B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 3

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B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 3

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Answers Part 3

81. The difference between the expected value of a statistic and the value of the parameter being estimated is called a:
a) Standard error
b) Bias (Right Answer)
c) Sampling error
d) Non-sampling error

82. __ describes the present state of affairs as it exists without having any control over variables.
a) Analytical research
b) Descriptive research (Right Answer)
c) Applied research
d) Distinctive research

83. Achievement tests are also known as __.
a) Tests of proficiency (Right Answer)
b) Test of reliability
c) Test of accessibility
d) None of these

84. Which of the following is NOT a strength of experimental studies?
a) Replicability
b) Control of variables
c) Establishment of causal links between variable
d) Narrow definition of concepts (Right Answer)

85. Questions, their sequence and their wording are fixed in?
a) Unstructured interview (Right Answer)
b) Standardized interview
c) Both of them
d) None of them

86. Non-directive depth interview is also called _.
a) Unguided interview (Right Answer)
b) Guided interview
c) Panel interview
d) None of these

87. Research and development become the index of development of country. Which of the following reasons are true with regards to this statement?
a) Because R&D reflect the true economic and social conditions prevailing in a country
b) Because R& D targets the human development
c) Because R& D can improve the standard of living of the people in a country
d) All the above (Right Answer)

88. The main concept behind doing research is to
a) Study and explore knowledge
b) Start with a pre-defined and clear cut objectives
c) All the above (Right Answer)

89. The main purpose of research in education is to __
a) Increase social status of an individual
b) Increase job prospects of an individual
c) Help in the personal growth of an individual
d) Help the candidate become an eminent educationist (Right

90. In report writing, the language used is to be
a) Loudly
b) Clear (Right Answer)
c) Whispers
d) Ambiguous

B.ed Code 8604 Solved Quiz Part 3

91. Experimental research is aimed to:
a) Describe variables
b) Study the application of theory
c) Study trend analysis
d) Establish association between variables (Right Answer)

92. Research that is done to examine the findings of someone else using the ‘’same variables but different people’’ is which of the following? a) Exploration
b) Hypothesis
c) Replication (Right Answer)
d) Empiricism

93. Direct observation is a __
a) Data-gathering device (Right Answer)
b) Construction device
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

94. In an experiment, the variable that is being measured is referred to as the…
a) Dependent variable (Right Answer)
b) Dependant variable
c) Measurement variable
d) Independent variable

95. Sample is regarded as a subset of?
a) Data
b) Set
c) Distribution
d) Population (Right Answer)

96. The essential qualities of a researcher are
a) Spirit of free enquiry
b) Reliance on observation and evidence
c) Systematic or theorizing
d) All the above

97. Which of the following is NOT one of the key characteristics of a true experiment?
a) The measurement of changes caused by the manipulation of a variable
b) The manipulation of a variable
c) All participants experience all experimental conditions (Right
d) Holding everything constant apart from the variable being manipulated

98. The eye witness accounts about past events are called
a) Facts
b) Preliminary sources (Right Answer)
c) Secondary sources
d) Oral sources

99. Among these, which sampling is based on equal probability?
a) Simple random sampling (Right Answer)
b) Stratified random sampling
c) Systematic sampling
d) Probability sampling

100. The __ scale measurement has a natural zero.
a) Ratio (Right Answer)
b) Nominal
c) Ordinal
d) Interval

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Correct Answers Part 3

101. The study of past at very small scale is called
a) Macro history
b) Micro history (Right Answer)
c) Local history
d) Oral history

102. Research is
a) Searching again and again
b) Finding solution to any problem
c) Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem (Right
d) None of these

103. How many variables are tasted at one time in a controlled experiment?
a) One (Right Answer)
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

104. __ refers to inferring about the whole population based on the observations made on a small part. a) Pseudo-inference
b) Objective inference
c) Inductive inference (Right Answer)
d) Deductive inference

105. _ is used as mythology for textual analysis
A. Hermeneutics (Right Answer)

106. The report is always written in
a) Sequential manner (Right Answer)
b) Irregular manner
c) Horizontal manner
d) Data biased manner

107. Increasing the sample size has the following effect upon the sampling error?
a) It increases the sampling error
b) It reduces the sampling error (Right Answer)
c) it has no effect on the sampling
d) all of the above

108. The distribution that is formed by all possible values of a statistics is known as
Sampling distribution (Right Answer)

109. When one examines the entire population instead of a subgroup of the population this is called a
Census (Right Answer)

110. The probability of selecting an item in probability sampling, from the population is known and is:
Equal to zero (Right Answer)

B.ed Code 8604 Quiz Right Answer Part 3

111. Heuristics is also called
A. External criticism (Right Answer)

112. Which among the following is called probability sampling method?

A. Sampling random (Right Answer)

113. Through which of the following methods of research ‘cause and effect relationship’ is focused?

a) Historical method
b) Descriptive method
c) Experimental Method (Right Answer)
d) Case study method

114. What is the name of the variable changed on purpose in the experiment?
a) Independent variable (Right Answer)
b) Dependent variable
c) Controlled variable
d) None of these

115. _ is a set of carefully selected and ordered questions prepared by questions pre by the researcher to factual information from respondents.
a) Questionnaire (Right Answer)
b) Interview
c) Observation
d) None of these

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