved Quiz

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