B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 3

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B.ed code 8605 quiz answers part 3

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Answers Part 3

91. In teaching learning process supervision is usually carried out by
a) Principal (Right Answer)
b) Teacher
c) Parents
d) Society

92. Which concerned with the determination of corporate policy:
a) Organization
b) Administration (Right Answer)
c) Management
d) None of these

93.‘’Personality is unified and self-consistent; the statement is from?
a) Individual psychology (Right Answer)
b) Social needs of society
c) Students self-regulations
d) Heirochry of need

94. ‘’Representation (POSDIR)’’ as a stage of management suggested by
a) Dale (Right Answer)
b) Koontz
c) Newman
d) None of these

95. Our most important fiction is goal of __
a) Loyalty
b) Honesty
c) Superiority (Right Answer)
d) Dignity

96. Teaching is an art; Supervision is a _ work
a) Creative (Right Answer)
b) Critical
c) Exulted
d) Lethargic

97. The level of school administration can best be judged through:
a) Teacher relations
b) Beautiful building
c) Teacher students relations
d) Learning outcomes (Right Answer)

98. The most influence version of _ theory put forward by BF skinner in 1959
a) Behaviorists theory (Right Answer)
b) Effective teaching theory
c) Classroom learning theory
d) None of these

99. Supervision in its earlier from was merely the inspection of the work of teachers and the person who was responsible for this job work known as

a) Inspector
b) Health inspector
c) Police inspector
d) School inspector (Right Answer)

100. The general conclusion from Hawthorne studies was human relation and social needs of

a) Worker (Right Answer)
b) Students
c) Teachers
d) Officers

B.ed Code 8605 Solved Quiz Part 3

101. The function of educational administration and management is
a) Instructional tasks
b) Non instructional tasks
c) Both a and b (Right Answer)
d) None

102. The first step in the process of administration is:
a) Planning (Right Answer)
b) Organizing
c) Leading
d) Controlling

103. Who is the father of operational management theory
a) Fredrick tylor
b) Henry fayol (Right Answer)
c) Terry and franklin
d) Elton meo

104. Following are major school management aspects.
a) The resources
b) The outcomes
c) Both A and B (Right Answer)
d) None of these

105. The main purpose of supervision of teaching should be the:
a) Advancement of learner’s welfare (Right Answer)
b) Proper utilization of school facilities
c) Carrying out of school curriculum
d) Achievement of success in examination

106. Choosing among alternatives is the stage of decision?

a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd (Right Answer)
d) 4th

107. Newman and summers presented elements of management of in which year

a) 1980

b) 1981 (Right Answer)
c) 1982
d) None of these

108. The characteristics of good planner is/are:
a) Optimistic
b) Motivator
c) Producer
d) All of above (Right Answer)

109. Who observed that, it is the teacher’s duty to ‘improve the pattern approved by the supervisors
a) Eisbree and McNally (Right Answer)
b) Swearingen
c) Chandrasekaran
d) None of these

110. According to Gulick and Urwick , elements of administration are
a) 7 (Right Answer)
b) 5
c) 8
d) 9

B.ed Code 8605 Quiz Right Answers Part 3

111. Arrangement of physical resources is:
a) Instructional tasks
b) Non-instructional tasks (Right Answer)
c) Both a and b
d) None of a and b

112.Evaluation is defined as?
a) Assessment technique
b) To judge the value of worth (Right Answer)
c) To find the product
d) All of above

113. Staff development means:
a) Recruiting staff
b) Training staff (Right Answer)
c) Increasing staff
d) Decreasing staff

114. Waston demonstrated classical conditioning in an experiment involving young child (Alibert) and __

a) White snack
b) White rat (Right Answer)
c) Black rat
d) None

115. Staff leave registers is a type of __ record.
a) Financial
b) Education
c) Equipment
d) General (Right Answer)

116. Supervision should be established on maintenance of satisfactory __ relationships.
a) Personal
b) Brotherly
c) Interpersonal (Right Answer)
d) Exceptional

117. Who says, supervision as sporting assisting and sharing rather than directing.

a) Chomsky
b) Wiles (Right Answer)
c) Piaget
d) None

118. The school calendar should contain the
a) General, partial and local holidays (Right Answer)
b) D.O.B of all students
c) Dates of school maintenance
d) All of above

119. A practicing psychologists develop one of the most widely recognized need theories
a) Raoethil sberger
b) Eiton mayos
c) Mortar
d) Abraham moslow (Right Answer)

120. The process of activity or running a business, organization:
a) Leadership
b) Administration (Right Answer)
c) Management
d) Inspection

121. ‘’ supervision is not to control the teacher but to work cooperatively’’ is the saying of? a) Glatthorn
b) Hoy and forsyth (Right Answer)
c) Harries
d) Glickman

122. Democratic administration is based on:
a) Non-interference
b) Dictatorship
c) Mutual sharing (Right Answer)
d) None of these

123. The last step in decision making is to:
a) Select the best alternatives (Right Answer)
b) Evaluate the alternatives
c) Develop the alternatives
d) Establish decision criteria

124. In Educational management function of planning is?
a) Preparing for future for desired goals (Right Answer)
b) Financial
c) To appoint staff
d) All of above

125. The paper Henry Fayol in which defining the functions of management originally published in

a) 1915
b) 1916 (Right Answer)
c) 1917
d) None of these

126. _ is not merely a political organization.
a) Democracy (Right Answer)
b) Dictatorship
c) Aristocracy
d) Unitary

127. Who developed CIPP model?
a) Stuffiebeam (Right Answer)
b) LR Gay
c) William
d) Dunnette

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