B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 2

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 3

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as the contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8627 quiz answers part 2. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8627 quiz answers part 3 from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 2

21. Realism was an artistic movement that began in France in
a) 1890s
b) 1870s
c) 1860s
d) 1850s (Right Answer)

22. What is a theory that states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience?
a) Empiricism (Right Answer)
b) Constructive
c) Scientific
d) None of these

23. Harran was intellectual center situated in
a) Western Anatolia
b) Eastern Anatolia (Right Answer)
c) North Anatolia
d) None of these

24. Science is often distinguished from other domains of human culture by its
a) Progressive nature (Right Answer)
b) Reality
c) Accuracy
d) None

25. Which type of science is a major category of academic discipline concerned with society and relationship among individuals with society
a) Social science (Right Answer)
b) Cultural science
c) Historical science
d) Biological science

26. Benjamin bloom outlined a specific instructional strategy to make use of feedback and corrective procedure is known as

a) Deep learning
b) Surface learning
c) Corrective learning
d) Mastery learning (Right Answer)

27. The word FIQH is an term
a) Persian
b) Urdu
c) Arabic (Right Answer)
d) None of these

28. Which test is less expensive than a traditional complete analysis?
a) Immunoassays (Right Answer)
b) Health test
c) Technology
d) None

29. With what name is David ausubel principle known as?
a) Meaningful learning (Right Answer)
b) Discovery learning
c) Observational learning
d) Cognitive learning

30. Islamic domain include the realm of
a) Old Persian empire
b) Byzantine empire
c) Alexandria
d) Both A and B (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8627 Solved Quiz Part 2

31. The Quran is a revelation made known to humans in the course of _ years.
a) Twenty three (Right Answer)
b) Twenty four
c) Twenty two
d) Twenty one

32. The journal established bridge between science education and
a) Social studies of science (Right Answer)
b) Historical science
c) Political science
d) None

33. Science is about
a) Learning
b) Knowing (Right Answer)
c) Seeking
d) Observing

34. Education frees the mind to create the
a) Present
b) Past
c) Future (Right Answer)
d) None

35. Who considered that communication of scientific issues to managers is humped due to controversy and conflicting signals among factors?

a) Lee
b) Emistal (Right Answer)
c) Franco
d) None

36. The word science comes through the _ and is derived from the Latin words Scientia for knowledge, which in turn comes from scio (I know).

a) Latin
b) Greek
c) Old French (Right Answer)
d) None of above

37. Who was a major proponent of this model of scientific? Progress, as explained in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
a) Thomas Kuhn (Right Answer)
b) Albert Einstein
c) Pavlov
d) None of these

38. In an odd controversy rationalism was opposed to
a) Empiricism (Right Answer)
b) Empiricalism
c) Development
d) None

39. The Muslim astronomer who invented astrolabes was
a) Al-Ghazali
b) Al-Zarqali (Right Answer)
c) Al-Biruni
d) Ibn-Sina

40. During centuries Arabs conquered new land they preserved
a) Fifth and sixth
b) Twenty and forty
c) Seventh and eight (Right Answer)
d) All of these

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Right Answers Part 2

41. Foundation of science education course has been arranged in a) 3 blocks
b) 2 blocks
c) 4 blocks (Right Answer)
d) 9 blocks

42. The lecture before the Schenectady section of American institute of electrical engineers on January 10 under scientific thought
a) JK Rowling
b) Bower
c) Dr Mess (Right Answer)
d) Healey

43. With the 1st 2-years of caliph how many official copies were produce

a) Six
b) Seven (Right Answer)
c) Two
d) Three

44. This is because inductive reasoning starts with a __.
a) General to specific
b) Specific to general (Right Answer)
c) General to general
d) Specific to specific

45. Who was researcher of mathematics, calculus, algebra
a) Ibn ishaq
b) Mendel
c) Al Khwarizmi (Right Answer)
d) None

46. One of the additional barriers faced by coastal managers and environmental agencies in developing countries is

a) Lack of management strategies
b) Access to scientific information (Right Answer)
c) Rapid environment changes
d) Conventional monitoring system

47. Martin Gardner has argued for the use of a potter Stewart standard for recognizing
a) Pseudoscience (Right Answer)
b) Physical science
c) Biological science
d) Statistical science

48. The original science of society was established in
a) 18th century
b) 19th century (Right Answer)
c) 20th century

49. In 1925 John Dewey published an article entitled
a) The development of France
b) The development of Europe
c) The development of American pragmatism
d) None

50. Technology is the practical application of
a) Experiment
b) Science (Right Answer)
c) Data
d) Analysis

B.ed Code 8627 Solved Quiz Pdf

51. Realism is an art movement was led by Gustave Courbet in
a) London
b) Italy
c) America
d) France (Right Answer)

52. In politics, rationalism, is Historically emphasized a
a) Politics of science
b) Politics of test
c) Politics of experiment
d) Politics of reason (Right Answer)

53. Philosophy of science concerned with the
a) Experimentations of methods
b) Foundation, implication of science (Right Answer)
c) Only foundation of science
d) None

54. Who used dimensions of structural intra research and outcome in research field?
a) Fensham (Right Answer)
b) Francis
c) Persian
d) None

55. In the views of WHO which is the world leading killers
a) Poverty (Right Answer)
b) Illiteracy
c) Virus
d) Germs

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 2

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