B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 3

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 3

We Share solved Quizzes Of AIOU all programmes. Quizzes are the important components of final exam as the contain 20% marks in final result. Here I am going to share aiou b.ed code 8627 quiz answers part 3. Note these quizzes and share with your friends. You can also download b.ed code 8627 quiz answers part 3from our blog. If you want to download b.ed all codes quizzes then visit our website www.assignmentghar.com

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 3

56. The Muslim scientist who discussed the theory of the earth rotation on its axis was.

a) Ibn-ishaq Al Kindi
b) Ar-Razi
c) Jabir ibn Hayyan
d) Abu-Raihan Al-biruni (Right Answer)

57. The earth summit 1992 was held in
a) New York
b) Dubai
c) Rio de Janeiro (Right Answer)
d) Lahore

58. Substantive problem in tropical coastal system is the increase in sedimentation rates due to
a) Deforestation (Right Answer)
b) Pollution
c) Floods
d) Storm

59. Who composed the Kitab ash-shifa (book of healing), a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and the canon of medicine, which is among the most famous books in the history of medicine.

a) Ibn Sina (Right Answer)
b) Ibn Hazm
c) Ibn Zuher
d) Ibn Rushed

60. _ (721-815), alchemist known as the father of chemistry. a) Al-Razi
b) Al-Farabi
c) Jabir Ibn Hayyan (Right Answer)
d) None

61. What is meant by the term ontology?
a) A concept in philosophy that refers to the need for objectivity
b) A concept in philosophy that refers to impulses of humans
c) A concept in philosophy that refers to the study of the nature of reality
d) A concept in philosophy that refers to the nature of time

62. Which of the following is major source of Fiqh?
a) Quran
b) Hadith
c) Ijma
d) Qiyas

63. Which of the following is NOT a way that science influences society?
a) Science gives society answers to difficult ethical issues.
b) Science advance technology that is useful to society.

64. Which of the following has not propounded the learning theory?
a) Throndike
b) B F Siknner
c) Kohler
d) B S Bloom

65. As per Hierarchical learning theory learning is having __ characteristics.
a) Storage ability
b) Differences
c) Contamination / contagious
d) Comparison

B.ed Code 8627 Solved Quiz Part 3

66. A deductive argument is a conclusion of.
a) Observation
b) Experience
c) Certain
d) Probable

67. How does society help science advance?
a) Society biases steer scientists toward studying certain ideas
b) Society produces technology that can be used in science
c) Society morals help scientists make good decisions
d) Society raises questions that science can help answer

68. The method of reasoning from one or more given statements to reach a logically certain results is called _.

a) Inductive reasoning
b) Deductive reasoning
c) Qualitative reasoning
d) Quantitative reasoning

69. Realism as an art movement was led by
a) Gustave Courbet
b) Thomas Edison
c) Thomas Courbet
d) None

70. Science is __ activity.
a) Individual
b) Social
c) Mandatory
d) None of the above

a) Al Razi
b) Jabir Bin Hayyan
c) Francis Becan
d) None

72. For meaningful learning. What is the requirement of cognitive development?
a) Basic knowledge
b) Relation of subject matter
c) Readiness for learning
d) All of above

73. According to Peirce, which type of reasoning is fundamental to the way scientists formulate theories and hypotheses?

a) Abduction
b) Deduction
c) Induction
d) Intuition

74. Hierarchy of scientific knowledge begins with
a) Principle
b) Concept
c) Law
d) Facts

75. With what name is David Ausubel viewpoint known?
a) Construction
b) Meaningful
c) Behaviorism
d) None of above

76. Correlation coefficient is denoted by
a) @
b) k
c) r
d) R

77. Knowledge from experience or experiments is called __ knowledge.
a) Hypothesis
b) Inference
c) Theorem
d) Empirical

78. According to ausubel which kind of learning has problem solution in it?
a) Receptive learning
b) Discovery learning
c) Meaningful learning
d) Rote learning

79. In which century the scientific and technological advances were phenomenal
a) 18th
b) 19th
c) 20th
d) 21st

80. Which of the following is not a field of science?
a) Biological sciences
b) Natural sciences
c) Social sciences
d) Conceptual sciences

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Right Answers Part 3

81. What is the benefit from observational learning?
a) Increase in cognitive efficiency
b) Internal feedback is based on external feedback
c) Shows the task planning for future discovery
d) Above all

82. Which organizer is useful for meaningful learning as discussed by Ausubel
a) Extra organizer
b) Active organizer
c) Advance organizer
d) Super advance organizer

83. Which of the following is not a social constraint in the implementation of social development?

a) Natural environment
b) Population expansion
c) Lack of monitoring strategies
d) Integrated management strategies

84. Which of the following was not considered as main contributor of advancement of science and technology in traditional Islamic institution?
a) Maracas
b) Maktab
c) Halqa
d) Dar-ul-ullom

85. Who is the father of modern learning theory?
a) John B Watson
b) Jean Piaget
c) Lev Vygotsky
d) Van Petrovish Pavlov

86. Van Fraassen discussed the advantages of the theory of
a) Constructive empiricism
b) Scientific empiricism
c) Social empiricism
d) Scientific empiricism

87. What term is used to refer to the idea that the stimulation of a conditioned response by a conditioned stimulus will gradually wear off over time?
a) Spontaneous recovery
b) Extinction
c) Stimulus generalization
d) Conditioning

88. A systematic change in mental processes that underlie all learning and performance is known as _?

a) Moral development
b) Intellectual development
c) Social emotional development
d) Cognitive development

89. Which of the following is not a source of fiqh.
a) Quran
b) Hadith
c) Ijma
d) Kashif

B.ed Code 8627 Quiz Answers Part 3

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