B.ed Workshop code 8615 Solved Quiz

B.ed Workshop code 8615 Solved Quiz

Course Code : 8615     

Management Strategies in Educational Institutions

Total M.C.Q’s= 30     

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B.ed Workshop Code 8615 Solved Quiz
B.ed Workshop Code 8615 Solved Quiz

8615 Quiz Right Answers

B.ed Workshop Code 8615 Solved Quiz

1.     Management is :

a)    An Art
b)    A Science
c)    Both Art & Science
d)    Neither

2.     Which of the following is not function of management:

a)    Planning
b)    Staffing
c)    Co-Operation
d)    Controlling

3.     Policy formulation is the function of:

a)    Top level Management
b)    Middle level Management
c)    Operational Management
d)    All of Above

4.     How are principles of management formed?

a)    In a laboratory
b)    By experience of management
c)    By experience of customers
d)    By propagation of social scientists

5.     Henry Foyol was:

a)    Social scientist
b)    Mining Engineer
c)    Accountant
d)    Production Engineer

6.     Which of the following statement best described the principals of “Division of work”:

a)    Work should be divided into small tasks
b)    Labour should be divided
c)    Resources should be divided among jobs
d)    It leads to specialization

7.     Which of the following is Not a Principal of management given by Taylor:

a)    Science not rule of Thumb
b)    Functional foreman ship
c)    Maximum, not restricted output
d)    Harmony not discord

8.     The Principals of management are significant because of:

a)    Increase in efficiency
b)    Initiative
c)    Optimum utilization of resources
d)    Adaption of changing technology

9.     Which of the following best describe “Mental revolution”:

a)    It implies change of attitude
b)    The management workers should not play the game of one gunman ship
c)    Both management and workers require each other
d)    Workers paid more wages

10.  Observe the following management principals and pick the odd one out:

a)    Unity of command
b)    Unity of direction
c)    Maximum output
d)    equity

8615 Quiz Correct Answers

B.ed Workshop Code 8615 Solved Quiz

11.  which of the following is not the functional areas of management:

a)     Production management
b)     Marketing management
c)     Personnel management
d)     Information management

12.  which of the following is not among the levels of management:

a)     Top level Management
b)     Middle level Management
c)     Intermediate level of management
d)     Lower level of management

13. Which scholar’s definition on management is “Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups” :

a)    Harold Koontz
b)    J.N Schulze
c)    S. George
d)    Henry Fayol

14.  ——— is the decision making body of an organization?

a)     Decentralization
b)     Administration
c)     Functional organization
d)     leadership

15.  who is known as the “Father of Modern theory of management”

a)    Harold Koontz
b)    Henry Fayol
c)    F.W Taylor
d)    Max Weber

16.  Which of the following is not management principal:

a)    Order
b)    Discipline
c)    Equity
d)    cooperation

17.  Which of the following is not function of management principal:

a)     Planning
b)     Profit earning
c)     Staffing
d)     budgeting

18. which of the following is not a subsidiary function of management?

a)     Decision making
b)     Innovation
c)     Communication
d)     Motivation

19.  who is known as the “Father of scientific management”

a)    S. George
b)    Henry Fayol
c)    F.W Taylor
d)    Max Weber

20.  Management is need at:

a)    Top level
b)    Middle level
c)    Lower level
d)    All levels

8615 Quiz Solved Mcqs

B.ed Workshop Code 8615 Solved Quiz

21.  Management is a process because:

a)    It is applicable to the manufacturing process
b)    It is relevant for social organization
c)    It involves a series of action
d)     All of above

22.  Administration is ………:

a)    Policy making
b)    Active direction to get things
c)    Executing policy
d)    All of above

23. Management is :

a)    Tangible
b)    Intangible
c)    fictitious
d)    All of above

24.  Middle Management is :

a)    Consists of departmental managers
b)    Motivates lower management
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these

25.  Top Management Consists of:

a)     Financial managers
b)     Sales managers
c)     Personal managers
d)     Board of directors and chief executives

26.  Coordination means:

a)    Organizing activities
b)    Directing activities
c)    Synchronizing activities
d)    Both a & b

27.  Method study is:

a)     Preliminary survey of production process
b)     Study of the movement of work
c)     Study of operational efficiency
d)     All of above

28.  The main aim of Tylor was to ………….. :

a)     Improve labour relations
b)     Improve productivity
c)     To attempt general theory of management
d)     None of these

29. Unity of command implies:

a)     A subordinate should receive orders from all supervisors
b)     Individuals must sacrifices in the larger interest
c)     Be accountable to one and only one superior
d)     None of these

30.  Purpose of time study is:

a)     To remove wastage of time
b)     To give timely assistance
c)     To determine fair days’ work
d)     Watching time

B.ed Code 8615 Solved Quiz

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